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Chapter 54: Three Graves 17


On the student square, Jiang Chao's subordinates took control of the fields, and the onlookers gradually dispersed, but there were still stubborn students who were still standing on the outermost edge of the cordon, looking around and refusing to leave.


Deputy Captain Jiang got out of the police car.

He had received a report earlier that another student jumped off the building at Yongchuan University.

There were three more people dead, when he saw that the students are not following the police’s arrangements, he was so angry that he sneered, and rushed to the students outside the cordon saying, "Come here, you're not busy, come and take notes, no one is allowed to leave!"


Jiang Chao finished, and the policeman at the maintenance of order winked.

After a few people surrounded the crowd, the students were rounded up. 


They are ordinary college students.

Where could they have seen such a battle, and immediately many people scattered and fled.


The square was suddenly empty again.

Although in the surrounding teaching buildings, not knowing how many people were peeking at the scattered blood stains and the police evidence collection process, the square finally calmed down.


When it was quiet, faint cries sounded.


Jiang Chao followed the sound.

At the flower bed next to the square, there were several girls sitting and crying.


Those were the members of the student union.

Just now when the three students jumped off the building, they were standing in the most central position and were overly frightened.

There were two policewomen who are currently patting the girl's back, trying to ask something.


And behind the flower bed, Lin Chen and Xing Conglian were standing very close, not knowing what they were talking about.


Jiang Chao thought for a while, and after walking around the flowerbed, he patted Lao Xing on the shoulder. 


"I say lao Xing, you are so unkind, don't you know that the two little girls are crying so hard, you don't persuade them to help make a confession or something!"


Jiang Chao did not control the strength he used to pat , Xing Conglian was caught off guard and almost fell off the flowerbed.


"Keep your voice down." Xing Conglian turned his head and saw Jiang Chao kept glancing at Lin Chen.

It was obvious that he had an ulterior motive.

He made a silent gesture toward Jiang Chao and pulled the person to the back.

(T/N the idiom used here is 顯然是醉翁之意不在酒; it literally translates to wine-lovers heart is not in the cup; which means having some ulterior motive)


"Your little girl asks very well.

You can listen quietly."


"This is enough, you have to ask when you will go, ask your Lin consultant to do you a favour and get a confession.

It's best to have it.

Amazing details!" Jiang Chao leaned close to Xing Conglian's ear and whispered.

He had read all the files of the "Candy Thief" case, and Lin Chen evoked sporadic memories of witnesses with a single phone call, which was simply breath-taking.


He wanted to say it again, but there was a slightly cold voice that sounded in his ears.


"In fact, there's no need." Lin Chen held his arms, stood in front of Jiang Chao and said, "I am the witness, I watched Xu Haozhen  jump off the roof."


Jiang Chao pulled the ear, thought he has hearing problems.


Xing Conglian's gaze swept across Lin Chen's face, and he saw his solemn face, clear eyes, but his face was very pale.

Xing Conglian suddenly regretted that he didn't quickly take Lin Chen away from the scene.


"You and you, what's the matter" Jiang Chao immediately pulled the two of them further away, and asked in a low voice.


"At the time, I was in one of  the classrooms of the school of Psychology and received a call from Captain Xing, saying that Jiang Liu appeared and went to the teaching building where I was in.

When I hung up the phone, someone jumped off the building it was a boy.

Thinking of the previous case, I am afraid that things will not be so simple.

Soon, someone jumped off the building.

When I rushed to the roof, I happened to see Xu Haozhen sitting on the edge of the roof."


Lin Chen said concisely and briefly described the incident to Jiang Chao.


Although he was brief, Jiang Chao felt goose bumps all over his body: "You just said that Xu Haozhen really jumped in front of you"





did she say anything in the end "


“She said a word to me."


"What did she say"


"She said, brother, goodbye, you have to cheer up”


Lin Chen's tone was very flat and his tone was a little cold, stating completely what he heard at that time. 


Jiang Chao's eyes widened and his horror was terrified: "Isn't this sick Before committing suicide, she asked you to cheer, what kind of cheer do you want"


"I don't know." Lin Chen's mind was full of that girl's smiles at the end of her life.


How should he put it, Xu Haozhen was very awake at the time, she knew what she was doing very well, and she was joyful from the heart, as if she could get the sublimation of life and soul as long as she jumped down the roof. 


"I  think..." Jiang Chao rubbed his arms and couldn't help but burst into a swear word, " Even one or two suicides could down this school.

Now it is all six dead!”


"I am afraid that Xu Haozhen really died because she had planned this for a long time.

Two hours before she jumped off the building, I met her once.

At that time, she deliberately said goodbye to me..."


"Then why..." Jiang Chao heard this and wanted to speak, but Xing Conglian glanced at him, when he was about to utter the words, he swallowed them back.


"Why didn't I see that Xu Haozhen really has suicidal tendencies Lin Chen looked at Xing Conglian indifferently..


"In fact, there is still a problem with this case" Xing Conglian couldn't help but interrupt Lin Chen, and did not give Lin Chen any chance to say the next words.

He said: "There are too many people gathered in the square just now.

The student union secretary is here.

Organizing the search for Jiang Liu, Lao Jiang knew that we did not entrust the student union to mobilize teachers and students to search for Jiang Liu.

Even the news of Jiang Liu’s disappearance was only spread in a small area.

Why was it so coincidental Why would these three children choose suicide at that time and in the most crowded place "


Lin Chen looked at Xing Conglian, speechless for a long time. 


On the flowerbed in the distance, the girls were still sobbing, and the missing persons notices all over the floor, as if it were the most silent mockery.


Lin Chen bent down and picked up the one at his feet, Jiang Liu in the photo, smiled as bright as Xu Haozhen.


He finally looked at Jiang Chao, nodded, and said, "I'll do it."


Xing Conglian's heart was slightly startled.


The amount of information Jiang Chao  just heard is too much.

He immediately nodded with satisfaction  and saw Lin Chen turn around, and walked to the girl's side at the flowerbed ."I …I really can't remember”.

The girl's intermittent cry came with the wind, "please don't ask me, okay"


Lin Chen walked to the girl, squatted down, his eyes were level with her.

Before the people around him could react, he raised his hand, gently touched the eyes of the girl, his voice was very soft and quiet, but with a soothing temperament.

He said: "I don't need you to answer questions, please close your eyes, take three deep breaths with me, and then open your eyes, okay 


The girl choked, then nodded.


"One, inhale..."


"Two, exhale..."


"Three, please open your eyes." "


Lin Chen's hand moved away from the girl's eyes. 


The girl opened her eyes, and there was a finger in front of her eyes.

The finger was very thin and white.

Then, she heard someone in front of her say: "Please look at my finger and look towards the right.



Although she  didn't know what's happening, the girl couldn't help but stare at that finger and looked obediently to the right.

Then her eyes followed the finger again and slowly moved to the left.


Jiang Chao stood on tiptoe.

Looking at Lin Chen, who was squatting on the ground slowly moving his fingers, pulled Xing Conglian vigorously, and whispered: "What is he doing"


“Didn't  you ask him to ask questions It's probably a way to calm people down" Xing Conglian's voice contained a chill that even he couldn't notice 


For about half a minute, the surroundings became silent.


Lin Chen's slowly moving fingers finally stopped..


"If you feel better, Can you answer one of my questions, if possible, please nod your head.

" Lin Chen said.

The girl strangely calmed down.

She breathed in twice, and most of the rebellious emotions disappeared.


"You...  can ask."


Jiang Chao looked at Xing Conglian excitedly in the eyes.

"It seems hypnosis ah, this is amazing.



“Why do you distribute flyers here, and who made you come"


Before Lin Chen finished speaking, the other girl sitting next to her suddenly wailed and cried: "It's...

Senior Sister Xu asked us to do this.

She said, she said..."


Policewoman at the side hurriedly handed over the tissues, Lin Chen did not speak, but quietly looked at the girl in front of him.


"Sister Xu”



senior sister said...

Jiang Liu is gone, I'm afraid it's more helpful as her classmates, if we can help a little..."


"Senior Xu, is it Xu Haozhen 


The girl nodded, her eyes filled with tears again: "Did Xu jie deliberately trick us into letting us watch her commit suicide" 


Looking at the suffering girl in front of him, Lin Chen didn't answer.

He slowly stood up, took a pen from his pocket, opened the girl's palm, and wrote a series of numbers..


"This is the school's psychological counselling centre's number.

You must go seek professional help”. 


As he said, he looked at the policewoman on the flower bed and said: "Wait, please be sure to send them to see a psychiatrist."




After the noise, there is silence of death.


There are less and less people on the square.

Lin Chen didn't say anything more.

Taking advantage of Jiang Chao's work, Xing Conglian quietly left the square with him.


It was during class time that there were no students in the square and everything seemed too quiet.


Unconsciously, the two of them walked up to the lake. 


The sky was bright, and the whole lake was too bright, so bright that a strange misty halo was lightly floating on the lake surface. 


The banyan tree is still leafy, and under the tree are many commemorative garlands, and there are even candles spontaneously lit by students.

The candles have not burned out, and the candlelight is still swaying gently.


Xing Conglian patted Lin Chen on the shoulder, speechless.


After Lin Chen said that to the police officer he(XC) hasn't spoken since.


For a 10-year-old college students, he witnessed suicide.

It was probably the cruellest thing they had experienced in their lives.

(T/N not very sure about what it meant it's like this in the raws)


So Lin Chen, his junior sister, jumped a few steps away from him, but he couldn't save anyone.

Any normal person would blame himself. 


Xing Conglian clearly  just now felt that Lin Chen didn’t want to ask for that confession because he was also very confused.

He was not ready, but at Jiang Chao’s request, he quickly picked up his mood.

In the end, he did not forget to remind those children that they should see a psychologist.


This is really damn professional.


Looking at the slightly thin back of the person in front of him, Xing Conglian felt irritated.


The strength of the shoulders became heavier and heavier.

Lin Chen came back to his senses, seeing Xing Conglian frowned, remembering that Xing Conglian had deliberately interrupted his conversation with Jiang Chao, he still said, "Don't worry, I won't be sad for autumn and spring, but even an ordinary psychological counsellor cannot see that the patient has suicidal tendencies, it is considered negligence, let alone me


Xing Conglian retracted his hand and asked seriously: "You didn't realize that you have a very serious problem.

Have you always felt that you are omnipotent"


It’s ridiculous to feel one should be responsible for everyone's life and that it’s their own negligence for not saving lives.


"I know very well that I am not a god, and I cannot save everyone.

I don't have the mentality of a holy father.

I won't attribute all mistakes to myself." Lin Chen's mouth showed a self-deprecating smile, "Perhaps there used to be , But after really experiencing some things, you will find that people's abilities are always limited.

If you can't do it, you can't do it."


“Then why do you think you still think that you are negligent.

Retreat and say that this is not our case at all, and it has nothing to do with your duties!" 


“I'm just talking about things..."


"You're making a fool of yourself."


Before Xing Conglian words fell, he felt his waist tighten, Lin Chen turned around and suddenly hugged him. 


The hug was very short.

Lin Chen's arms were wrapped around his waist, and his head leaned against his shoulder.

Before he could react, Lin Chen withdrew, but while breathing, there was still a clear breath that belonged to a psychologist.

Although the time was short, it was a very sincere hug.


Lin Chen said:" thanks.



Xing Conglian was stunned, damn, who is comforting whom


"From another angle, I didn't even see Xu Haozhen is really suicidal.

Isn't it a weird thing"


After all, it is Lin Chen.

He is really good at how to open the topic calmly.

Xing Conglian can't remember what he just wanted to say, his attention quickly shifted from the hug just now, just thinking about this sentence.

It’s really conceited to the extreme.

From Lin Chen’s point of view, it makes people feel right.


"I also think it’s not your mistake.

Perhaps these children committed suicide by jumping off the building, but that’s not the same as suicide in the traditional sense "


Xu Haozhen arranged for her classmates to distribute the flyers looking for Jiang Liu and deliberately gathered the crowd.

She said goodbye to Lin Chen and then jumped off.

Judging from these small details, this is no longer a simple plan that can be summarized for a long time.

Therefore, this is certainly not the desperate suicide caused by negative emotions in the ordinary sense.


If this is eliminated, the remaining suicidal motives will become a little scary.


"Of course it is different.

It is basically like the suicide incident is performed by the script."


Lin Chen crouched down, stroking the soft mud in front of him.

Yesterday morning, the bodies of three students were found in the lake and after a day three students jumped off the teaching building.


One, Two, three corpses.


One, two, and three people jumped off the building.


From fright to fright and then from fright to horror, any bystander’s mood is like riding a roller coaster.

After twists and turns, they will experience rushing towards hellish extreme fear.


These two segment transformations are too subtle, this is really like compiling a good script, and then pressing the field interpretation of the story.


Everything is silent.


Xing Conglian took a deep breath, only to feel that Lin Chen’s deduction is too bold, but because it is bold it is terribly reasonable.


Perhaps it is because it's too quiet, the ringing of mobile phone broke the silence around.


Xing Conglian answered it, and the voice of Wang Chao came jumping: "Boss Boss, are you at Yongchuan University Did someone jump off the building in a group "


The boy's voice trembled with a rare tremor.


"How do you know"


Lin Chen stood up and stared at him with scorching eyes. 


Xing Conglian soon realized the problem here.


Wang Chao is working alone in the hotel now, and he and Lin Chen also had no time to tell Wang Chao about the new case of jumping from a building, then how did Wang Chao know



I seem to have found their live broadcast website..." the boy said in fear.


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