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Chapter 64: Three Graves 27


Lin Chen suspected that there was a problem with his hearing and memory systems.


If he remembered correctly, Wang Chao had been sitting in front of the computer last night and was gloomy.

It wasn't until late at night that he fell asleep like an insecure child.

The only chance to install those small devices was Xing Conglian.

Just one person.


But now, Xing Conglian was sitting in the sun with a pleasing smile in his eyes.

His eyelashes grew too much, the moment he blinked his eyes, the surrounding sunlight was as sweet as honey.


Lin Chen sighed, but found that he didn't have any resentment after being deceived.

He seemed to be used to all kinds of strange reasons.


For example, houses suddenly replaced by the government, or streets that are said to have been bought and then suddenly repaired.

Therefore, the damn explanation that "going out to work lacks a sense of security" seems to be taken care of


In the afternoon, the sun is good, and there are students chasing and screaming outside the window.


The haze that was framed by the betrayal of the old classmates disappeared with the obvious interruption of the two, Lin Chen thought, this is not a big deal, you can never make everyone in the world like you.


It's just that Zheng Dongdong is obviously not so relaxed.


The meeting room was very quiet.

Don't know who was wearing a mechanical watch, and the ticking sound of the pointer moving is scary .


The fat hotel manager seemed to be waiting for Ling Chi piglet.

His face was scary.

He was waiting for the final verdict, but Xing Conglian, just stared at him with slightly smiling eyes, without saying anything.


Only the most veteran hunter can fully control the rhythm of hunting from the beginning.

He sometimes gives a little hope, and then cruelly suppresses this hope.

Little by little, he drove Zheng Dongdong to the edge of the cliff and tortured him.

With his fragile nerves, if he goes one step further, Zheng Dongdong is probably not far from having a mental trauma.


Although the method was perfect, Lin Chen felt that it seems too big to use.


Sure enough, there was a car engine starting outside the window, and the sudden sound made Zheng Dongdong tremble sharply.


Xing Conglian knocked the table three times before slowly speaking: "Manager Zheng, can't you really explain it"


In the face of absolutely strong evidence, Zheng Dongdong couldn't say anything at all.


But Xing Conglian, how could he let him go so easily: "I really can't understand why you want to sprinkle hemp on my bed.

In Cohen May, is this kind of special service now available, so great You came up with the idea”


Perhaps Xing Conglian’s question is too inductive, as if a peculiar light was torn out in the dark night, Zheng Dongdong suddenly looked up, he looked around, his eyes finally fixed at the end of the long table.

An adult butler.

Like crazy, he stood up and smashed away all the objects blocking in front of him, chairs, arms, and even hard guns.

He slammed onto the adult’s leg and said with a kind of crying: "Housekeeper Chen, Chen Butler, you have to save me! Didn't you say that there will be no problems Isn't it just hemp Why did the Interpol people come, please, save me!"


At that moment, Lin Chen saw very clearly that there were cracks in the face of Housekeeper Chen, who always said mean things, and he seemed to hear the sound of the expensive porcelain cracking.


Housekeeper Chen's always neatly combed back hair became messy.

Although still pretending to be calm, the panic in his eyes betrayed him.

His lips fluttered, as if he was holding back, trying to push his legs.

He kicked grotesque creature away.


However, his opponent, Xing Conglian, the experienced hunter, will not give him any chance to come back.


Xing Conglian smiled slightly, as if he finally got the long-awaited answer.

There was not much shock or unexpected emotion on his face.

He deliberately ignored the two people in the corner who staged the betrayal scene, and decisively turned to the other side of the long table.

To the group C leader of the serious cases division, that has always pretended to be and said: "As the leader, can you confirm that the so-called Tibetan drug case is just a case of stolen conviction"


"Of course." Ren Xian looked at Xing Conglian's face.

I thought you would not ask me to confirm this kind of trivial matter!


Xing Cong nodded and turned to face Deputy Captain Jiang, who was dumbfounded from start to finish, and said: "Then trouble Captain Jiang, and detain the suspect to prevent collusion."


His last two words bite hard.

It's like saying it to someone on purpose.


Lin Chen saw that when Jiang Chao stood up, the mobile phone he carried with him seemed to vibrate.

Wang Chao smiled at him, showing his cute tiger teeth.


Jiang Chao looked down and looked at the text message just received on the phone.

It was a bit weird, but at least he was an experienced criminal policeman.

He controlled his expression instantly and walked out of the room to call someone.

As a result, the "door guards" he brought with him played a role.

The two police officers followed him back to the room, and they dragged the crying Zheng Dongdong out of the room.


Lin Chen had finally confirmed that Zheng Dongdong was the third party to be cleared from the show.


Although there was only one person missing, the meeting room seemed to be half empty.

The clouds covered the daylight.

The room was dark and terribly gloomy.

The hand of the watch was ticking, and Housekeeper Chen seemed to be ten years older in an instant.


"Captain Xing, really good wrists*!" A dull voice came from the throat of the housekeeper, like the slight and harsh sound of a stone rubbing the glass, "Are you going to grab me too" He still pretended to be haughty, but his trembling lips and fingers betrayed him.

(T/N *wrists is described by 手腕, which is also used to describe finesse and skill.)


"Of course not." Xing Conglian leaned back in his chair and said in a very casual tone, "Since the suspect pointed out that you instructed him to frame us with drugs, then you still have a chance to defend.

Just like the opportunity you just gave me."


He said with a slight smile and deep sarcasm in his bones.


Chen Ping swallowed, and was not ready to accept such kindness: "I have nothing to say, since you’ve been falsely accused, why can't I be"


Looking at Chen Ping’s slightly raised chin and listening to his sophisticated voice, Lin Chen suddenly felt disappointed.

Even Zheng Dongdong knew that he was afraid of fearful.

He cried bitterly.

Perhaps it was because of fear of legal sanctions.

But at the moment of collapse, he must regret it wholeheartedly.

Hope that time can go back and hope that nothing has happened.

This is the emotional response that a person should have after doing something wrong.


But as for Chen Ping, the serious and rigid housekeeper, the man who appeared at his door every three years to drive him out to the dark life.

After being exposed to the dirty tricks, he still doesn't know what his regrets are.

Looking into the eyes of the housekeeper, he knew that he was not pretending, but from beginning to end, he believed that he was not wrong.


In fact, for a long time, he never resented this middle-aged man who has been carrying out the will of the Chen family, because loyalty is not a dark character, but now, he suddenly realized that the days when he was driven out at night or was fired have become meaningless.


"Chen Ping, I think you haven't figured out the current situation." Finally, he felt that he should say something.


Hearing that the person he had always suppressed was calling his name directly, the housekeeper's face was reddened with offense and humiliation.


"Lin Chen, you don't understand at all”


"It's you who don’t understand !" Lin Chen couldn't help but slap the table.

He couldn't communicate with the person at the end of the long table at a normal speed.

“Large hemp Do you think it doesn’t matter Do you think that as long as Zheng Dongdong frames us, he can let the evidence be ruined and let us have nothing.

Interpol I don’t care whether you contacted Interpol intentionally or unintentionally, this matter is 10,000 times more complicated than you can imagine.

Do you think Chen Zhengxue will thank you for loyally framing me when he knows this"


Lin Chen didn't know why he was so angry, but it's really been a long time since he was so angry.

Maybe his voice was too loud, or maybe he was too immersed in this emotion, so he didn’t notice that the door of the conference room was opened by someone.


The cold voice came into his mind before the picture.


"Yes, I'm very happy."


Xing Conglian also heard that voice, and he looked at the door faster than Lin Chen.


There stood a middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man wore a long black windbreaker with tightly buckled belt, a straight back, and his hair was brushed back like Chen Ping.

His eyes are dark and there is deathly silence in his black eyes.


Without thinking about it, Xing Conglian guessed the identity of the visitor.


He then looked at Lin Chen.

Lin Chen was stunned for a few seconds.

Then, he woke up, his eyes slowly moved to the direction of the door, and said, "Hello, Chen Dong”


Now the situation has become more interesting. 


Perhaps the big man of the Chen family arrived here after hearing the news his most important subordinate was detained, or perhaps he was just waiting nearby for Lin Chen to be handcuffed and pressed into the police car.

In short, it is very strange that the current head of the Chen family also appeared in this conference room where many drama scenes have already taken place.


What an interesting coincidence, Xing Conglian thought this way and saw the head of the Chen family step into the room.

Approaching Lin Chen with a forceful aura, he said, "I haven't seen you in a long time, murderer.”


In his words, there was a paranoid peculiar jealousy, and in the address, there was also an extremely suppressed hatred.


Hearing that address, Xing Conglian subconsciously looked at Lin Chen, he saw Lin Chen step back and leaned against the long table, he stood firmly, as if he didn't care about it: "Are you a fool In order to frame me to doing this kind of thing, if you are not careful, your Chen family's business will be finished.



Unlike the anger that was rarely seen when he asked Chen Ping like that, Lin Chen at this moment has completely calmed down.

He said very calmly, with the same seriousness in his tone as before, even if he was cursing, it was terribly serious.


"Even if my Chen family peddles drugs, is this something to do with you, Lin Chen" The big man of the Chen family asked in a very slow tone.


At this moment, he and Lin Chen were already very close, staring at Lin Chen viciously and affectionately with the look of a wild beast that was about to bite the prey. 


Xing Conglian felt that he should stand up, but in an instant, he saw Lin Chen cast a beam of gaze at him.

The gaze was bright and cold, like the kind of steel that was tempered to the extreme.

What’s convincing was that Xing Conglian understood Lin Chen’s meaning from his gaze that says ‘I will be fine’


The sun was shining outside the window, and Xing Conglian wanted to laugh a little.

He suddenly realized that the feeling of fighting side by side was better than protecting the other..


"So, is your Chen family selling drugs" Lin Chen asked back.


His question made the wicked family head unable to answer.


Like a regular customer who doesn't follow the rules , Lin Chen asked again: "Not only instructing subordinates to frame us, you also lead the Chen family to sell drugs "


Lin Chen is really good at making people speechless.


All the momentum accumulated by the Chen family’s head seems to have been partly removed.

He can only grit his teeth and say word by word: "What do you want me to do Do you want me to kill you with a knife "


“Killing people is a matter of life.” Lin Chen said.


This is a statement, but it is more like a confession, murder pays off with life, I am still alive, so I am not a murderer.


"How do you have a face to appear in Yongchuan, why do you have to be in my sight again” The head of the Chen family was finally irritated by these words.

He stretched out his hand to pull Lin Chen's collar and pulled him in front of him.


"Because I was investigating the case at Yongchuan University."


It's another calm statement, even with a bit of sarcasm in the tone.


Lin Chen is also an expert among experts in how to make people angry. 


The head of the Chen family slammed him, pointed at the door, and sneered: "My school doesn't need you at all, go back to your own place,, get out of my sight immediately!”


After he said this, the conference room fell silent again.


However, the reason for the silence was not because of the crazy and wilful words of the head of the Chen family.


But because of the old man who had been sitting in the corner from beginning to end, who said only one sentence, spoke a second one.


He said, "Huh "


This time, the head of the Chen family, who had been in anger and depression, finally saw the old man sitting in the most inconspicuous corner. 


The old man's eyes were half open, as if he had just woke up from a nap in the afternoon, before Chen Zhengxue's reaction was awaited.

He stood up from his chair, and his tone was calm to the extreme: "Zhengxue, businessmen like us, no matter how big their business is, they must abide by the law.

When the police are investigating the case, we must obey their arrangements”


The head of the Chen family hasn't been called by his name for a long, long time.

Even if the old man's voice is gentle, the meaning revealed in his words is terrifying.


"It turned out to be Director Xing." Chen Zhengxue withdrew his hand and quickly calmed down, he asked, "What do you mean, do you speak for the Xing family" 


According to Chen Zhengxue's understanding of the Xing family, although this family has deep roots, they are the most lawful and neutral businessmen.

They will never show an obvious attitude on any disputes.

Therefore, he thought and said this.

If you are in charge you can sit down and shut up.


As he expected, the old man shook his head, got up and walked towards the door, as if to leave this place of right and wrong. 


But When the old man walked to the door, he saw The old man look back and say in a casual tone: "Actually, it's not a statement.

This old man just heard you say that Yongchuan University is your home.

It was a little unexpected..." The old man paused, He looked far away, looking at the vast campus outside the window, as if remembering something "After all, this is a university.

Although we hold shares in the school, it does not belong to any family.

It belongs to all the teachers and students of Yongchuan.

This is a good thing that our family members said when they divided the equity in the early years.



As soon as Chen Zhengxue was about to speak, the old man changed his conversation.

The arrogance in his language was beyond words: "If you have to say who owns Yongchuan University, you can only say that this university was built by our ancestors a hundred years ago.

My master injected capital ten times, so in the end, the main shares of Yongchuan University can only be owned by my master.



When the old man spoke, he leaned slightly out of the window, as if he was saluting to the void.

After he finished speaking, he took his subordinates and left the room. 


The head of the Chen family looked like a bald grey wall. 


In the corner, Xing Conglian even wanted to smoke a cigarette quietly.

This thought was only fleeting.

In the current situation, he did not have time to miss and think.

He looked at the Chen family head who had been seriously educated.

As the person in charge he  said with a little helplessness: "Can I think that you admitted in the conversation just now, have admitted that you instructed your subordinates to frame us"


“Heh, what do you think you can do to me" 



nothing." Xing Conglian rubbed his nose.

At this time, Deputy Captain Jiang was pushing the door in.

Xing Conglian's eyes lit up, and he smiled and said to him, "Captain Jiang, I have to trouble you again.

There are two behind-the-scenes masters who want to go to the police station for tea.



Jiang Chao gave an expression of what the hell I had missed.

He waved his hand dejectedly, and the second station police officer outside the door entered the room again and took the two people surnamed Chen in the room who seemed to be unwilling to leave.


As the meeting room door closed again, Xing Conglian no longer had any relaxed smile on his face.


He looked at the serious cases division leader who had been silent and said, "Okay, people have gone clean, let's talk about it, what's going on.



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