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Token of Love


It wasn't that Yan Yuan hadn't thought of Xuan Long even for a moment in the past few days.

On the contrary, whenever he was distracted while staying by Ning Zhiyu's side, he would always unconsciously think of the man's icy turquoise pupils and the way he smiled awkwardly.

Yan Yuan deeply felt that it was wrong for him to be like this, it was as if he had been enchanted.

In order to get the medicine, he had already broken his promise to Ning Zhiyu to spend his life with him, and if he continued to act wrongly, he would be ashamed of his conscience.

Therefore, although he really missed Xuan Long's body these few days, he forced himself to endure it, unwilling to make another mistake.

But avoiding the other party like this is not the way to deal with the situation.

Ning Zhiyu's body has not yet healed, and there will definitely be uses for Xuan Long in the future, so he must make Xuan Long stay by his side willingly.

Luanfeng Hall was quiet.

Yan Yuan sat on the edge of the bed, pondering for a long time while staring at Ning Zhiyu's clear face, then called out, “Somebody."

Chen Yan quickly entered from outside the hall with small steps and bowed, "What are Your Majesty's orders"

Yan Yuan's face was expressionless, "Go to the treasury and pick out some decent treasures."

Chen Yan didn't understand what he was thinking, and hesitantly raised his eyes to look at the emperor's unparalleled face, "What kind do you want, Your Majesty"

Yan Yuan's mind recalled Xuan Long's heroic and cold face.

That dragon was not ordinary, so he did not think that treasures would be attractive to him.

After thinking about it, there was only one thing that could make him happy: “A jade pendant."

Chen Yan followed the order and went off.

When he returned, he was followed by two eunuchs, one carrying a dark brown lacquered wooden tray, on which were ten of the finest jade pendants neatly arranged.

There were jade pendants with golden inlays, pure jade in the form of dragons, and phoenix jade pendants… Yan Yuan took a rough glance at them and was suddenly drawn to an oval jade pendant carved with an iris flower.

The jade pendant was tied with an ink-coloured silk knot, and it was exquisite and beautiful, especially the carving of an iris on it, which made Yan Yuan particularly fond of it for no reason.

He picked it up and twirled it around his slender fingers, "This is the right one."

“Okay." Chen Yan responded and waved his hand for the two young eunuchs to retreat.

"How is Han Po these few days" Yan Yuan asked casually as he played with the jade pendant in his hand.

"Han Po has been staying in the hall and has not gone out.

From what Xiao Dezi said, it seems that Han Po does not have a good appetite, he only takes meals once a day, and he does not eat much at a time."

"Is that so" Yan Yuan raised his head slightly.

He remembered that Xuan Long had always had a big appetite.

When he was in the ancient pond, Xuan Long would eat all his leftover food.

Strangely enough, he hadn't seen him gain much weight.

His waist was thin but strong, much thinner than the average man's, especially when he was tensed in pain, and his slim, toned muscles were sexy as hell.

"Yes." Chen Yan replied.

"Have the imperial kitchen prepare some meals to send over, and prepare more fish and prawns, he loves them.” Yan Yuan returned to his senses, "I will go and see him."

The sky was already dark, and the large imperial city was engulfed in the night.

A full moon hung in the sky, shrouded in a hazy layer of fog.

The door of Qiankun Palace's side hall was pushed open and Yan Yuan smelled a faint cold fragrance as soon as he stepped in.

He called out to A'Po a few times but got no response.

When the eunuch lit the candle, Yan Yuan hurriedly went to the inner room, opened the bright yellow bed tent, and was relieved to see the man on the bed.

He thought he had left.

Xuan Long was sleeping so soundly that he didn't even notice that someone had come in.

He was already quiet and was even more so when he was asleep, it was just that his handsome face looked too pale in the dim candlelight.

Yan Yuan gently shook his shoulders and after a few moments, Xuan Long slowly opened his eyes, still a little unresponsive, and looked at Yan Yuan motionlessly.

His face was so beautiful in the dimness that it did not resemble that of a mortal.

"Why did you go to bed so early Is it because you are not feeling well"

In fact, it was not that he had slept early, but that he had slept all day.

Xuan Long slowly sat up, wanting to ask Yan Yuan if he had finished his work, or if he had had a good time these days, but his mouth was clumsy and all that came out in the end was the word "No."

"I'm sorry, I really was too busy.

I wanted to come back to you that night, but I was held up by political affairs." Yan Yuan fished out the prepared jade pendant from his sleeve and presented it to the man like a treasure.

"Look, this is something I picked out from the treasury today to give to you."

Xuan Long lifted the jade pendant from his palm, "What is this"

"In our human race, if two parties are in love, they will give each other a token of love.

Since I am in love with you, I cannot avoid this customary gift.

This iris jade pendant is the token of my love for you, you must take good care of it and after you accept it, you must never change your mind."

Xuan Long looked at Yan Yuan's smile in somewhat of a daze, and his heart was flooded with an indescribable warmth.

He nodded earnestly, put the jade pendant away in a precious manner, placing it in the hidden pocket of his robes, and whispered.

"I will take good care of it."

He then raised his hand to touch the back of his neck and violently ripped off a dark dragon scale, rubbing the blood off on his snow-white robes and handing it to Yan Yuan.

Yan Yuan's brow furrowed in shock, "What are you doing"

Xuan Long was silent for a moment, "A token of love."

The neck of the dragon is where the inverse scale is.

There was nothing he could give Yan Yuan other than his heart, and this unique scale was the best proof of that.

(Angel: According to Chinese legend, there is a white scale about the size of a palm under the neck of the giant dragon, which is crescent-shaped, commonly known as the inverse scale.)

Once he had fallen in love, he would never change his mind.

Yan Yuan nervously pressed Xuan Long's shoulder and turned to look at it.

A piece of skin was missing from the back of his neck, which had been intact, and blood was pouring out, staining a large part of the back of his clothes red.

"Does it hurt"


Xuan Long's face was pale, but he shook his head, stubbornly shoving the dragon scales into Yan Yuan's hand.


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