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Hole In Your Brain


"Miss me for what"

"I just miss you, a lot." This Yan Yuan did not lie, he did miss Xuan Long very much, although the purpose of his trip was not pure, “A'Po, I have come to find you to return to the palace, will you come back with me"

Xuan Long exerted force to push Yan Yuan away from him and refused in silence.

Yan Yuan's heart was hard and he raised his hand to grab Xuan Long's hand, which Xuan Long dodged.


"You're here for the dragon scales, aren't you." Xuan Long's low voice rang out in the room.

Yan Yuan was stunned and looked at him in a breathless manner, without speaking.

Xuan Long couldn't bear to see such a look from him, so he turned his face away, leaving Yan Yuan with a cold and silent look, and said in a low voice: "I won't give it to you.

Your empress' illness has nothing to do with me."

"Let's not mention that." Yan Yuan pulled out the iris jade pendant tied with an ink-coloured string from his chest, took Xuan Long's hand, and placed it in his palm, "Look at this jade pendant, you forgot to take it with you when you left, this time I deliberately brought it back to you."

Xuan Long looked down to see that the original turquoise jade pendant had an extra rugged gold stripe around the edge.

The gold was old, inlaid on the jade, gold and green, delicate and ancient, very unfamiliar.

"It's just that I accidentally broke a little fragment of the jade, and the artisan used gold to set the pendant together.

It’s not the same as before, but it looks better than before.

The gold inlay is also excellent."

Xuan Long silently withdrew his hand, "It's not that I forgot to take it away."

It was deliberately left behind.

"This is something I gave you, there is no reason to take it back." Yan Yuan said undyingly.

"......" Xuan Long was speechless.

Then does he deserve to be trampled on for what he gave to him

"If you don't want it, then I will throw it away." Yan Yuan went the other way.

“En." Xuan Long said indifferently.

Having never been treated so coldly by Xuan Long, Yan Yuan felt uncomfortable and uneasy, and he forced a smile, "Then I'd better keep it for you first, maybe you'll want it one day."

Xuan Long did not accept his words and did not even want to look at him, "Now that you are awake, let's go."

Yan Yuan had never been so aggrieved: "I won't go.

If you don't come back with me, I won't go."

"As you wish." Xuan Long got up and disappeared inside the house.


Yan Yuan got out of bed and chased after him, but he could not catch up.

His attention was soon drawn to the interior of the house.

The last time he came here, the bottom of the pond was a simple cavern, but this time, it had turned into an elegant house.

Yan Yuan went to the window and was quite shocked to see catfish larger than a human passing through the water plants, which were ten feet high.

Having not eaten anything all night, Yan Yuan soon felt hunger in his belly.

After looking around the house and not finding anything to eat, he walked out the door and found a charming little courtyard.

There were large trees covering the eaves of the house, and a larger courtyard beyond the arched door, with rockery, flowing water, birds singing, and flowers scenting the air, and from time to time, there were wandering creatures passing overhead and outside the boundaries on all sides, and the large night pearls floating above which illuminated the otherwise dark courtyard as if it were daylight.

This should be some kind of illusion used.

Yan Yuan soon lost interest and, unable to find Xuan Long in the courtyard, went back inside, wilting and sitting back on the bed, calling out into the air:


"Are you really leaving me alone...

I'm hungry."

"I didn't have my dinner last night, so if you don't care about me, I'll starve to death."

Xuan Long did not leave the bottom of the pool, and hearing Yan Yuan's voice, he appeared and took the leftover roast chicken that Hu Le had eaten last night and brought it to Yan Yuan.

"Eat it."

Yan Yuan took the roast chicken cut into pieces on a plate, picked it up with chopsticks, and ate a bite.

The food from the night before was not as tasty as the fresh food, and as he always had a picky mouth, he tasted the good and the bad in one bite, and could not swallow it.

"You're getting more and more perfunctory with me now, even bringing me cold chicken to eat."


This was Hu Le's favourite roast chicken, he could eat two at one time.

Perhaps because he was in a bad mood last night, he had left half of it and couldn't throw it away, he was going to keep it for breakfast.

Seeing that Xuan Long’s face was not good, Yan Yuan ate vigorously and switched your words , “Forget it, it's actually not that bad."

In fact, it wasn't that Xuan Long was looking bad, but rather he knew that he was in the wrong, and his heart was weak after doing something wrong.

"Finish eating and leave." Xuan Long produced a palm-sized black cloth bag and handed it to Yan Yuan, the inside bulging.

"What is this" Yan Yuan put down his plate and chopsticks, took it, and opened the drawstring to see that it was dragon scales.

He froze and looked up at Xuan Long in front of him, finding him unusually pale.


"I know why you are here." Xuan Long whispered, "Take the dragon scales and leave."

After speaking, Xuan Long turned to leave.

Yan Yuan got up and clasped his wrist: "You come back with me, okay..."

"Don't think two thoughts at once." Xuan Long's back was straight, and between his loneliness and despondency was an unshakeable stubbornness.

"In the dragon clan, everyone is monogamous.

Since you have promised… him, if you want to be together for life, don't go back on your word."

Yan Yuan's eyes turned red and he mumbled, "But I simply like you..."

It would have been nice if Ning Zhiyu hadn't had a stubborn disease, if Ning Zhiyu and he hadn't been entangled in previous lives, perhaps then he would have had a virtuous empress and a beloved imperial concubine, just like an ordinary emperor.

It's a pity that Ning Zhiyu will soon die, as he is more important to him than his own life, so the rest of the living beings can only stand aside.

It is also a last resort to use them.

"If your like is like this, I don't want it." Xuan Long said in a low muffled voice.

Yan Yuan hugged him from behind, and his words were already thick with nasal sounds: “A'Po, don't treat me so cruelly."

The dragon scales were plucked from the back of his waist.

Yan Yuan's action touched his wound, causing Xuan Long's breath to tighten and cold sweat to break out at the corners of his forehead, and he did not move to break Yan Yuan's hand around his belly.

"Call me when you're done eating, I'll walk you to shore."

Yan Yuan was not very old, but he was not badly built.

Half a head taller than Xuan Long, his iron arms were tightly shackled to him: "I won't go! If you force me to leave, I will jump down again.

You don't like me anymore anyway, so let me drown in front of you!"

Xuan Long lowered his eyes, the bottom of his eyes bloodshot: "...

Don't force me."

"I don't want to force you...

I don't want to either." Yan Yuan's lips fell on the crescent-shaped scar on the back of his neck.

The scar was a little deeper than the skin and was left from plucking the inverse scale.

While the skin might recover with medicine after the scales were plucked in other places, it would take hundreds of years, or even longer, for a new inverse scale to grow in that area.

It is so precious.

The last time Ning Zhiyu was suddenly in good spirits, it was because he had taken this inverse scale that protected the blood of his heart.

"You are forcing me now." Xuan Long felt warmth on the back of his neck, it was Yan Yuan crying, and he was suddenly unable to struggle.

This person was always like this, saying things to him that ran counter to his heart and never changing.

As they came to a stalemate, a white light flashed mid-air and a long silver whip wrapped around Yan Yuan's waist and stomach, ripping him away from Xuan Long and flipping him violently to the ground.

Yan Yuan grunted in pain as Hu Le appeared and the whip lashed hard at his body with a strong wind.


In a flash of lightning, Xuan Long dashed over and grabbed Hu Le's barbed silver whip with his bare hands, falling to his knees.

Blood instantly seeped from his fingers, dripping onto the heavy carpet, but he did not utter a word.

The whip had just hooked on Yan Yuan's belt and had not injured him, but if it had, it would have cost him half his life.


Hu Le’s pupils suddenly shrunk, and he dropped the long whip to see Xuan Long's injury.

The sharp silver hook was embedded in Xuan Long's palm, and blood was flowing like water.

"Why are you doing this..."

"Why are you doing this..."

Xuan Long didn't say a word and silently drew his hand back.

Hu Le wouldn't let him, carefully pulling the silver hook out of the soft, bloody flesh, tears welling up under his eyes and dripping down his fair cheeks.

"You're just stupid, you're just stupid!"

Xuan Long closed his eyes, his lower back was aching and his ten fingers were not connected to his heart, he really did not want to talk.

Yan Yuan rose from the ground and rushed over, “A'Po!!!"

"Get lost!” Hu Le turned his head to glare at him.

Yan Yuan had never been treated with such impudence by anyone since he was a child.

The veins at the corners of his forehead flared and he gritted his teeth, "What are you What is your relationship to A'Po"

Hu Le squatted on the ground, conjuring up medicine and gauze to stop the bleeding and heal Xuan Long's wounds.

His moon white robe hung down to the ground, his eyebrows cold, and the corners of his eyes red, his fierce aura causing all the fish outside the window to hide away, "It is not for you to decide who I am.

If you dare to pester Han Po again, I will have your life."

Yan Yuan's chest was heaving with anger and he wanted to check on Xuan Long's injuries, but Hu Le was already helping him, so he was redundant.

He felt a little powerless and panicked, and looking at the man's cold face, he asked, “A'Po, who is he"

Xuan Long closed his eyes and ignored him, as if he hadn't heard.

Yan Yuan's hands hanging at his side slowly clenched into fists.

"Does it hurt badly” Hu Le asked in distress.

Xuan Long opened his turquoise eyes and shook his head.

Hu Le gently wrapped the gauze around him in a circle and repented, "It's my fault.

It was my recklessness."

Even knowing that it was Xuan Long who would be in trouble if he hurt this dog emperor, he had still been so impulsive.

But who would have thought that Xuan Long would act in such a way to save that dog emperor, not even caring about himself.

After wrapping up the wound, Hu Le bent down and picked Xuan Long up from the ground and headed for the bed.

As Xuan Long was gently placed on the bed, Hu Le realised that the front of his white robe was stained with blood, and he looked up sharply at the man's bloodless face: "Are you hurt again"

Xuan Long pursed his lips and before he could say anything, Hu Le turned him around in a frenzy, using his spiritual power to unbuckle his belt and lift up his robe to see a bloody patch on the back of his waist, with a palm-sized piece of skin missing, a gruesome sight.

Hu Le broke down instantly.

"I have been administering your medicine and boiling it on time every day, not daring to slacken off in the slightest, and I have finally managed to get you almost healed, now this dog comes and it's like this again!!!"

"Why do you treat yourself so badly Did you really owe him in your past life!"

"Even if he once saved you and plucked so many dragon scales, it should be repaid!!!"

When Xuan Long saw him crying like this, he was a bit at a loss for a moment and didn't know how to comfort him: "Don't cry...

I don't feel any pain..."


"It takes a hole in the brain to believe your words!" Hu Le choked and sat down on the edge of the bed, conjuring up the healing tools he had used earlier.

He first used clean gauze dipped in water to wipe up the blood around Xuan Long's wound before sprinkling the medicinal powder on it.


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