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Chapter 55: Three Graves 18


Probably he was really scared, Wang Chao came very quickly.


Lin Chen and Xing Conglian waited at the school gate for a while, and saw a taxi rushing from a distance.

The young man jumped out of the taxi, his face pale, his feet floating, and his palms covered with sweat.


After he got out of the car, his first action was to shove the computer into Xing Conglian's hands, and shouted: "Boss, hold it away from me."


Young people like Wang Chao have good skills and a cheerful nature.

Dominating the online world everyday, it is really hard to encounter any problems, which can make them this terrified.


Considering teenager's current situation, it is really not suitable to talk about the case immediately, so Lin Chen took him to a small coffee shop in the school.


This is usually a place where professors and lecturers talk about scientific research ideas, very few students will come.

The environment is quiet and peaceful.

The key is that there are full floor-to-ceiling windows with large soft sofas, which are very warm and comfortable.


Lin Chen ordered a cup of hot cocoa for Wang Chao.

After the hot drink sprinkled with chocolate chips was served, the pale face of the teenager improved a little.


The sun was warm, dispelling the cold.


Wang Chao held the porcelain cup and drank a big sip of hot drink, only to feel that the sunlight was falling on him, and his hands and feet began to warm up gradually.


On the opposite sofa, Lin Chen and Xing Conglian sat together, quietly waiting for the teenager to calm down.


After a while, Wang Chao put down the porcelain cup and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.


Seeing his face turned ruddy, Xing Conglian leaned forward slightly, resting his elbows on the coffee table, and said gently: "Tell me, how did you find them"


"I'm smart!" Wang Chao sniffed and waved.

Instructing Xing Conglian to turn on the computer.


"The privacy of the Deep web means that I can’t search for the video I want with the usual search methods.

Even if I edit the program, I have to write and break the code to solve the problem.

The boss has no time to write such a long program for me.

Then, suddenly in dark network, there is one thing that is omnipotent!"


"What thing"


"Money ah!" 


The boy rubbed his fingers warily.

It seems that this resilience is really amazing. 


"On deep web, there is a special reward website.

If you have money, you can kill people and set fires.

I tried it and posted the photos taken by Wang Shishi’s mother.

I offered a reward of 100 bitcoins.

I wanted to find the original video and posted this paragraph.

In the video website, soon someone privately believed me, saying that this is a live website, and then gave me the entrance to the website." Wang Chao paused, drank some hot cocoa and said again, "Boss, you pay the money”.


Xing Conglian Couldn't help but knock on his head: "Don't sell Guanzi."(T/N guanzi means keeping in suspense)


"Oh, it's a  deep web for popular science.

Most websites require special entrances to enter, and some websites change places with one shot.

Only long-term members can enter.

When I looked at the entrance, I first felt that this is a website that engages in unseen and dark business.” Wang Chao said, in order to prove that what he said was true, he re-entered the website at that time, and then, the page was no longer able to show, "When I went in, the website had already started live broadcasting.

The angle of the video was very high.

It seemed that someone had hacked into the school's surveillance system.

Then I happened to see someone jumping off the roof of the school.”


" Do you have any screen recordings" Xing Conglian asked.


"Recorded." The young man's answer calm and solemn.


He opened a video.

It was a website with almost all black pages.

At the top of the website, there were two bright red words.


The structure of the entire website is extremely concise.

In the middle is a live broadcast screen, with a simple message box on the left and a bunch of golden flowers at the bottom.


Lin Chen's gaze was fixed on the live broadcast screen.


After all, it is a surveillance video, the pixels are not high, and the particles in the screen are very large, which can be fully distinguished.

The location in the video is the No.

3 teaching building of Yongchuan University and the student square downstairs.


Lin Chen recalled the layout of the entire school's teaching building.

Wang Chao was right.

This was a surveillance video taken on the roof of Building No.



Wang Chao entered a little late, and the first video he recorded was a scene of a girl in purple leaping from the top of the building.

The girl resembled a fluttering butterfly, blooming in the air with a graceful posture, and then fell heavily to the ground.


That was the scene where Jiang Liu jumped off the roof.


What's more frightening is that after Jiang Liu fell down the building, the live video even switched the camera, and the screen turned into a close-up of the pool at the bottom of the building.


The expressions of the students watching were dull.

Some even squatted on the ground, squeezed their ears, and opened their mouths silently.

There was no sound in the picture, but it could be clearly felt that the person was screaming with all his might.


Looking at the horrified expressions, Lin Chen suddenly realized that the broadcaster had also switched the surveillance camera screen to make the screen smoother, like a silent movie.


This is not a simple suicide video, it is simply a carefully planned live broadcast of death.


Outside the window, the spring is bright and warm, and the heating is still on in the cafe, but Lin Chen clearly felt that his heart has become cold.


He couldn't help but look at the man beside him.


Xing Conglian was expressionless, but his eyes moved up and down quickly, as if he was reading something.


Lin Chen moved his gaze to the message column on the left side of the live broadcast screen, only then realized that Xing Conglian had been watching the content of those messages that were refreshing quickly.


Those conversations flowed down like water and were dizzying.

Not only Chinese, English, but also Arabic and Russian, and for some sentences, even the language was indistinguishable.


Lin Chen glanced at Xing Conglian again, somewhat surprised.

Seeing Xing Conglian's appearance, he seemed to be able to read these sentences without hindrance.


"What did the message say" he asked.


Xing Conglian heard the words and did not answer, but just pressed his hand, as if to say, wait a moment.


At this moment, Lin Chen's breathing stopped, as he saw himself appearing in the picture.


Xu Haozhen sat on the edge of the roof with her feet hanging in the air.

She turned her head when she heard the iron gate being pushed open.


It was a weird feeling that made people get goosebumps.

Looking at the person walking slowly on the rooftop, Lin Chen almost wanted to shout at himself, don't be slow, rush over, rush over, you still have a chance to save her!


However, that is an established fact, an established fact that cannot be changed by regret.


He watched himself helplessly, stopping not far behind the girl.

He watched the girl turn back, showing the kind of contented smile 


In his ears, and the voice from then appeared.


He heard her say, 'goodbye brother, you have to cheer up!'


It seemed that there was a big hand squeezing the heart tightly.

The pain was extreme.

Lin Chen couldn't help but lower his head and cover his face.


At that moment, he suddenly realized that no matter how much self-consolation, he is deceiving himself.

He is really very regretful, very, very regretful.


He wanted to save her, but he was helpless.


If time could go back, it would be really good.


Xing Conglian sat in the warm sunlight, watching the girl sitting on the edge of the roof, and jumping down.


The reflection of the screen was a little dazzling, and even the picture was a little dim.

He saw Lin Chen standing on the top of the building with one hand half-stretched, trying to hold something, but in the end, he stopped.


At the end of the video, his gaze was fixed on Lin Chen.

The young man's white clothes seemed to be transparent, the sun was shining brightly, and the sky blue was like washing, but he felt very cold, bitterly cold.


He turned his head a little stiffly, Lin Chen did not look at the picture anymore, just covered his face with his hands, crouched, and said nothing.


Xing Conglian wanted to stretch out his hand and put his arm around Lin Chen's shoulder, but his hand also stretched halfway, and stopped in mid-air.


Because he found that Lin Chen's posture was like a statue, even his back was not trembling, he was not crying.


Yes, that's Lin Chen, Lin Chen who doesn't even need comfort.


Xing Conglian retracted his hand and then hooked his finger at the waiter.


After a long time, Lin Chen felt that someone patted him on the shoulder.


He raised his head, his vision was filled with the handsome face of a mixed-race youth like a sword, because he had been covering his face for a long time, his vision became blurred.


A cup of hot coffee was stuffed into his hand.


Maybe it’s the heat.

He only thinks that the eyes in the field of vision are beautiful, with a little blue and a little green, like mountains and seas, and there is fine sunlight scattered in them, but they are beautiful and gentle, making it impossible to find the right words to describe.


Then, he heard Xing Conglian speak in a low voice.


He said: "It’s said that…it can stimulate the secretion of dopamine, that is to say, it will make you feel more pleasant.” 


Suddenly, Lin Chen laughed blankly.


What a bastard, even words of comfort must be copied from him.


The coffee in his hand was very hot.

He took a big sip, as if he was pouring into strong alcohol.

From his throat to his stomach, it was as if it was going to burn.


It's so hot that it hurts a little, so it is real..


"Sorry, I couldn't stand it just now "He said.


Xing Conglian stared at Lin Chen.

He only felt that these words were too frank, and there was no disguise.

It was so sincere that people could not think of anything but to accept.

He suddenly felt that he should go to Italy and rebuild, I will not coax people anymore... 


Of course, Consultant Lin didn't know the thoughts of Captain Xing.

He quickly cleared up his emotions, and then said to Wang Chao "This website, after the live broadcast of suicide, is it closed "


The little comrade Wang Chao came back to his senses.

He looked at Lin Chen's slightly pale face, and said with concern: "Yes, then this stupid website is closed, Ah chen, do you mind, do you want me to hug you" (T/N in Chinese adding 'Ah' in front of people name is kind of expressing their affections just like Ah chen, Ah yuan etc., )


"No need" Lin Chen couldn't help but rub his head, and then asked: "What kind of website is this, is it profitable" 


"It seems to be charged, but I didn't spend any money when I went in.

Maybe the person who gave me the entrance paid the money, so I just need to follow the link to get in."


Xing Conglian heard this and nodded his head, as if he approved Wang Chao's words.


He said, pointing to the end of the content message board “someone here asked for entrance to the next live broadcast and how to buy it.”


Lin Chen gazed down his(XC) fingers and found that it’s a Russian message, underneath that seems to be the response is in two French sentences.


"Someone answered it "


“No, the Russian is being scolded as a fool..."


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