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Cold Feet


As the night grew dark, the door of the bedchamber was lightly rapped three times, and from outside came the deliberately low voice of the young eunuch, "Master Han, it's time for your evening meal, would you like to be served"

Xuan Long was sitting cross-legged on the bed to take a rest.

He opened his icy turquoise eyes to look at the door and said, "When will A’Yuan come over"

The only person apart from the empress who dared to call Yan Yuan by his name was this young man.

It had only taken a few days for Xiao Dezi to go from his initial fear and panic to his current calmness, but he was still a bit weak when it came to talking nonsense, "The Emperor has been tormented by the affairs of the state recently and has not rested for several nights.

Please don't blame the emperor, he just can't get away."

The palace attendants at Qiankun Palace all knew that Yan Yuan, apart from going to court, was watching over the empress day and night these days, hardly leaving him, even the government affairs were handled in Luanfeng Hall.

It was only Xuan Long who was kept in the dark.

He feels that he is ugly and does not like to go out.

This is what happened when he was in the thousand-year-old pond; he didn't want to go out and scare people, nor did he want to be disliked.

That day after Yan Yuan left with the dragon scales, he had said he would come to him at night, but had not fulfilled his promise.

It had been three days since they had seen each other.

Xuan Long was used to being alone, and he liked the quiet, so three days should have been nothing more than a blink of an eye for him, but he couldn't wait for Yan Yuan, and he always felt restless.

If you look at it carefully, that is perhaps what the human race calls lovesickness.

"I don't blame him." Xuan Long spoke in a muffled voice.

The young man inside was so mysterious, he didn't know what he looked like, and he had such a dull nature.

Yan Yuan ordered that no one was allowed to see him, and whenever the palace staff went in to serve food, the man always avoided them.

“Young Master, do you want me to serve the meal" Xiao Dezi asked again through the door with curiosity.

The person inside seemed to stifle a few coughs and spoke somewhat hoarsely, "No need."

It sounded like he was sick.

The emperor obviously did not care about the person inside, otherwise he would not have hidden the man away like this and not given him a name.

Xiao Dezi wanted to withdraw, but he could not bear it and asked one more question,“Young Master, are you not feeling well Do you want to call the imperial doctor"

Xuan Long covered his mouth and coughed twice more.

He put his palm over his chest wound and couldn't help but lie down, feeling better before saying, "It's nothing, you can go back."

The wound where the scales had been pulled out was only hastily wrapped in white cloth, without any medicine.

Before, he could heal the wound in a few days with the use of spells, but now they were useless.

Heavenly tribulation.

Xuan Long had never been afraid.

If he could become an immortal, he would be an immortal.

If he was unlucky enough to die, he would die, no one would care about him anyway.

Now it was very different.

He started to be afraid, afraid of what would happen if he died and left Yan Yuan alone.

Mortal medicine was useless to him, so he could only endure it.

At the same time.

Luanfeng Hall.

The dragon scales were put into the medicine, and after taking it three times a day for three days, Ning Zhiyu's complexion was already quite rosy.

Zong Hua stood in front of the bed, bending over to check the man's pulse through the silk handkerchief.

Yan Yuan did not dare to breathe too hard.

Standing aside, he stared at the doctor's young face and asked, "How is it"

A moment later, Zong Hua withdrew his hand and said, "In reply to Your Majesty's words, the medicinal effect of these dragon scales is even better than I had imagined, and the Empress' pulse is becoming more and more stable.

Perhaps he will wake up in less than thirty days."

"That is very good, that is very good." Yan Yuan was overjoyed and laughed.

"These days have been hard on Imperial Doctor Zong.

When my A'Yu recovers and is healthy, I will reward you well."

"This is within my duty, I dare not covet a reward.” Zong Hua could not refuse, so he thanked him and prepared to leave.

Yan Yuan sat down on the edge of the bed and took Ning Zhiyu's hand, but suddenly remembered something, "Wait."

Zong Hua turned back in confusion.

Yan Yuan: "Has Ai Qing brought good medicine” (Angel: Ai Qing is a monarch's affectionate name for his subjects.)

Zong Hua: “Your Majesty is injured"

"No, if you have brought it, you should give it to me."

In the past few days, Yan Yuan had been so preoccupied with Ning Zhiyu that he had left Xuan Long out in the cold.

He had only just remembered the dragon he had left in the side hall and suddenly felt a little guilty.

He had to go back tonight and coax him a bit.


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