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Divorce Letter


The door of the hall was pushed open and a fairy eunuch in a white dress entered with a silver tray.

She inadvertently raised her eyes and met those of the man on the bed.

At first she was stunned, then a sad yet happy smile bloomed on her lips and her eyes quickly reddened.

"General, you are finally awake..."

Xuan Long lowered his eyes: "Have I been sleeping for a long time"

The fairy was the head of the fairy eunuchs of General Xuan Hall, named Lian Bi, who had been with Xuan Long since he was first promoted to the rank of divine general.

"You have been away from the Heavenly Realm for ten thousand years, indeed it has been a long time..." Lian Bi said as she slowly walked to the bedside with a tray.

She picked up the jade bowl on the tray, and when her palm was closed, the tray disappeared and she handed the bowl of medicine to Xuan Long with both hands.

"Your divine body has only recently been reshaped, your soul is still cracked and still weak, this is the elixir prescribed by the Medicine Immortal."

Xuan Long's long hair hung loose and he lowered his head without taking it.

He looked lost in thought and muttered under his breath, "...

It was him who saved me."

Xuan Long remembered all the things that happened during the soul collecting process.

At that time, his soul consciousness was shattered and his brain was confused, so he could not distinguish between the nightmare and reality.

Now that his soul has been repaired, he could distinguish real from fake.

It was Yan Yuan who broke into his realm of soul consciousness and brought him back to the Heavenly Realm.

But why...

"General..." Lian Bi wanted to speak but stopped, looking at Xuan Long with worry in her eyes.

Xuan Long: "Just say what you have to say."

The end of Lian Bi's eyes were red and she spoke in a mute voice: "The Heavenly Emperor is getting married."

"He is going to marry Immortal Monarch Zhiyu as the Heavenly Empress."

Xuan Long was slightly stunned at her words, but then he calmly took the bowl of medicine from Lian Bi's hand as if he had heard nothing: “En, I understand."

He tilted his head and drank the dark medicine in one gulp, raising his hand to wipe away the residual stains on his lips.

Lian Bi took the medicine bowl back, clasped the side of the bowl tightly, and comforted him hoarsely:

"There are many gentle and handsome divine monarchs in the Heavenly Realm.

In fact, the Heavenly Emperor is not much better, he is only good looking, but what is the use of good looking People who are unfaithful are not wanted in the end."

“Born with a good-looking face in vain, so blind in reality that he can't even recognize his own lover..."

"Lian Bi," Xuan Long interrupted in a soft voice, "it's because we are no match for the fate of Heaven."

Yan Yuan was not the only one who had seen the marriage book in the Hall of Gods.

Xuan Long had known since he was a child that he was a Lonely Heavenly Star.

When Yan Jing picked him up from the West Sea, he had often spoken to Ye Ling Shenjun, saying that this child had a bad fate and was destined to be lonely and miserable.

He knew that Yan Yuan's destiny was not him.

Several tens of thousands of years ago, when Yan Yuan said that he wanted to form a love contract with him, he secretly went to the Hall of the Gods and saw that in the marriage book, Yan Yuan's name was engraved alongside another person.

He had searched through the marriage book but could not find his own name in it.

He had always believed in fate, but when he met Yan Yuan, he didn't want to believe in it anymore, for that person loved him with such passion and sincerity that even if the love he received was short-lived, he was unwilling to let go of it.

So he was willing to defy the Heavenly Way, hoping to dream a dream that he would never wake up from...

However, he woke up from that dream completely, and everything went back to the original path.

In the end, Yan Yuan had to marry his Immortal Monarch Zhiyu.

A walk through the mortal world made it clear who that person loved dearly.

Lian Bi fought back the desire to cry out in pain: "Heavenly Way...

Fuck the Heavenly Way!"

"In the past, the Heavenly Emperor insisted on marrying you as the Heavenly Empress despite the opposition of the gods, and now he wants to marry someone else even before you have broken your contract.

He has no regard for you! The gods and immortals are waiting to laugh at you!"

"Look, if you love someone deeply enough, even the Heavenly Way can't stop you!

Perhaps, if they loved each other enough, they might not have been stopped by the Heavenly Way, but the truth is, they lost.

No, to be precise, he lost.

Having tasted the suffering of being tortured to death by the hands of the one he loved, how could he have the courage to fight against the Heavenly Way...

He was tired.

Xuan Long was spoken to by Lian Bi, but remained silent.

Tears fell on Lian Bi's beautiful face, and she choked on her words: "You have such a non-competitive nature that you let people bully you all the time, and it was clearly him who caused you to suffer, so how can you blame everything on the Heavenly Way! In my opinion, you should go to the Heavenly Emperor and ask him to give you justice!"

Justice What justice

If you are in love, and you have suffered in love, do you want the other party to return the favour

Return it, then what...

He didn't know whether to blame himself for loving him too much or Yan Yuan for loving him too shallowly.

He had fallen into the mortal world and lost his memory, but he treated him with his heart, but that person deceived him and insulted his sincerity.

Xuan Long would rather lie to himself that it was because they couldn't escape the tricks of Heaven, not because Yan Yuan was cruel, and it made him feel better to think that way.

At least there were good times, and now it was time to separate happily, so as not to make the scene too ugly.

"What is not your own cannot be taken by force." Xuan Long's turquoise eyes lowered as he spoke indifferently.

Compared to Lian Bi's outburst, the man was as calm as if he was not involved in the situation.

Lian Bi knew that he must be very sad; Xuan Long was like this when he was sad, he could sit still for a long time and not say anything.


"Go and find a pen and paper." After a while, Xuan Long's low and gentle voice rang out in the hall.

Lian Bi was puzzled, "What do you want the pen and paper for"

Xuan Long did not answer, but Lian Bi responded by lifting her light white sleeve and waving it, and a small silver table appeared on the couch in front of Xuan Long, on which were neatly arranged rice paper, a wolf hair brush, an inkstand, and a paperweight.

Xuan Long slowly lifted the wolf hair brush and pondered over the blank rice paper for a long time before he dipped it into the ink and lightly lowered his brush.

The three characters ‘he li shu', gradually took shape on the paper...

Lian Bi stared at it, her eyes slightly widened: "General..."

Xuan Long seemed to have a lot to say.

After writing the three characters, he paused for a long time to think about it, but what actually appeared on the paper was just a few short vertical lines.

He put the wolf hair brush on the brush rest, rolled up the rice paper with both hands, and when the ink had dried, folded it into two and handed it to the fairy eunuch in white at the edge of the bed, "Lian Bi, please take care of this."

She did not want her master to be involved with the Heavenly Emperor again, but when she saw how decisive Xuan Long was, she felt that it was too cheap for Yan Yuan, and was angry and heartbroken.

"General, do you really want to make peace with him..."

Xuan Long: “Mhmm."

Lian Bi was aggrieved and said, "I think that you don't need to write this divorce letter at all, even if you don't write it, the Heavenly Emperor will still take a wife, and he will probably have his divorce letter sent to us before long."

She spoke bluntly, poking Xuan Long where it hurt, but it was the truth.

Xuan Long raised his eyes and looked out of the window, where layered clouds lay in the sky and the occasional immortal crane swept by.

"On the day of our marriage, he made an agreement with me in front of the Three Lives Stone, gave me an iris pendant as a token of love, and made me the Heavenly Empress...

Now that we have to part ways, we should write a divorce letter to make it clear, so that we can make a clean break."

"He will write what he will write, I will write what I will write."

"Go ahead."


Lian Bi thought it was reasonable, so she took the divorce letter and went to Dongji Hall to look for Yan Yuan.


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