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Desperate Dreams


The fires of the candles in the hall flickered on and off, the overlapping figures in the curtained tent shifted, and a suppressed, muffled groan faintly emanated.

A slender, bony hand suddenly reached out from beneath the tent, and the next moment it was clasped tightly to the edge of the bed.

The cryptic sound of collision and disordered breathing did not disappear from the hall until late at night…

Yan Yuan pulled Xuan Long's waist into his arms, and their sweaty bodies were suddenly pressed together, their noses filled with a crisp, cold fragrance that was incomparably soothing to the senses.

Yan Yuan kissed Xuan Long behind the ear, “A'Po, I couldn't hold back for a moment, I'm sorry…"

Xuan Long was too tired to pay attention to him, his eyelids were too heavy to lift, and it was only after a long time that he managed to squeeze out a hoarse sentence, "No harm done."

Yan Yuan didn't intend to have sex with Xuan Long, he just wanted to accompany him to simply sleep.

Who knew that when he moved over to kiss him, he couldn't control himself when he smelled the cold fragrance on his body.

Yan Yuan suspected that the cold fragrance on Xuan Long's body was mixed with some kind of bewitching drug, otherwise, how could he have lost control of himself like this

But from the day they first met, Xuan Long has smelt like this, which shows that he was born with it and could not have done anything to it.

Even the Xuan Long's blood and sweat smelled this good, unlike the human race, where the blood smelled of unpleasant rust and the sweat smelled even worse.

Things seemed to be going in an uncontrollable direction.

How could he always be unable to escape the temptation of Xuan Long's body

Is it because Xuan Long is really too delicious… or is it because he has only tasted this one dragon's body that he is this thirsty

He would know when Ning Zhiyu woke up and they could consummate their marriage.

Yan Yuan was holding Xuan Long, but he was thinking of A'Yu, who was lying unconscious in Luanfeng Hall.

He thought that A'Yu was so gentle and soft, and so fair and handsome, that he must be much better than Xuan Long.

When the time came to consummate their marriage, he would certainly stop craving Xuan Long's body.

A'Yu is the queen he married with three books and six rites, the treasure he has loved for three years, his vermilion mole.

Xuan Long was just a pawn tricked into the palace to save A'Yu, and Yan Yuan had always been very clear about which was more important.

He did not want to take Xuan Long's life, he only needed a few dragon scales to save A'Yu, and when A'Yu woke up, he would let him go.

He felt guilty, but as the emperor, Yan Yuan owned all the rivers and mountains, and since Xuan Long was in his kingdom, he also owned him.

Life and death were just a matter of his own words, so what was the problem with asking him for some dragon scales

However, Yan Yuan's heart was inexplicably troubled, probably because he not only wanted Xuan Long's scales, but he had also cheated him of his feelings.

Yet he thought, "I don't love him anyway, so I can be ruthless and I don't need to worry so much."

Since ancient times, emperors have often been merciless, and he had already been very kind.

If it were someone else, they might have taken Xuan Long's heart at the very beginning.

As he thought about this, Yan Yuan felt that he was right in the end; it was all for A'Yu's sake, and he had no choice but to do so.

Smelling the unique cold fragrance of Xuan Long's body, Yan Yuan closed his eyes peacefully and gradually fell into a deep sleep.

He had a dream.

There was a monstrous war, with fire everywhere.

There were corpses strewn around from the battle, falling messily to the ground like rags, and the sky was dyed blood red…

A man fell dying in his arms, his face full of blood.

He tried to wipe his face with his sleeve, but the blood-blurred face could not be wiped clean, and instead he hurt the wounds on the man's face.

The desperation and sadness of death surged through Yan Yuan's chest.

He was terrified, afraid that the man would leave him forever, so he held him, covering the bloody hole in his chest, and begged him over and over again not to die.

The man seemed to be smiling at him, his mouth that kept gushing blood moving and saying something to him.

Yan Yuan could not hear him clearly, nor could he see the man's face.

His ears rang incessantly, like the sound of the wind, and like a cry from a distant valley mixed with the wind.

Yan Yuan broke down and cried as he realised that gradually the man was not even talking, his mouth not moving, as if he had no more strength.

No matter how much he begged him, in the end, the man was still lifeless in his arms.

The man's body turned into an inky starburst, disappearing little by little in his arms, disappearing into thin air….

Yan Yuan couldn’t wake up from the nightmare, his eyebrows wrinkled in pain and he murmured in despair, “A'Yu…"

“A'Yu… don't go…"

It was raining outside the hall, dripping on the eaves of the hall, and the sky was faintly dewy white.

Xuan Long, who was beside him, was awakened and looked thoughtfully at the tears that continued to flow from the corners of Yan Yuan's eyes.

He hesitantly reached over to help wipe them away, but just after wiping them away, new tears came out, gradually wetting his temples.

Who is A'Yu…

Xuan Long did not understand why Yan Yuan was crying so much when he remembered that person, and after a moment of silence, he gently nudged Yan Yuan's arm, trying to wake him up, “A'Yuan."


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