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The Real Advantage


This dragon scale was slightly different from the ones Xuan Long had given Yan Yuan before.

The previous ones were close to fan-shaped, while this one was crescent-shaped, with a faint silvery-white sheen on the ink-coloured scales, which was surprisingly beautiful.

"Although you may be dull to pain, you can't do this to yourself, it distresses me to see you like this." Yan Yuan looked at the dragon scale on his palm with a worried look on his face, which reminded him of the 30 pieces.

If only one scale caused so much blood loss, what about 30 scales

Xuan Long pursed his lips.

He wanted to coax him, but he didn't know what to say, so he moved his lips dryly, "Don't be angry."

"I'm not angry, it' s just..." It's just hard to feel guilty.

Yan Yuan's brows were so furrowed that they could kill a fly.

He looked up at the man's handsome face and finally sighed: "Forget it, I'll put some medicine on it for you.”

"No need to apply medicine, just wipe it off casually." Xuan Long spoke in a low voice.

"What nonsense."

Chen Yan got his orders, brought in the Jinchuan Medicine and left.

Yan Yuan opened the red tasselled cap on the small jade bottle, told Xuan Long to turn over, and sprinkled the pure white powder evenly on the back of his neck.

This was the best wound medicine in the palace.

It should have stopped the bleeding, but strangely enough, even though Yan Yuan poured the entire bottle of medicine on the wound, it was useless.

The wound still didn't stop bleeding, and the blood continued to flow out, almost staining Xuan Long's entire back red.

If a normal person had lost that much blood, he would have fainted already.

It was not as if Yan Yuan had never seen so much blood before, but at this moment, he could not help but feel a tightness in his throat, "How could this be"

The place where the reverse scale is located is the source of the dragon's heart and blood, and can also be said to be the weak spot.

A slight touch on that spot will cause pain to the heart, not to mention the pain of having the reverse scale ripped off, which is a hundred times more painful than a broken finger.

How could it be cured with mortal medicine

"I have had a strong body since I was a child, I am only bleeding a little, you need not worry." Xuan Long's breath was slightly unsteady as he spoke, and with a flick of his palm, a clean piece of white silk appeared, which he cupped in his hand, lifted to the back of his neck, and used to casually wipe away the blood.

The wound was already fragile, so how could it withstand such treatment, however, Xuan Long did not show any pain on his face.

Yan Yuan was shocked to see this and hurriedly got up to stop him, frowning, "How can you not take care of yourself like this Don't move."

Xuan Long then obediently complied and remained silent.

It wasn't that he didn't care for himself, but rather that he didn't know how to care for himself.

When he was a child, he was often injured and beaten bloody by his mother, and when no one gave him medicine, he could only pick up a not too dirty cloth and wipe his wounds casually.

As painful as it was, he could always bear it.

No one has taught him how to take care of himself.

Yan Yuan asked the eunuchs outside the hall to bring in clean robes, white silk, and warm water, and Xuan Long watched as Yan Yuan got busy.

The latter first wrapped his wounds in white silk.

His hands were so white and slender, and his movements were so gentle.

Occasionally, his knuckles would accidentally touch the intact skin on the back of his neck, gently and softly; it was a warm touch, just like a tickle.

Xuan Long's Adam's apple twitched slightly, and his ears reddened.

"Does it hurt" Yan Yuan's brows didn't relax.

"It doesn't hurt." Xuan Long said.

He had said this several times in a row, so Yan Yuan believed it, and smiled, "A dull sense of pain is really an advantage.

Being unable to feel pain when you're injured saves you a lot of suffering."

When he thought about it this way, he felt less guilty about having Xuan Long pull out his scales to save Ning Zhiyu.


He didn't feel any pain anyway, and he was only bleeding a little, so he could try to compensate him in other ways.


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