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Chapter 40- What Qualifications Are There To Fall In Love


In the days that followed, Zhang Ning always felt that his boss had changed.

In the past, when filming with the crew, he rarely looked at his mobile phone and more often discussed the script with the director or screenwriter, making the plot and logic more perfect.

The attitude of striving for perfection is also why he can become the youngest double actor in the entertainment industry a few years after his debut.


No one’s achievements are gained without effort.

In a corner that many people don’t know about, everyone will never see how hard the other party is working.


However, it is such a person.

Recently, it has been unprecedented.

After the show, he picked up his mobile phone and didn’t know what he was watching.

Sometimes Qin Lu was so engrossed that he didn’t even hear the director’s call.


“What happened to your boss recently” Cheng Qinghua also felt that he was very strange recently.

He was looking at his mobile phone when he had nothing to do and often frowned, “Could it be that the A-share fell”


Qin Lu has been investing all the time, and one of them is about to go public.

Because he trusted Qin Lu’s investment vision, he also bought some stocks.

If it fell, he would also lose a lot.


Before Zhang Ning could speak, he heard Cheng Qinghua scolding, “It seems to be listed a few days ago.

I forgot about it.”


After speaking, he hurriedly turned on his mobile phone.

He clicked in to see the stock he had bought and found that the daily limit was up.

The stock had doubled the daily limit for several days in a row.


“Damn, I bought less.” Cheng Qinghua put away his phone, showing an annoyed expression.


Zhang Ning: “…..”


Cheng Qinghua: “Since it has nothing to do with A shares, what’s the matter with your boss”


Zhang Ning said speechlessly, “It is not very clear to me either.”


Even if he asks, his boss won’t tell him.


Cheng Qinghua had no choice but to go over and ask.

But when he approached, he accidentally caught a glimpse of him as if he was looking at the Moments and asked unexpectedly, “Whose Moments are you looking at”


Qin Lu glanced at him and continued to flick his phone screen, “What’s the matter”


Cheng Qinghua craned his neck and glanced at his mobile phone again.

He discovered that what he drew was a screenshot of someone else’s Moments.

But he didn’t know the person who posted the Moments at all, “Who is this Gu Qing You shouldn’t like him, do you”


As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Lu’s phone suddenly lost its grip and fell directly to the ground.

He turned his head to look at him with disgust, “What did you just say”


Cheng Qinghua saw the disgusted look on his face was about to turn into reality, “I guess I was wrong.”


He quickly picked it up for him, but his finger just touched the screen and accidentally swiped to the next one.

The photo that caught his eye was very familiar.

Although the people in the photo were relatively young, he immediately recognized that one of them was from before.

The rich second generation who called a car to visit the class for food.


This is the latest screenshot Tao Ding sent to Qin Lu.

In the screenshot, Gu Qing posted two photos, one of which was a group photo of him and Zhou Beiwang in high school.

At that time, he was still young, but his smile was very bright.


The other photo is of Gu Qing and Zhou Beiwang after returning to China.

Zhou Beiwang had his hands in his pockets and stood casually, while Gu Qing put one hand on his shoulder and also smiled.


Cheng Qinghua saw the problem at a glance, “Isn’t this Liu Cheng’s blind date What is his relationship with this man named Gu Qing Why does their relationship seem to be very close”


Qin Lu frowned and said, “You also think they have a very close relationship”


Cheng Qinghua: “Isn’t it obvious Their relationship may not be good that good right now, though.

Anyway, he said that ‘No matter what the future is, Zhou Beiwang will always be in my heart.’ Ordinary friends will not say such things.

Because I am in the entertainment circle with years of experience, I can only say that this Gu Qing is not easy.”


Qin Lu’s face became darker and darker, “It’s really not easy.

He and Zhou Beiwang dated many years ago.”


He thought of the photo of the three of them in the same frame that his manager took for him before.

He was not dissatisfied with Gu Qing, but more dissatisfied with Zhou Beiwang.


Cheng Qinghua raised his eyebrows, but he didn’t pay much attention to this point, “After all, he is a rich second-generation, and he is handsome.

It would be strange if people who have never dated before would interact with him like this, so I can understand this.”


Qin Lu looked unhappy, “What do you understand A person who can’t even control his ex has the right to fall in love”


Cheng Qinghua was taken aback by his righteous words, “You’ve eaten dynamite.

Don’t you think your rich second-generation friend is still connected to this guy named Gu Qing”


Qin Lu sneered, “I introduced Jiang Liucheng to him,and yet he dares”


Cheng Qinghua looked at him in surprise, “Does Liucheng know about this What was his reaction”


Qin Lu frowned, ” He knows.

He thinks it’s fine, and he can’t break up with him without reason.”


Cheng Qinghua: “Then it’s over.

He is such a rational person, if he finds anything wrong, he will definitely break up with your rich second-generation friend.

What else do you have to worry about He refused me without hesitation last time.”


Speaking of this, he still feels a little heartache.


Qin Lu: “This time is different.”


Cheng Qinghua: “What is the difference”


Qin Lu thought to himself that Jiang Liucheng had a good impression of Zhou Beiwang this time, but of course, it was different.


If Cheng Qinghua wanted to know what he was thinking, he might have need to punch him in his heart.


“If you want me to say, you are a matchmaker.

After the matchmaking, it doesn’t matter what people talk about with you.

LiuCheng is not the kind of person who doesn’t understand anything.

On the contrary, he may know more than you, and he doesn’t even know you.

What are you worrying about”


Qin Lu actually felt that he might have been worrying a little too much, but every time he was free, he could not help thinking about it.


Later, he tried to use his busyness to temporarily forget about such things, but as soon as he got his mobile phone, he would go to the Moments again.


In the past, he obviously rarely brushed the Moments.


In a blink of an eye, it was the day of the script reading meeting.

Zhou Beiwang originally wanted to send Jiang Liucheng there, but he received a call and had to do it.

There was no way he’s made it, so the two of them made an appointment to pick him up for dinner after the script reading was over. 


Jiang Liucheng went downstairs alone and was about to take a taxi to the past.

A BMW suddenly stopped in front of him, the window was lowered, and it was Zheng Kailin.


“Where are you going I’ll take you there.”


Jiang Liucheng bent down, “Zheng, don’t you have to go to work”


Zheng Kailin said, “I do but don’t worry.

I’m the boss, no one dares to say that I am tardy.

Getin the car quickly.”


Jiang Liucheng did not refuse when he heard the words.

He opened the car door and sat in, fastened his seat belt, and said the address of a hotel.


Zheng Kailin turned in the direction and drove the car to the road.

While driving, he asked, “The script reading you mentioned is in this hotel.

Who else is there beside you”


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Jiang Liucheng “In addition to the starring role, there will also be directors, screenwriters, and producers.”


Zheng Kailin glanced at the young man in the driver’s seat and saw that he was looking at his mobile phone with his head down.

Someone sent him some photos through WeChat.

He thought about it and asked, “It was sent by your blind date”


Jiang Liucheng: “Yeah.”


Zheng Kailin: “Is there any progress recently”


Jiang Liucheng: “Yes, but I will join the crew again after a while.

I feel it will be more troublesome to meet later, but he said he would cooperate with me and visit the shoot when he is free.

I am quite satisfied with this.”


He can cooperate with the blind date, but it is impossible for him to cooperate blindly.

If the other party does not know how to cooperate with his situation in turn, it will be difficult for the two of them to last for a long time.


Zheng Kailin’s hand holding the steering wheel tightened slightly, and after a while, he said, “Did he tell his parents about you”


Jiang Liucheng: “It’s not up to that yet.”


Zheng Kailin: “But if you want to be with him, sooner or later, you will have to pass the parental test.

A normal family will not allow your child to marry a man.”


Of course, Jiang Liucheng knew it, but as he said, it hasn’t reached that point yet.

He hasn’t finished examining Zhou Beiwang.

If he doesn’t fit Zhou Beiwang in the end, the parents will naturally not have to go through it.

That’s all.

There is no need to say for now.


At the destination, Jiang Liucheng got off the car, said goodbye to Zheng Kailin and walked into the hotel.


Li Lei received the news early, and went to the hotel one step ahead to go through the formalities.

When he got off, he happened to see Jiang Liucheng getting off the vehicle.


Li Lei glanced at the BMW that drove away.

He put a peaked cap on Jiang Liucheng and then asked curiously, “The person who just brought you doesn’t seem to be Mr.



“Well, it’s a friend of mine.

He’s going to work, so he sent me here, by the way.” Jiang Liucheng said.


Li Lei was relieved when he heard that he was not a blind date.

When he first learned that Jiang Liucheng had a blind date, he was dumbfounded.

At least he had never heard that even a little famous artist would go on a blind date or with a man.

It just doesn’t work with this business.


It took him several days to recover, and he called Jiang Liucheng’s manager, only to find out that the manager already knew about it.

However, he couldn’t stop it because their artists were different from other artists.

For Jiang Liucheng, blind dates were more important than his career, so Li Qiu has also accepted this fact.


After this incident, there is another assistant in the world who has the same heart as Li Qiu.

Every time he goes out, he must bring a carry-on bag with a lot of things in it, including glasses and hats for disguise.


The two arrived at the conference room, and it didn’t take long for other staff members to arrive one after another.

The director and screenwriter all arrived before the reading session began.


They have already met Jiang Liucheng.

The director and screenwriter greeted him when they came in, and they also met another star.


After everyone arrived, everyone introduced themselves.

Although Jiang Liucheng was the male lead, he was the youngest of all the main actors.

Except for being a little restrained at the beginning, things went smoothly later.


Before they knew it, it was afternoon already.

At this time, there was a fiery red sunset in the sky outside.

When the director saw that the sun was about to go down, he announced that it was temporarily over and that they ought to continue tomorrow.


“Liu Cheng, are you going to have dinner together with us tonight” The director warmly invited him.


Jiang Liucheng: “Thank you, Director, but I already have an appointment with someone else.

I will invite you to dinner next time.”


The director did not force it when he heard the words, “Okay, let’s have dinner together next time.”


After saying goodbye to them, Jiang Liucheng and Li Lei came downstairs from the hotel, but they didn’t see Zhou Beiwang’s car, who said they were coming to pick him up.

At this moment, his phone rang.


Someone sent him a message.

He opened it and found that it was from Qin Lu.

He sent him a few photos at one time.


Just when he was about to open it to take a closer look, Zhou Beiwang’s phone came in.


“Liucheng, I’m sorry, something happened on my side, and I may not be able to go and come pick you up for the time being.

Can I ask Dou Binbin to pick you up”


“Beiwang, if you are in a hurry, go do it first.”


In addition to Zhou Beiwang’s voice on the phone, there is also Gu Qing’s.


Jiang Liucheng heard it immediately and also heard the faint sound of someone calling him in the background.


He reopened the photo Qin Lu sent him, only to find that it was a photo of several different types of men.


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