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Qin Lu came back from the phone and apologized politely.

He has a new itinerary and may not be able to continue talking to him.


Jiang Liu Cheng “It doesn’t matter, I’m busy this afternoon too.”


Qin Lu thought that Jiang Liu Cheng only said this so that he won’t feel sorry for him.

While looking at the refreshing and handsome man in front of him, he thought how kind he is and promised: “Don’t worry.

I will try my best to help you find the right person.”


Jiang Liu Cheng was caught off guard upon hearing this but gave a happy smile as soon as he recovered.

“Thank you.”


Qin Lu was shaken by the young man’s smile.

He had never smiled at all at him, but when he did, Jiang Liu Cheng would only barely lift the corner of his lips.

He had never seen him smile like this before. 


On the other hand, him saying that he has plans in the afternoon meant he really has an appointment for this afternoon.

Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t really expect that they will take such a long time to talk and eat.

But since he can’t read Qin Lu’s mind, he won’t be able to tell him that he misunderstood his intent.


Originally, he thought that this will only be a linear conversation and an update on what will happen to his future blind date, so he made an appointment with Guo Qifan to move with him this afternoon.


As he was leaving the restaurant, Jiang Liu Cheng received a phone call from Guo Qifan, asking where he is.

Jiang Liu Cheng told him his location, and about ten minutes later, a car stopped in front of him.


 Guo Qifan jumped from the van’s side seat.

“Lao Zheng would have come with me to help you move but he has to take care of an emergency.”


Lao Zheng is also their college classmate.

Three of them were dormmates in college and has a very good relationship that even after they graduated, all of them had always been in touch with each other.


Guo Qifan and Lao Zheng live in the community.

After they graduated last year, they wanted Jiang Liu Cheng to live in the neighborhood with them.

But since they just graduated, Jiang Liu Cheng doesn’t have that much money and found Yunhua district to live at for the meantime.


Now it’s different from before, Jiang Liu Cheng has been working for a year now.

He eventually had enough money saved more or less.

And even if that’s not enough, he can now do part times jobs as well for a living.


And so once Quo Qifan and Lao Zheng mentioned living with them, Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t hesitate this time and agree. 


It is a weekend and many people do not have to go to work, so Yunhua District is livelier than normal.


The news about Wang Jiajun is still going around.

Usually, at this time, the landlord will come to get their rent, but right now, he is busy exonerating his son.

Thus, no one will disturb them, especially Jiang Liu Cheng as they pack.


Guo Qifan doesn’t know about this yet that he was so surprised to hear that Wang Jiajun had been arrested.

“That guy committed a crime”


“Some said that he offended someone.” Jiang Liu Cheng replied.


“That’s a real delight.

Retribution came just in time.

I don’t know which kind-hearted person did it, but all should be grateful.”


As if on cue, Jiang Liu Cheng’s cell phone buzzed.


He took a look and found that a message came from Qin Lu’s agent, Zhou Wenbin: “Brother Qin asked me to tell you that your landlord’s son, Wang Jiajun came to us and pretended to be you.” 


When Jiang Liu Cheng saw the news, he thought that he probably knew which kind-hearted person they all should be grateful for.


At the same time, the doubts in his heart were also solved.

Why was Wang Jiajun in such a hurry to drive him away that day He even saw that he was in a panic when he came back early.

He thought that the car that came to pick him up that day should be Qin Lu’s car.


Meanwhile, Zhou Wenbin informed Qin Lu that he had already messaged Jiang Liu Cheng regarding the matter. 

“There is one more thing I need you to do.” Qin Lu stated.


“What is it”


“Find out people who are under the age of 33 and are single.

Sort out their data and send them to me.”


The agent: “…..”


“Do you mean all marriageable candidates under the age of 33 There are no other restrictions” The agent then asked after recovering from the sudden order.


“They also need to be a man.” Qin Lu replied.




He just has to look for them.


That night, a topic related to Qin Lu quietly went on the hot search of the entertainment list.


[Ah, isn’t that my dear husband]


[I haven’t seen my husband for a long time.

It was said that he is going to be in another series.

They had even been working on it since last year, but there’s still no news about it.]


[I just want to know who is sitting opposite my husband.

He doesn’t look old.

The fact that he can eat together with my husband in private… They might be close.]



Forgive me for saying this but this person’s side profile is amazing.

If anyone can send his front view so I can happily lick my cellphone screen.]


[I also just want to add.

If his side profile is already this good, then does that mean he is a hottie in front view too Also, do you think he is also in the entertainment industry]


[I don’t think so.

If there were such a figure in the entertainment industry, it would be impossible for me not to recognize it.

He would have been very popular with such a face.]


[In the video, the young man is sitting opposite Qin Lu.

He is facing the angle of the photographer, who may be afraid to be found and dare not move, so he filmed for more than ten seconds.]


[Originally, it was sent because Qin Lu has been out of business for a long time.

I want to have a look at him and solve the pain of lovesickness.

Who knows that everyone has a golden eye to catch his presence like this.]


At that time, the photographer was so excited that he only looked at Qin Lu and did not notice the young man who entered the camera at all.


Not long after the video was posted, Zhou Wenbin was informed.

Zhou Wenbin immediately told Qin Lu about it and asked him if he wanted someone to delete it.


Qin Lu watched the video, and his attention fell on Jiang Liu Cheng instead.


Although only Jiang Liu Cheng’s side profile is exposed, he still looks like the most radiant thing in the whole frame.

The light refracted from the glass falls on his face.

And because of this, his eyes were squinted a little as his upper body was dressed in a white top, making him look like a fallen angel.


“If there’s no negative impact, then you don’t have to delete it.” Qin Lu said after reading the article.


Then he put the matter behind him for the time being.


Jiang Liu Cheng has no plans to talk about Wang Jiajun.

He is just relieved that he is not going to pester him anymore.


As he is moving, he thought that he doesn’t have a lot of things, but it turns out that he has.

Luckily, he hired a moving company. 


Other tenants are happy that Jiang Liu Cheng is moving out.

After all, he is such a handsome neighbor that the tenants with girlfriends are afraid that he might snatch those girls away from them.

On the other hand, the female tenants are disappointed that such a handsome neighbor is moving out.

Even if they can’t be in a relationship, the ladies are already satisfied with admiring him from a distance as he put them in a much better mood.


“Jiang Liu Cheng, you’ve only lived here for a year, but let’s see how many hearts have fallen for you.”


Hearing that Jiang Liu Cheng was moving out, some tenants pretended to come out to do some work, but in reality, they just want to see him off.

Guo Qifan noticed it and a smirk spread across his face.





“Are you still getting on the van” Jiang Liu Cheng asked without a good spirit.


Quo Qifan smiles goofily.

“Oi, oi! Don’t leave me now.”


When Guo Qifan was 


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