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The Empress Awakens


"Don't you have ten thousand years of daoxing Why are you always this weak, as if you're going to die when you are touched" Yan Yuan laid Xuan Long on the bed and used a handkerchief to wipe the cold sweat from his forehead.

(Angel: Daoxing is the mana-like strength that practises Taoism, such as immortals.)

Xuan Long was still conscious despite the pain, and looked at Yan Yuan with his dark turquoise eyes.

He actually liked this feeling; whenever he was hurt, this person always cared for him.

Yan Yuan frowned, his hands moving quite roughly, almost rubbing off a layer of his skin, "Are you faking it It makes my heart ache, so I can't bear to be cruel to you."

Xuan Long didn't feel any of the agony, as the pain in his abdomen overshadowed everything else.

In a trance, he seemed to see Yan Yuan's eyes reddening, so he obeyed the other man's words and weakly said, "En, I'm faking it."

So you don't feel sorry for me.

"I knew it." Yan Yuan's voice changed tone, "You're not as stupid as you seem, you actually have quite an ingenious heart, otherwise you wouldn't be able to charm me like this."

Ingenious heart

What is an ingenious heart…

If one is extraordinarily fond of him, one has a heart, which he should have.

There are many, many.

(Angel: This sounds weird, but it is what was exactly what was written; 有許多許多)

Xuan Long: "En, I have a heart."

Yan Yuan was simply annoyed by him and suddenly slammed his hand on the edge of the bed, yelling in a low voice, "You are not allowed to speak anymore! I don't want to hear you talk."

Xuan Long froze for a moment, then twisted his head to look upwards and closed his eyes.

After a few moments, he heard Yan Yuan's voice in his ears, "You should sleep well, the human doctors should not be able to heal you, so it is useless to summon them."

"What is wrong with you today I clearly didn't touch you that much just now."

Xuan Long opened his eyes wearily and turned his head to look at Yan Yuan, who had regained his composure, as if he had not been the one who had suddenly lost his temper, and was now looking like a big child who had made a mistake.

When he entered through the door, Yan Yuan was still walking with the birds, and afterwards, he casually found a white blouse and put it on hastily.

Sweating in the heat and wearing his hair in a ponytail, he looked somewhat distressed, but his face was still precious and beautiful, too beautiful to be a mortal.

He was only 19 years old.

Those of the dragon race become an adult at the age of 100.

At the age of 19, he was still a young dragon who only knew how to roll around in the mud.

He was so many years older than him, so he should have given in to him more and cared for him.

Seeing that Xuan Long did not say anything, Yan Yuan took hold of his hand resting on the brocade quilt and tightened it a little, "A'Po, don't die, please."

Xuan Long looked at his reddened eyes and helplessly raised his hand to touch Yan Yuan's fair face, comforting him, "I won't die."

Even if it was for the sake of this person in front of him, he will live well.

Yan Yuan guessed that Xuan Long was this weak because his old wound had resurfaced.

After all, that wound was considered serious, so he did not dare to ask more.

Because he had caused all this, even in the future, he would continue to do so.

Forcing himself to stop thinking about it, Yan Yuan laid down on Xuan Long's side, wrapped his arms around his waist and whispered in his ear, "A'Po, what did you say to me when you entered just now"

Turns out he didn't hear it…

Xuan Long's thoughts wandered and he subconsciously replied, "I didn't say anything."

Some things can be said once, but it's hard to say them a second time, especially when he has such a sombre nature.

Yan Yuan refused to let him go and nibbled on his ear, "Liar, I clearly heard you muttering something."

"You heard wrong…" Xuan Long closed his heavy eyes, his voice lowering as he couldn't hold on any longer and fell into a drowsy sleep.

Yan Yuan's mother died early and he grew up with Concubine Heng, who was good, but ultimately was not of his blood and was quite limited in her closeness.

In front of people, he had to follow the rules and behave like a crown prince, and in front of his father, he had to be a wise and measured son, and when he became emperor, he had to be as decisive as an emperor and not show any weakness, otherwise he would probably be defeated, both in the past and in the future.

When his father was alive, he had never acted petulantly.

Perhaps because he knew that Xuan Long would spoil and pamper him, he was extraordinarily unrestrained.

"No, I've finally come to keep you company for a while, how can you just answer and fall asleep…" Yan Yuan saw that Xuan Long was going to sleep before he could answer his question, so he was not happy.

He grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him, "No sleeping, stay with me and talk, I want you to talk with me…"

Xuan Long unconsciously muffled a grunt, his pretty sword-like brows tightly knitted, with no intention of waking up.

Yan Yuan saw his face was pale and his hands were pressing tightly on his stomach, and froze, "A'Po, is your stomach hurting"

"Did you eat something bad" Yan Yuan stared at Xuan Long for a moment, then pushed his hand into the bedding and found the spot on his belly, gently rubbing it through the clothing, "Look at you, you are such an old dragon and you are still greedy for food, let me rub it for you, it won't hurt anymore."

As he rubbed, Xuan Long's furrowed brows gradually relaxed.

Yan Yuan looked at his handsome brows and raised his hand to remove the dark gold mask from his face, revealing the ugly scar embedded on the right side of his face.

The moment Yan Yuan saw it, he felt distressed.

Such a big wound, how painful it must have been when he was burned by fire If Xuan Long says he was born that way, then it should have been painless.

Yan Yuan's heartache then seemed unjustified, and even he couldn't figure out why.

He put the mask back on Xuan Long, and continued to rub his stomach, whispering:

"A'Po, look at how good I've been to you, you can't blame me when you find out the truth later."

"I didn't want to do that either."

"I can't help but save A’Yu.

If he dies, I won't be able to live either."

"So, I'll just have to fail you…"

"Worst comes to worst, in the future, I'll treat you better and not bully you so much…"


"……" Xuan Long's eyes were quietly closed, already having fallen into a deep sleep.

He was cold even when he was asleep, but Yan Yuan knew he was extraordinarily soft-hearted, so he took it upon himself to help him make a decision.

Yan Yuan propped himself up on the bed with one arm, leaned over and kissed Xuan Long's forehead, and whispered, "If you don't say anything, I'll take it as an agreement." 

The second day.

It was raining in the morning, and Yan Yuan was sleeping soundly with the man in his arms when there was an untimely knock on the door outside.

Yan Yuan frowned in annoyance, his eyes were still closed and he was about to open his mouth to reprimand them, but he was cut off by Chen Yan's next words:

"Your Majesty, news has come from Luanfeng Hall, the Empress has awakened…"

Yan Yuan's eyes snapped open and he suddenly sat up straight, "What did you say!"

"The Empress is awake…"

Before these words fell, Yan Yuan rolled over and got out of bed.

Although the house in this courtyard was not as gorgeous as the palace, it was still elegant and exquisite, and everything in the house was well equipped.

Yan Yuan opened the wardrobe and casually found a set of clothes and put them on without looking at them, forgetting to even call someone in to help him.


In his haste to get dressed, he didn't notice that his white robes were stained with blood, and when he left, he didn't look at Xuan Long, so he didn't notice that the man in the bed tent looked even worse than last night.


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