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Chapter 37- So No One Played After That


The two have different temperaments and completely different heights and shapes.

However, by just seeing Jiang Liucheng’s outfit, Zhou Beiwang couldn’t help but think of Qin Lu.


After Jiang Liucheng got in the car, Zhou Beiwang asked curiously, “Do you want to dress like this when you go out in the future”


Jiang Liucheng said, “My agent said that I am popular now, and it is not good to be recognized by others.”


Thinking of his nickname on the Internet, Zhou Beiwang started the car and said with a smile, “You are really popular right now.

Recently, even my company’s employees are saying that many people buy the food you endorse.”


Jiang Liucheng: “It’s also a little bad.”


Zhou Beiwang tilted his head and asked curiously, “What’s wrong”


Jiang Liucheng: “I’m too busy.

I originally planned to find you when I returned to Yunshi, but my agent arranged a week’s work for me.

It was already arranged in advance, so I can’t do anything about it.

I had also agreed with the merchant, so there is no way for me to refuse, nor is there a way to push it back.”


Zhou Beiwang’s heart was touched immediately, and the corners of his mouth curled up involuntarily.

No one didn’t like the feeling of being valued, “Do you value our relationship very much”


Jiang Liucheng: “Of course, if I don’t get to spend more time with you, how can I determine whether we are suitable or not If we are not suitable for each other, we will only add to each other’s troubles.”


Zhou Beiwang didn’t know what he was thinking and suddenly asked, “What if we are suitable”


Jiang Liucheng: “Of course, it should end as soon as possible.

It’ll be good for us that way and won’t hurt the family we were supposed to be making in the future.

After all, the two partners ought to spend a lifetime together.”


Zhou Beiwang saw the serious expression of the young man through the mirror and suddenly had a feeling that he was going through a major assessment and was very likely to be eliminated.

When did he lose confidence in himself This felt so surreal.


After more than half an hour, the sports car drove into the clubhouse’s parking lot.

Once they’re in front, a waiter took them inside.


This is a high-end clubhouse.

It is not as noisy as a general clubhouse since all of the sounds are isolated behind the door.


Until the waiter pushed open the door, a heat wave swept in an instant, accompanied by the sound of a lively party.


“They are here.”


As soon as they entered, they were noticed by a group of people playing games in the corner.


“That young man is Zhou Beiwang’s blind date.

He looks very good-looking.

My mother also bought snacks from the Fatty Foods Company he endorsed.

I just said something casually in case it was just a character person, and I ended up suffering.

My mother scolded me.”


“No, my aunt also believes that the people in the entertainment industry are real.”


“She doesn’t believe that the people in the entertainment industry are real but believes that Jiang Liucheng’s nickname is real.

It’s not that you don’t know.

My mother was just an ordinary person before she married my father.

Before that, she often ate snacks that belonged to that company when she was a child.”


Dou Binbin shrugged.

He was the little fanboy who was very happy after seeing Qin Lu at the racecourse last time.


Wang Jingjing, on the side, also said, “Don’t say things you shouldn’t say in front of Beiwang, lest you be like Rong Heng.”


Another person immediately said, “Don’t worry, even if we don’t like him, we won’t show it in front of Zhou Beiwang.”


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But it is not so easy to integrate into their circle.


Wang Jingjing said with emotion, “It’s a pity for Rong Heng.”


Dou Binbin rolled his eyes when he heard the words, “What a pity When he made me call my male god a showman and asked me to say if he deserved it.”


Wang Jingjing frowned, “Rong Heng is our friend, so it’s not good to have this trouble for an irrelevant person.”


Dou Binbin also said politely, “That’s your friend.

I don’t have such a friend who slandered my boyfriend.

If you think it’s a pity, then go play with him.

What are you doing here at the party”


Seeing that he didn’t give herself any face, Wang Jingjing stomped her feet in anger, “Dou Binbin, do you have to raise a bar with me like this”


Dou Binbin looked inexplicable, “I’m not your parents.

I don’t need to tolerate you.”


Wang Jingjing was instantly furious.


The two quarreled so much that they didn’t notice that Zhou Beiwang and Jiang Liucheng had come over.

When they saw them, Wang Jingjing had to shut up.


“We met again.” Dou Binbin was very happy to see Jiang Liucheng, and held his hand enthusiastically, “Is my male god filming in the crew going well recently”


Jiang Liucheng likes this kind of familiar character because Guo Qifan is also this type of person, and he also thinks that people with this kind of character are sometimes very kind, “It’s going very smoothly.”


When Dou Binbin heard this, he looked envious, “I really want to be friends with the male god on WeChat.

It’s fine if we don’t chat.

I’ll be satisfied if I can just see the moments he posted.”


Jiang Liucheng smiled, “Then you won’t be satisfied.

He rarely posts on Moments, so adding him there is useless.”


Dou Binbin said, “You don’t understand.

I was just saying it casually.

Even if he doesn’t post on the Moments, but just stays in my address book, it’s enough for me to show off for a lifetime.

Speaking of which, I have to thank you.”


Jiang Liucheng: “Huh”


Dou Binbin: “Thank you for letting my male god finally remember that he still has a Weibo after two years.

That photo of the two of you is so handsome.”


His appearance was too narcissistic, and everyone thought it was irritating.

If they didn’t stop him, he could continue to praise him, so someone suggested to continue playing the game and invited Jiang Liucheng and Zhou Beiwang to join.


They were playing a game just now.

It’s called a killing game wherein when it’s night, people have to close their eyes.


After adding Jiang Liucheng, there were precisely ten people.

Zhou Beiwang did not participate.

He presided over the game as a judge.


“Have you ever played a killing game before, or do you need me to explain it to you” Dou Binbin was sitting next to Jiang Liucheng.

Because of his relationship with Qin Lu, he wanted to stand by him at all costs.


Jiang Liucheng nodded, “I played a few times in college.

I remember the rules.”


Soon the first round began, and Zhou Beiwang dealt the cards.


Jiang Liucheng looked at his card; it was a civilian.


After the judge records the identities of everyone, the game officially begins.

The opening is black murder night.

After the night is over, the judge announces the people killed by the killer during the day.


Except for the killer and the judge, what surprised everyone was that the first person to be eliminated was Jiang Liucheng, who had just joined.


Dou Binbin called out directly, “Fuck, who is it He just came in the first round, and he’s already targeted out of the game.”


Jiang Liucheng was quite calm, “It’s just a game; it doesn’t matter.”


Zhou Beiwang said lightly, “Go ahead.”


Jiang Liucheng, who was out, became a bystander.

After the first game was over, Dou Binbin looked at Jiang Liucheng’s two killers and wanted to say something.

One of them immediately distanced himself and said, “It’s none of my business.

It was Chen Yi who took the knife first.

If he doesn’t want to change his target, I can’t do anything about it.”


Dou Binbin gave Chen Yi a blank look, “I knew it was you.”


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