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Chapter 36- First Encounter


Jiang Liucheng looked at himself in the mirror.

With that, the memory in his mind was instantly pulled back more than ten years ago.


When he was just born, his parents divorced.

The woman left him to his grandfather, saying that his father was gone, and she didn’t want the child.

If he wants to keep him, he can take it.

If he doesn’t, then he can send him to the orphanage.

Then she walked away without looking back.


His grandfather never told him these things, he didn’t want him to know that he was not wanted by his parents, but when the woman threw him to his grandfather, the neighbors heard what she said.


Once their neighbors were chatting with each other about this incident, Jiang Liucheng eventually overheard it.


Therefore, he knew from an early age that he was a child who was not wanted by his parents, and because he was dependent on his grandfather, he matured earlier than others since he was a child.


Knowing that his grandpa didn’t want to make him sad, he never mentioned it.


At least until he was seven years old.


The woman suddenly came over and told her grandfather to stop looking for her.

She and her ex-husband had already divorced, and the two had nothing to do with each other.

She was no longer the daughter-in-law of the Jiang family.


Even if they meet one day, they should not know each other because she will not recognize them again.


That year, his grandfather fainted in anger at the town’s clinic.


And the woman never showed up again.


Jiang Liucheng thought that she would never see that woman again in her life, let alone have any intersection with him.


Unexpectedly, that woman went against her own words and suppressed him after he entered the entertainment industry and signed a contract with Zhou Sheng Entertainment

 And now, she even went to him directly.


Sometimes he was also upset that his memory was too good because like now, he remembered these things all at once.


“You really deserve to be my son.

When did you guess that Mo Yi was mine”


When he accidentally fell into memory, the woman had already spoken calmly.


Her voice pulled him back to reality in an instant.

Jiang Liucheng wiped the water droplets off his face and put the phone by the pool.

He didn’t turn it off, but he didn’t turn on the speakerphone either.

He simply continued to splash water on his face.


The other party said a lot, and it was not until he found that he had himself on mute that he realized something was wrong.


Jiang Liucheng just picked up the phone, only to hear the woman laugh.

She seemed to know that he had not listened to her just now, but she was not angry.


“You’re smarter than I thought.

You’re like me.

It’s a pity.”


Jiang Liucheng could almost guess the woman’s unfinished words because the other party was just a thorough egoist.


“Why are you calling me”


After a long time, she heard the young man’s voice on the phone, without any resentment, as if he was simply puzzled.


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When she learned that Jiang Liucheng knew who she was, the woman thought about why he knew.

She even thought that Jiang Liucheng was investigating her because he cared who she was.


She has not been by his side since he was a child, and it is normal for him to miss his mother.

Especially since growing up, Jiang Liucheng never received the company of his mother, let alone experienced a mother’s love.


The young man has always longed for maternal love in his heart; even if he is unwilling to admit it, even if he may hate her for abandoning him, he cannot hide this.


Before making the call, the woman imagined the young man’s reaction after knowing her real identity.

Would he be hysterical Would he ask her where she had been sharply Or would Jiang Liucheng pretend to be calm and say that she made the wrong call After all of those circumstances, she didn’t imagine that it would be this way…


Jiang Liucheng said slowly, “After I answered the phone, you didn’t say anything else.

You’ve just mentioned that it was you, which shows that you are very confident and conceited.

You think I will recognize you for the first time as soon as I hear your voice.

This idea comes from the fact that you think that I have always longed for motherly love in my heart, that I have investigated.

Which is why I know who you are, and you feel that you can use this to control me.”


The breathing sound from the mobile phone suddenly became a little more disordered.

Although the other party’s gaffe was only a short second, it was enough to show that her confidence was pried open in that second.


“I know who you are not because I’ve hired someone to investigate you but because I’ve guessed it.

After talking with Mo Yi, he will definitely tell you.

I’ve already expected you to come to me, but I didn’t expect it to be this soon.

You are suppressing me not only because Mo Yi happened to be in the entertainment industry, but also because you are afraid that my background would be revealed after I became famous.

Eventually, it will dig you out sooner or later.


After a long while, the woman finally let out a low laugh, “I take back my foreword; you are too smart, much smarter than Mo Yi.

If you were a child of the Mo family, I would definitely train you vigorously, but unfortunately, you are not.”


Before she could finish her words, a beeping sound came from her phone.


Jiang Liucheng didn’t want to listen to her, so he hung up before the other party could even finish speaking.

He had no intention of having any contact with his mother.


Putting away his phone, he walked out of the bathroom.

And when he turned around, he saw Qin Lu.


“What’s the matter” Qin Lu was slightly startled when he saw his expression.


Jiang Liucheng thought for a while but then shook his head, “It’s nothing.

You also came  to go to the toilet”


A smile appeared on Qin Lu’s face.


Jiang Liucheng was immediately a little embarrassed.

What kind of nonsense was he asking Of course, he came for the toilet when he appeared here.

He quickly turned his body to the side, “Then I’ll go back to the banquet hall first.”


Qin Lu snorted and saw his figure leaving quickly, which made his smile deepened.

After entering the bathroom, he remembered what he had just heard outside.


He really just came here, but he just happened to hear Jiang Liucheng’s last few words and remembered what Zhou Wenbin had said before.


After Jiang Liucheng signed a contract with Zhou Sheng Entertainment, the company should’ve focused on training him under his conditions.

Instead, Zhou Sheng Entertainment hid him.


After coming out, Qin Lu called Zhou Wenbin and asked him whether he had found out who instructed Zhou Sheng Entertainment to hide Jiang Liucheng when he was investigating Jiang Liucheng.


Zhou Wenbin replied, a little surprised by the sudden topic, “I just checked it briefly at the beginning, and I didn’t investigate it in depth.

I just guessed that someone should be targeting Jiang Liucheng.

But it’s a little strange recently.”


Qin Lu: “Which point is strange”


Zhou Wenbin: “Jiang Liucheng has been on the hot search recently, so Mo’s Entertainment and Han Dynasty Entertainment have contacted him.

But Han Dynasty Entertainment has cultivated many first-line stars, and he is very confident that there is no shortage of artists there.

The company just likes him now because of Jiang Liucheng’s sudden popularity, so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

On the other hand, this Mo’s Entertainment is different.

I received an insider report.

I heard that Mo’s Entertainment was originally offering a contract with Jiang Liucheng for the C-level contract but later changed it to B-level.

Still, Jiang Liucheng rejected the offer.The most outrageous thing is that they seem to want to offer an A-level contract to him.

Although Jiang Liucheng’s Weibo fans have risen to more than 5 million, his popularity is still too short.

How will they develop it in the future It’s hard to say that Mo’s Entertainment has too much confidence in Jiang Liucheng.

I think it’s a bit strange that I think Mo’s Entertainment has an ulterior motive behind this.

It’s no secret in the entertainment industry that they do anything to achieve their goals.

They seem to value Jiang Liucheng too much.

It’s a little weird that I have a bad feeling about it.”


Qin Lu: “Help me find out who is instructing Zhou Sheng Entertainment to hide Jiang Liucheng and continue looking into Mo’s Entertainment’s situation.

The more detailed, the better.”


Zhou Wenbin responded in agreement.

Although he had doubts in his heart, he was not in a hurry.

When he finished checking what Brother Qin explained, he should know why.


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