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Chen Yi glared at him once, and he said to Dou Binbin, “I don’t have any bad blood on you.

Besides, it’s just a game, so losing is not too bad.”


Then he looked at Jiang Liucheng again and said with a sneer, “If you think it’s unfair to you, I won’t let you out in the next game.”


Jiang Liucheng shook his head, “No if I am a suspect, I will kill him too.”


The people’s expressions at the table became different as his words were relatively level.


Although Chen Yi said it was a game, everyone knew he had personal complaints because Rongheng had a good relationship with him.


“Okay, let’s continue.”


As soon as Zhou Beiwang opened his mouth, everyone became quiet.


The game restarted.

After the cards were dealt, Jiang Liucheng looked at his cards.

This round, he took the killer card.


When the judge confirmed his identity, he looked at Dou Binbin beside him.

He didn’t expect him to be his accomplice, and Dou Binbin was also surprised.


Jiang Liucheng signaled for him to stay calm, Dou Binbin really wanted to communicate with him, but he couldn’t speak, so he could only hold on temporarily.


After the judge has confirmed everyone’s identities, it gets dark and they need to choose one to eliminate.


Jiang Liucheng did not hesitate to compare the numbers.


Dou Binbin saw that he was so decisive, and he wasn’t just like him.

He had never won as a killer.

He was afraid that he would lead him into the pit, so he simply listened to him.


After dawn, everyone saw that Jiang Liucheng was not dead, and they had no doubts.

After all, in his first round, he was killed by Chen Yi for no reason, and the next killer would definitely not choose to kill him again.

Otherwise, it would be so embarrassing when his identity was revealed later. 


When the day and night of the game reached the fourth day, Zhou Beiwang announced the target of the knife, “No.

4 is out.

The game is over.”






Dou Binbin and No.

4 called out at the same time, but they were shocked by the different situations.

Dou Binbin didn’t expect that it was only the fourth day and yet, he actually won.



4 did not expect that he was actually the one who was killed because he was the last policeman, and his companion died on the second night.

Before being killed, he checked Jiang Liucheng, only to find out that he was the killer.

He was just waiting to tell everyone in the daytime to throw Jiang Liucheng to death, but he actually died before he could make amends.


When the identity was revealed, Chen Yi snorted and said, “I’ve just said he was a killer, and you still didn’t believe me.”


Dou Binbin scolded him directly, “Then why didn’t you say that in the last scene before the night came You still think you’re so smart whenever someone dies.

You will point out Jiang Liucheng, but when the others raise their doubts, you’ll just say that you just think it’s him.

You have no shame.”


Chen Yi’s face suddenly turned blue and white.


Zhou Beiwang gave Dou Binbin a well-done look and announced that the game was restarted.


This time Jiang Liucheng was a civilian, and the police checked him at night.

When voting during the day, Chen Yi voted for him directly but because it was just the first night and the amount of information was limited, everyone didn’t feel anything this time.

Anyway, the game was all based on feeling.


When it was Jiang Liucheng’s turn, he also voted for Chen Yi, but he gave reasons.


“If he is the killer, then he has a high probability of killing me on the first night, but he didn’t.

Instead, he voted for me during the day.

It seemed like a personal grudge, but it also gave everyone the illusion that he could not be the killer.

But most importantly, after he read the cards, he once gave me a smug look as if implying that I was done.”


After Jiang Liucheng finished speaking, Dou Binbin, who was next to him, voted for Chen Yi without hesitation because what Jiang Liucheng said made sense.


After Jiang Liucheng’s statement, two more people voted for Chen Yi.

Chen Yi, who was still full of confidence, was suddenly anxious.

He didn’t know how to refute that much, he said.

As a result, someone changed his vote and voted for him.


When this round was over and the identity of Chen Yi as a killer was announced, everyone looked at Jiang Liucheng.


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Although Chen Yi was a bit revealing when he defended himself later, if what Jiang Liucheng said did not make sense, everyone would not necessarily vote for Chen Yi.


Some of them think that it may be a blind cat and a dead mouse kind of game.

However, in the next two rounds, no matter what identity card Jiang Liucheng got, every time he voted, he could almost accurately say the identity of the opponent.

Whenever someone was almost thrown out, and yet if there was no problem with the identity of the opponent, he would also say something.


In four consecutive games, he could almost guess everyone’s identity in each round.

And no matter what his identity was, the game could end within five or six rounds.


It was all a coincidence.

They couldn’t convince themselves that the only explanation was that he really guessed everyone’s identities.


“Holy **, why are you so powerful and how did you find out” Dou Binbin was shocked and opened his mouth wide.

He had never seen such a person before, it was amazing.


Others also want to know, and it is definitely impossible to see everyone’s cards, so everyone is more curious.


Jiang Liucheng said, “When I was thrown out in the first round, I observed everyone’s reaction when they played the game and calculated your general character.

Like Chen Yi, you can’t hold your breath and are easily influenced by emotions.

You also act more impulsive.

It’s a good guess.

There is also No.



5 has a calm personality, but he has habitual action.

When he gets an identity card, he will turn the ring on his pinky finger, which means he is thinking about how to control the game.

Going in this direction will be much easier.

There will always be a little difference between good people and bad people.”


Everyone involuntarily looked at No.

5, who was just turning the ring on his little finger.

Upon hearing Jiang Liucheng’s words, his movements immediately froze.


Dou Binbin was stunned, “You are so powerful, you can guess it at once.

If I were your friend, I wouldn’t dare to play this kind of game with you.”


Jiang Liucheng nodded and said, “Well, no one will play this game with me since then.”


Dou Binbin just said it casually, but he didn’t expect that it would be a hit to him.


Others also felt this, and they all gathered around.


Zhou Beiwang, who was watching this scene, smiled.

He brought the young man here today and found a bright spot in him.


Zhou Beiwang took out his mobile phone.

He sent a photo to his Moments, and said that he had found a treasure.


He is not a person who often posts on Moments, so as soon as the photo was posted, someone left a message immediately, and the one who left the message was No.

5 who was Jiang Liucheng commented on earlier.


[A treasure indeed, he reminds me of your first love.

Who would have known that someone as smart as he could exist.]


Eventually, Qin Lu had also seen this Moments.


The young man in the photo was sitting around a table with a group of people.

Under the dim light in the private room, the young man’s black eyes seemed to be glowing, exuding a radiant light.


In the crowd, he always seemed to be the most dazzling one, always making Qin Lu notice him at first sight.


A little smile appeared on Qin Lu’s face, but when he saw the comment below, the smile on his face disappeared.


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