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A Dragon Heart Can Cure All Diseases


Ten thousand years later.

The Human World.

"A bunch of trash! You can't even diagnose what ailment my Queen is suffering from! What use do I have for you!!!” Inside Luanfeng Hall, a young emperor in a large red and gold wedding robe angrily slapped the edge of the bed and rose, pointing at and scolding the imperial doctors who were kneeling on the ground.

"Your Majesty...

the, the ministers are terrified…" The imperial doctors wailed as their foreheads hit the ground, shivering.

“Terrified, terrified, terrified! All you know is to be terrified! My Zhiyu is sick like this and you're still terrified! If you don't think of a way to save him, you will all have your heads taken off!” The emperor's eyes were red, and after roaring, he dropped to the edge of the bed, drained of all strength.

His peach blossom eyes turned from anger to softness when they saw the unconscious man on the bed, and his long fingers touched the man's jade-like face lovingly, with endless pain flashing across his eyes.

Behind the red silk screen, the man was also dressed in a large red wedding robe, with a golden silk phoenix on the robe, making his waist weak and his face pale.

Ning Zhiyu, the son of the Prime Minister of the current dynasty.

As his name suggests, he is a quiet and dignified man with the appearance of a clear breeze and a bright moon.

Since they met at the Prime Minister's residence a few years ago, Yan Yuan has fallen in love with him and has since become obsessed with him as if he were a treasure in the palm of his hand, a cinnabar mole that he holds in the palm of his hand for fear of dropping it or melting it in his mouth, a treasure among treasures.

(Angel: A cinnabar mole refers to a mark left on the heart after experiencing a love which cannot be forgotten.)

Yan Yuan finally married his beloved, as he wished, today.

What no one could have imagined was that on the night of the wedding, Ning Zhiyu was struck with a sudden illness and his life was in danger, and none of the hundreds of doctors at the imperial hospital could diagnose what was wrong with him.

The huge bedroom was silent.

When everyone was in danger, a young imperial doctor in vermillion crane robes came out of the crowd and knelt down ten paces away from Yan Yuan, "Your Majesty, I have a method, perhaps it can be tried.”

"Speak." Yan Yuan's eager gaze was turned towards him, his voice sounding heavy.

The young imperial doctor lifted his head, his red lips slightly parted as he spoke with a faint smile, "Outside Chang'an City, at the foot of Jinghua Mountain, there is a thousand year old pond with a mysterious dragon in it.

The heart of a dragon can be used in medicine to cure a hundred kinds of diseases."

"Dragon's heart" Yan Yuan frowned.

"How do I obtain it"

"There are many immortal cultivators in Chang'an City, Your Majesty can seek their help." The imperial doctor said.


Yan Yuan pondered for a moment, "Tomorrow I will personally take someone there to get the dragon heart…" His gaze was firm as he took Ning Zhiyu's hand that was hanging on the edge of the bed, “to save my A'Yu."


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