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Chapter 44- I Went Out On A Blind Date After Graduation


The hot search appeared out of thin air, and when clicked in, the user would find that the square was full of marketing accounts.


The marketing account has posted a lot of photos related to Jiang Liucheng.

Upon looking at these photos carefully, it’ll be noticed that there are different girls sitting opposite Jiang Liucheng, but all of these girls are coded.


The hot topic of the search is that the recently popular star is actually a sea king, and every time he goes out, he asks a different girl to meet.


The topic is like a rocket, and it quickly airborne to the front of the hot search.


“Fuck, someone is targeting Jiang Liucheng.

In the past, everything in the entertainment industry seemed to be able to see these marketing accounts.” Dou Binbin, a star-chasing boy, saw the problem at a glance, “He obviously offended someone, someone to ** him like this.”


Zhou Beiwang looked at the comment area and frowned when he saw someone speaking in a particularly nasty way, “Is it because he is on fire now and is blocking other people’s way”


Tao Ding also said, “It should be.

The entertainment industry is a chain of interests.”


Dou Binbin said, “That’s for sure.

When I was chasing stars, everyone said that there were only so many resources in the entertainment industry.

Jiang Liucheng suddenly became popular.

There must be a lot of resources trying to get him.

As a result, others may have left with no resources.

And then he doesn’t have a brokerage company yet; he blocked the way of capital since he doesn’t associate with them.”


When it comes to the entertainment industry, Dou Binbin begins to talk endlessly.


“It was the same when my idol became popular.

A lot of people wanted to mess with him, and they even looked for his black material.

I didn’t expect that my idol didn’t have any bad material, hehe.”


“Although Jiang Liucheng is not as popular as my idol at the time, he is also very popular.

His Weibo fans have risen from hundreds of thousands to seven or eight million now, and there are still many fans who are willing to spend money for him.

If I were a businessman, I would definitely choose to find Jiang Liucheng for my endorsement.”


Zhou Beiwang thought of Jiang Liucheng.

He was different from Qin Lu.

If someone sincerely wanted to mess with him, he might not be able to solve it by himself.

He called him immediately and wanted to tell him about the matter. 


Jiang Liucheng already knew about this.

When Li Qiu was on the hot search, he immediately told him that the two were talking on the phone.


Li Qiu knew that Jiang Liucheng had a blind date before.

If these photos were not true, they must have been taken when he had a blind date with his blind date.

Then he also confirmed this speculation from Jiang Liucheng’s mouth.


“The mastermind behind the scenes can take out so many photos of you at once.

He must have followed you from a long time ago, but you were obviously not popular at that time.”


This is the only thing Li Qiu is very puzzled about.

Who would pay attention to an 18th-tier actor so long in advance


Jiang Liucheng was not surprised.

He knew who did it, “I was not famous when I first signed with Zhou Sheng Entertainment.”


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Li Qiu understood at once, “The most important thing now is to clarify the situation, but the other party’s move is ruthless enough.”


Li Qiu touched his hair irritably, “These photos are not theirs.

We can only clarify that you are dating, but once you say that, it will affect your career.”


Jiang Liucheng looked at the busy road outside the window but did not panic at all, “What’s the impact”


“Don’t you know what the impact is Your current fans are more attracted by your face, and many fans don’t like to see their idols fall in love.

Once you announce it, fans will be disappointed, and your career will definitely change.”


Jiang Liucheng’s face didn’t change, “I don’t rely on my face to eat.

It doesn’t matter if I’m affected.”


Li Qiu just remembered that this ancestor was not very concerned about his career.


Jiang Liucheng added, “If we don’t clarify now, our career will be damaged.”


Li Qiu also knows this truth.

The question they need to consider now is not whether his career will be damaged but how to solve this problem.

Otherwise, this career will not be damaged, but his career will be lost.


The car drove to the gate of Siming Community.

Jiang Liucheng said goodbye to his assistant and went up.


As soon as the door opened, Guo Qifan looked worried.


“What’s wrong” Jiang Liucheng asked subconsciously.


“You’re still going to ask me what’s wrong Do you not know that you are on the black hot search I just opened it and took a look.

The hot search is all bursting now, and some people jumped out and said that they were one of your dates.

They kept saying that they didn’t expect you to be a sea king.

I’m so pissed off.

These are all for the heat.” Guo Qifan’s expression was bulging.


Jiang Liucheng opened his Weibo and found that the hot search had come up.

The marketing accounts forwarded the so-called parties, and there was also a lot of content in the comment area expressing support for the young lady and the scumbag.


His private messages were also filled with fans who believed in him to comfort him and fans who came to scold him or express their disenchantment.


In just a few hours, the incident has fermented violently.

In fact, it doesn’t seem to calm down any sooner.

The trend is only to get bigger and bigger.


A group of people who denounced scumbags appeared on Weibo one after another.

Some of them went to the company that Jing Liucheng endorsed for, saying that if the company planned to use Jiang Liucheng again as their endorser, then they would not buy their company’s products.


Meanwhile, the atmosphere on the Paradise crew is serious.


Under the gathered lights, Qin Lu was putting on a fighting scene.

His handsome face was covered in blood, and the camera recorded the sound of punching to the flesh, making everyone around him hold their breath.


Qin Lu is not an action star, but his fight scenes are all in-person, and he is not the kind of improvised cramming.

He can really fight and has some foundations regarding it.


When he was still thriving a few years ago, someone said that he had learned taekwondo and muay Thai to name a few.


At that time, many people thought that his agency had created a character for him, but it was not until later that many tidbits were posted on the Internet.

Because of this, everyone knew that every time he played, he was fighting for real, and his neat skills were even better than some martial arts actors.


However, Qin Lu seldom chose scripts with fighting scenes, so fans and movie fans last saw his fight scenes a long time ago.


Until the director shouted, the man who had a fierce expression a second ago stopped immediately, and the cruelty in his eyes slowly disappeared.


Zhang Ning immediately handed him an unopened bottle of water and a clean towel.


Cheng Qinghua repeatedly watched the clip that had just finished.

After confirming that there was no problem, he made an ok gesture and said to Qin Lu, “This is good.

You haven’t played for a few years, but your skills have not deteriorated at all.

Besides, I noticed that your character shifting is not as difficult as it used to be.

Did you find any way”


Qin Lu drank the water for a while, thinking about all the tyrannical quotes Jiang Liucheng sent to him.


After thinking about it, he didn’t plan to tell Cheng Qinghua about this.

Otherwise, the other party would definitely laugh at him and even make fun of him often about it.




Cheng Qinghua wanted to ask, but Zhang Ning suddenly interrupted them.


“Brother Qin, it’s not good.


Jiang has been hacked and searched for.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Ning found that the director and Brother Qin were looking at him at the same time, which made him feel a little uncomfortable.

He thought they should want to know.


A few minutes later, the two read the things on the hot search.


Cheng Qinghua, “Is it a picture The mastermind behind the scenes is trying to kill Jiang Liucheng, and it seems that more than one group of people shot it.

What’s going on”


Qin Lu knew at a glance that it was not a picture.

However, Jiang Liucheng said that he used to have blind dates, and these photos should have been taken when he was dating someone else.


“It is not a picture.”


Cheng Qinghua was surprised when he heard that it was not a picture, “How do you know it’s not a picture It’s not like he is really dating so many girls.”


He felt that his vision should not be so bad.


“It’s not true.” Qin Lu asked Zhang Ning to take his cell phone and prepare to leave.


Cheng Qinghua was still waiting for him to continue talking, but Qin Lu turned his head and left.

Cheng Qinghua grabbed him quickly, “You can explain it before you leave.

You have swayed my curiosity.”


Qin Lu flipped through the phone’s address book and said, “It’s inconvenient to talk now, I’ll tell you later.”


Zhang Ning, who was on the side, stared at the phone.

He swallowed and said, “Maybe there is no need to wait.


Jiang seems to have responded to this incident on Weibo.”


Qin Lu immediately opened Jiang Liucheng’s Weibo.

The young man didn’t post on Weibo very often, and as soon as he opened it, he saw his latest Weibo post.


It was just posted a minute ago, and the number of retweets, comments, and likes is increasing at an extremely fast rate.


Jiang Liucheng: [To Ms.

Wang, who said I was on multiple boats: Every time I have a blind date, I ask the matchmaker to re-introduce me to another person after confirming that it is impossible to meet the last blind date.

Can you tell me your name You can send me a private message and I’ll check with a matchmaker.]


After he posted this on Weibo, the comment area was also quite unified.

After a few question marks, other comments appeared later.


[I feel like I’m jumping from one world to another.]


[Brother, are you serious]


[There’s nothing wrong with this business-like tone.

It’s just like when I’m on a blind date,  I don’t like to talk about more than one at a time.]


[This is too damn true.

I have been chasing stars for so many years.

It is the first time I have seen a star so confidently admit that he is on a blind date, which opened my eyes.]


[I can attest to the truth of what he said because I was one of those blind dates.

I was surprised to see him become a star.

When I had a blind date with him, he was just an ordinary person.

He was a low-key artist, and I didn’t expect him to become popular later.

When I saw the hot search, I knew that someone was targeting him.

He underwent a normal blind date process, but someone was claiming that he is a sea king.]


Qin Lu refreshed again and found that Jiang Liucheng had posted a second Weibo post.


Jiang Liucheng: [Many people have asked me why I go on many blind dates.

Of course, because I want to get married.

I started going out on blind dates after graduation.

It has been a year, but I don’t know why it has not been successful.]


Not long after the Weibo was posted, the topic quickly hit the hot search list.


A famous star questioned why it was so difficult to have a blind date.


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