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He raised his head just in time to meet the regretful look of the screenwriter, who was caught off guard and could only smile at him awkwardly.


“Editor Zhao, is there something on my face” Jiang Liucheng asked.


Editor Zhao originally wanted to say no, but thinking of what the producer just said, he hesitated and asked, “Xiao Jiang, have you offended anyone recently”


Jiang Liucheng said, “Not recently.”


Editor Zhao asked again, “What about before”


Before Jiang Liucheng could answer, someone else came in; it was another actor.


In addition to his starring role in this web drama, there are also two actors who are also young actors.

They are almost not well-known.

Because they have many lines, they also participated in the script reading meeting.


Jiang Liucheng is the biggest celebrity in this online drama.

Although he has only become popular recently, when it comes to nationalism, even second- and third-tier stars are not as big as him.


The two young actors greeted them when they came in.

They have a good attitude too.


With other people around, the topic ended naturally.


After a while, Director Liu and the producer returned.


Combined with what Editor Zhao asked him, Jiang Liucheng guessed that someone might put pressure on the crew, and it was related to him.

He thought that the producer and director would announce the suspension of the reading session, but he did not expect the director to let them start after they sat down.


The reading session went on smoothly until the afternoon, and it finally ended when the sun was about to go down.


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Jiang Liucheng was about to leave, but Director Liu suddenly stopped him and asked him to have a meal with them.

He also said that as the male lead, they had never eaten together until now.


Jiang Liucheng couldn’t refuse, so he went to dinner with them.


During the meal, everyone was very disciplined.

Only Director Liu talked to Jiang Liucheng from time to time.

Most of them were asking questions about the script, and Jiang Liucheng could answer them one by one.


In the middle of the meal, Jiang Liucheng had to go to the bathroom.

However, when he came back, he heard the chatter coming from the box.


“In short, I won’t change the cast.

You have seen it yourself.

Jiang Liucheng is the most suitable candidate.

Moreover, he is also popular now, and he is not expensive.

It is of great benefit to the crew.”


“But what can I do if they keep on pressuring me I don’t want to replace him, either.

They have all the power in the world.

If we don’t agree, they will directly let the show fail the trial and broadcast.

And because of this, everyone will lose money.”


“I don’t believe that they really have that much ability.”


“Old Liu, it’s not your first day in the entertainment industry.

Don’t act as if you are a newcomer.

If you don’t want to change someone, the company should agree with you.

If you insist on using him, the management will withdraw the capital.

Don’t even think about filming online dramas; the loss will be greater.”


“Old Liu, Producer Sun is right.

You have invested a lot in this drama.

If you can’t make it, you will lose everything.”


“Let me think again.”


“Then you have to make a decision as soon as possible.

Now that the money has been spent, if we want to change it, we have to find a new male lead.

Otherwise, the startup time will be delayed, and the cost will be more expensive.”


Jiang Liucheng didn’t go in right away.

He opened the door and walked in after they finished talking.

Just now, he said something heavy.

At this time, everyone was no longer in the mood to chat, and the dinner ended in this dull atmosphere.


Li Lei, who received the call, came to pick up his artist and waited for Jiang Liucheng to say goodbye to them before walking up.


“Let’s go.” Jiang Liucheng walked to the front, and Li Lei followed.


Meanwhile, in an upscale club.


“So the dignified Young Master Zhou was ditched after being issued a good person card.” Dou Binbin looked at Zhou Beiwang, who drank a bottle of red wine in one breath.

If he hadn’t said it himself, he would have had a hard time believing that Young Master Zhou was ditched just like that today.


“Well.” Zhou Beiwang drank another glass of red wine, still feeling restless, “I don’t understand, is it because I’m not good enough”


Dou Binbin didn’t think about it, “If the CEO of the Zhou Group is not good, then what are we You have money and looks, and you are the fifth diamond king in the hearts of many men and women.”


Tao Ding, on the side, said, “However, Jiang Liucheng is also very good-looking.

And he is in the period of a rising career.

It is the time to attract money, so he must not break up with you because of looks and money.”


Zhou Beiwang just knew this, so he was a little annoyed because it meant that there was almost no possibility for them.


Dou Binbin was very curious, “So why did you break up”


Zhou Beiwang hesitated for a while before saying, “Although he doesn’t admit it, I suspect it may be because of Gu Qing.

He already knows that Gu Qing is my ex and…”


He recounted what happened yesterday.


“Oh, I’ll go.” Dou Binbin suddenly slapped his thigh, “I’ll just say, how come Gu Qing’s circle of friends has been talking about you recently It’s unfair, but I remember that 30340 would not be happy if his blind date object had such a good-natured ex.”


Zhou Beiwang frowned, “Is this kind of thing really that serious”


Dou Binbin “Of course, it is.

You two did not go on dates because you are emotionally attached to each other.

You are just blind dates, and you have no emotional foundation.

Why would he make trouble for himself If I were him, I would also leave immediately.

Who knows if this ex of yours will do more excessive things in the future.



“Okay.” Zhou Beiwang rubbed his eyebrows, “Then do you think Gu Qing really did it on purpose”


Dou Binbin nodded affirmatively, “100% intentional.

He just wanted Jiang Liucheng to see it and intentionally affect your relationship with him.”


Zhou Beiwang: “But I don’t understand it.”


Dou Binbin: “What else do you not understand”


Zhou Beiwang: “He doesn’t have Liucheng’s WeChat; who does he send it to”


Dou Binbin: “He must have seen it through other people’s WeChat.”


Tao Ding, who didn’t speak much, averted his slightly guilty gaze.


“Tao Ding, what’s wrong with you tonight It seems that you haven’t spoken much.” Dou Binbin suddenly looked at him.

As soon as he opened his mouth, Zhou Beiwang, who was drinking, also looked at him.


“It’s nothing.” Tao Ding pretended to swipe his phone, “I’m watching the latest news to see if something special happened.”


Dou Binbin didn’t care much, but Zhou Beiwang seemed to notice something.

He put down his glass and looked suspiciously at him, “Do you have something you’re not telling me”


“I have to go.

Your blind date, ah no, Jiang Liucheng is on the hot search.” Tao Ding suddenly shouted.


Zhou Beiwang saw his guilty conscience and was not fooled.

He was about to ask questions, but Tao Ding directly showed him his mobile phone, “He is really on the hot search.

If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself.”


Zhou Beiwang took a closer look and found that he is not really lying.


Jiang Liucheng is really on the hot search.


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