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When a person wants to leave, the other party can not keep them.

Not to mention the fact that Xuan Long is a demon that could go to Heaven and Earth.

Yan Yuan could no longer tell whether he was anxious that Ning Zhiyu would henceforth be without medicine, or whether he could not let go of Xuan Long.

In short, he just did not want to let Xuan Long leave him, and as soon as he thought that this man would completely disappear from his life, his whole being was in turmoil.

The emperor of the generation was, at this time, crying very indecently.

His thick eyelashes were stuck together with tears and his peach blossom eyes were occupied with despair.

He chased after Xuan Long and grabbed his sleeve:


don't go.

Don't go."

"I really know I was wrong, I shouldn't have lied to you."

"If you care about your title, I will make you a concubine, how about that"

"The imperial concubine is also as rightful as the empress, didn't we agree that we would stay together for the rest of our lives"

"You are not allowed to go...

I am not allowing you to go."

Xuan Long was dragged and had to turn around to look at Yan Yuan, who was much taller than him and was still crying like a child, with tears all over his jade-like face, he really had no image at all.

Xuan Long looked away and spoke with downcast eyes, "You know I...

don't care about that."

Yan Yuan spoke dully, "I know you don't care, but don't you like me Then let us continue to be together....

You must not leave me, if you go, what shall I do later."

Xuan Long refused to look at him, "You already have an empress."

"That's different...

you and him, you are different from him...” Yan Yuan bent down to grab Xuan Long's hand.

Xuan Long turned slightly to the side, avoiding Yan Yuan's touch.


It was indeed different.

Yan Yuan treated his empress with genuine love, while treating him with nothing but deceit, demands, and exploitation.

“A'Po..." Yan Yuan stiffened and stood up straight.

With his beloved showing such a vulnerable look in front of him, there was no way Xuan Long could not be upset.

However, perhaps it was because his heart was too small and his eyes could not tolerate sand, he could not pretend that nothing had happened after experiencing those things.

Even if Yan Yuan loved him, he could not share his love with another person.

Besides, Yan Yuan did not love him.

The wind from outside the window rushed into the hall, brushing across Xuan Long's face.

His long hair hanging down in front of him moved slightly, and blood dripped down from his left sleeve robe, falling onto the dark wooden floor.

"It has come to this...

us, let's forget it."

Yan Yuan choked back a sob, "Can't forget, how can I forget about it"

"You promised me, you promised that no matter how big a mistake I made in the future or how badly I treated you, you would forgive me for once, how could you go back on your word"

"You can't break your promise...

you can't lie to me."

Xuan Long: "… You were the one who broke your promise first."

You lied to me first.

It was the token of love that I gave you that was used as a medicine for someone else.

His most precious heart was trampled underfoot by this man at his own will...

The place he once longed for had become a sad place.

Xuan Long no longer wanted to stay any longer.

He mechanically turned around, his eyes sweeping over the furniture and ornaments in the hall.

Looking at those familiar objects, his eyes darkened like a pool of dark turquoise stagnant water, with no more light.

He foolishly thought that wherever Yan Yuan was, there would be a place for him.

It turned out that he was wrong.

To this day, he was alone after all.

Only that dark, thousand-year-old pond could give him a place to stay.

It was time to leave.

When Xuan Long lifted his legs to leave, Yan Yuan was afraid that he would disappear as he had before, so he rushed up and hugged him from behind, refusing to let go of his hand, crying so hard that his body trembled.

"A'Po… A'Po ......"

"Don't go..."

"You are not allowed to leave me, you are not allowed to leave me..."

Xuan Long didn't hesitate anymore, he used a little bit of spiritual power in his hands and easily broke Yan Yuan's hands away.

Yan Yuan fell on the ground and hugged Xuan Long's legs.

"You are not allowed to leave..."

"You are not allowed to leave..."

He cried such pitiful tears, as if he really couldn't bear to part with Xuan Long.

Xuan Long was at a loss for a moment, but eventually he bent down and wiped his fingers across Yan Yuan's face, speaking hoarsely, "You are no longer a child.

In the future, don't cry like this again."

Yan Yuan took the opportunity to grab Xuan Long's hand.

At that very moment, Xuan Long saw a blue light flashing across Yan Yuan's palm, and then a pale blue iris slowly blossomed in that palm, like the wings of a butterfly, which was so vivid that Xuan Long froze.

He took Yan Yuan's hand in a daze and stared at his palm.

A memory so faint that it was almost gone gradually reappeared in his mind...

Nearly ten thousand years ago, he was expelled from the dragon clan after his mother cut off his horns.

He left the dragon world in despair, dragging his severely injured body with him, but before he could get down the mountain, he fainted halfway.

The rain that day fell so heavily and unmercifully on his weak body that he never got up after he fell.

He thought he was going to die.

Just as he was about to slip into unconsciousness, a blurred figure appeared in the rain...

The man was dressed in white, held an ink-coloured oil paper umbrella, and was walking towards him on the muddy mountain path.

He was so badly injured, with the exception of the broken horn, and covered in bloody whip marks, that no matter how hard he tried to keep his eyes open, he could not see the man's face.

All he could remember was that the man crouched down in front of him and his slender hand gently touched his head.

The man's voice was so gentle that it made him feel warm in the pounding rain, and the man said, "Little dragon, don't be afraid, I won't hurt you."

He saw that the man's hand flashed with blue light, and in his palm was a pale blue iris that blended perfectly with his skin, as if he had been born with it, and it was beautiful.

That was the last memory he had before he passed out, and when he woke up again, the rain had passed and his wounds had been bandaged.

Although the herbs the man had put on him had done little to help, they had managed to stop the bleeding and keep him alive.

The beautiful oil-paper umbrella was left behind to shield his huddled body from the storm overnight.

He was too weak to defend himself, and after leaving the Dragon Clan he was nearly caught and skinned by Taoist priests several times.

After finding the thousand-year-old pond for shelter and cultivating some Taoist skills, nearly a hundred years had passed when he entered the mortal world again.

He tried to use the scent on the oil paper umbrella to find the human being who had saved his life to repay his kindness, but after many unsuccessful attempts, he knew that the person was no longer alive.

Ten thousand years have passed, and the dynasties on earth have changed countless times.

The long river of time flowed slowly, enough for many things to fade away, but there are some things that will never be forgotten.

For example, this pale blue iris in Yan Yuan's palm is exactly the same as the person who saved his life in the past...

Xuan Long recognised it at a glance.

Yan Yuan was still crying when he saw Xuan Long staring at his palm, so he moved over to look at it, and when he did, he was frozen himself.

Yan Yuan drew back his hand, sat up on the ground and rubbed his thumb hard on the petals of the flower in his right palm.

However, the iris was fused into his skin and could not be rubbed off at all.

He bewilderedly said, "What is this..."

Xuan Long looked at Yan Yuan.

He was wearing a white ink cloud patterned robe and he was really beautiful, but his pair of peach blossom eyes were pitifully red...

Beauty is beautiful, but his face has not lost the heroic aura that a man should have.

A strand of black hair fell in front of his forehead, and his aura was full of nobility.

Perhaps because his skin was too white, his cheeks and nose turned red when he cried, as if he had suffered a great deal of grief.

This was his lover.

The benefactor who had saved his life.

It turns out that fate does not play tricks on you, it's just that...

everything has a destiny.

In his previous life, Yan Yuan saved his life and sowed karma.

He did not repay his kindness, but now he has to repay it in this way...


what is this" Yan Yuan looked at Xuan Long.

Before today, this iris flower mark had never appeared on his hand, so he subconsciously thought it was related to Xuan Long.

Xuan Long shook his head and stood up.

He didn't know why this flower appeared on Yan Yuan's hand, but it was probably just like the ugly birthmark on his face, which was imprinted on his soul and would be carried with him even during reincarnation.

Some people have done something wrong in their past lives and deserve to be punished for it, so they have a hideous scar, while others have done something good and deserve to be identified at a crucial moment, so they have a beautiful iris flower.

Xuan Long thought that Yan Yuan should be the latter.

In this regard, what this person had done to him earlier was nothing, he merely tricked him out of many dragon scales and took away some of his heart.

If this person had not reached out to save him, there would be no Han Po standing here today.

Han Po...

Han Po.

This is a very nice name.

If it wasn't for Yan Yuan, he might not even have a name, living in this world, like a rootless wandering soul, with no living soul willing to even look at him.

That’s all...

nothing more...

It's time to be satisfied...

Xuan Long turned around.

The sky outside became dark at some point, and night was approaching.

The hall had not yet been lit, and his back was lost in the darkness, causing Yan Yuan's heart to feel a bit uneasy.


"I'm leaving." Xuan Long spoke in a low voice, not turning around.

He hesitated for a moment, wanting to say something more to Yan Yuan, telling him to take care of himself, but then he thought, as Yan Yuan is an emperor, he has many people waiting for him in the palace, so why should he worry about him

Then he walked forward, and his figure disappeared in the hall.

Yan Yuan clambered up and hurried forward a few steps, calling out undyingly, “A'Po… A'Po..."

The dragon was truly gone.

The hall was empty, he was the only one, there wasn't even a trace of half a shadow.

“A'Po!!! A'Po!!!"


Yan Yuan stumbled around the hall like a headless fly, shouting Xuan Long's name, imagining that he would appear when he heard his voice as he had done before.

But not this time.

Xuan Long was gone.

He was angry with him.

He would never come back.

Yan Yuan fell to the ground, tears streaming down from his eyes.

The eunuchs outside the hall heard his heartbreaking cries and knocked anxiously on the door to ask him what was wrong, but Yan Yuan heard nothing.

He wondered why Xuan Long had left.

Maybe it was because he had treated him so badly...

He had always bullied Xuan Long, in bed and under the bed, knowing that the stupid dragon was not as pain-sensitive as he said he was.

It's not that he's not afraid of pain, but he pretends he doesn't know, and he torments him as much as he can because he's boring and won't cry out in pain.

Anyway, he is a demon, a demon with 10,000 years of Tao, and a small injury will not kill him.

But demons can also bleed and be afraid of pain...

Just now, Xuan Long had bled a lot.

This is the first time Yan Yuan has seen Xuan Long pluck so many scales.

In the past, he did not allow him to see… how much blood Xuan Long had shed and how much pain he had endured alone.

No wonder he wanted to leave.


He treated him too badly.


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