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Zhou Beiwang is very suspicious of this.

He and Qin Lu have known each other for a long time and know what kind of person he is.

As long as people don’t take the initiative to provoke him, he will ignore many things.


Just like the family inheritance issue this time, if those people hadn’t taken the initiative to plot against him and designed him to have a car accident, maybe they would have been able to earn a few more years of capital.


In fact, they are both the same kind of people who erect walls around themselves with hard shells to prevent anyone from approaching.


People like them have long been psychologically prepared, and in this life, they may not meet a person who can truly deliver their sincerity.


He is like this, but Qin Lu is even more like this.


Therefore, Zhou Beiwang had a hard time believing that Qin Lu, who is ruthless in the business world, and even more powerful in the entertainment industry, would one day play this kind of game with others.


Zhou Beiwang: [Do you really promise to introduce him to a blind date just because you wanted to repay his kindness]


Qin Lu: [What else would I want]


Zhou Beiwang: [How would I know what your purpose is Jiang Liu Cheng is indeed a very interesting person.

He is a very smart person, but he is also a person who can be seen through at a glance.

However, are you not afraid that his blind dates would be unsuccessful]


Qin Lu: [If Jiang Liu Cheng doesn’t like you, I will find another one.]


Zhou Beiwang: [You really think of yourself as a matchmaker.

If you really want to repay his kindness, why don’t you just go on a blind date with him So that you can repay his kindness and fulfill his wish, wouldn’t it be the best of both worlds]


Looking at the content of the latest message that popped up on the screen of his mobile phone, Qin Lu was slightly startled.

For some reason, he never thought about getting married, so he never thought that it could be like this.


Zhou Beiwang: [I’m joking, don’t think about it.

I quite like Jiang Liu Cheng, and I want to continue to see him.]


Zhou Beiwang:  [I won’t talk about that anymore.

Anyway, my plane is about to take off.

I will have to turn off my phone soon.]


Qin Lu: [Okay]


Zhou Beiwang:  [ Jiang Liu Cheng is still very cute.

You know that he not only invited me to dinner at a food stall tonight, but he also invited me to a movie after eating.

I have never experienced such an ordinary way of dating.

It feels quite fresh.

I thought that only men and women date like this.

I didn’t expect for both men to do this.

When I finish the project I’m working on, I’ll come back to visit your shoot again next time.]


Qin Lu didn’t reply to him again.

He could only stare at the phone and frown slowly.




A few days later, Li Qiu came.


He brought two boxes of things to the crew while searching for Jiang Liu Cheng.


This is the first time he has come to the Paradise crew and found that Jiang Liu Cheng has a good relationship with the crew and that there is an assistant beside him to help him with all the affairs in the crew.


“No wonder you don’t want to find an assistant, it turns out that there is one here for free.” When Li Qiu saw Jiang Liu Cheng, he first sighed in relief.

This is a good way to save money.


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded, “Actually, I didn’t expect the crew to assign an assistant to me.

That’s pretty good, and it really saves money.”


Li Lei thought to himself, ‘When you want to say this, can you not say it in front of me’


“If you have something to talk about, I’ll go down first.

Come find me if you have anything you need me to do.” Li Lei decided to leave first out of respect, lest he hear more heartbreaking things.


“Wait.” Li Qiu stopped him.

He opened one of the boxes he brought.

Li Lei’s puzzled eyes watched him, and when he opened it, he found that it was full of food.


Li Qiu took a bag and put a bunch of food in it, “It’s really troublesome for you to take care of our Jiang Liu Cheng these days.

I hope you will accept our small token of gratitude.”


Li Lei waved his hand quickly, “No troubles.


Jiang is very nice, and he is the best artist I have ever met.”


He has been in the crew for a few years and has served as an assistant to many artists.

Like Jiang Liu Cheng, he is so worry-free and easy to talk.

Artists who are not demons are rarer than pandas.


However, he still couldn’t hold back Li Qiu’s enthusiasm, and finally accepted the bag of food.


After sending Li Lei out, Li Qiu started talking about business.


He didn’t bring these food to the crew to visit the shoot.

Some of these things were sent to them by the food company that invited Jiang Liu Cheng, except for the bag for Li Lei, which was picked by him himself, so it was safe and secure.


Since Jiang Liu Cheng’s nickname became popular, some companies immediately sensed business opportunities.

If they could ask Jiang Liu Cheng to endorse their products, it would prove that their company’s products had no additives.


So Li Qiu came to Jiang Liucheng with snacks.


Jiang Liu Cheng originally asked him to just send it to him, but Li Qiu felt that as an agent, it was a bit unreasonable that he had not come to the crew to visit him, so he came.


“This is the medicine you asked me to buy.” Li Qiu took the medicine out of his pocket and handed it to him.

“But must it be this way I thought you said you would have an allergic reaction after eating substandard food.

I think we can also find an organization to directly test the composition of the food.”


Jiang Liu Cheng put away the medicine and said, “It’s useless.

Even if there are no problems with some foods, I may have a reaction after eating them.

I can only be sure if I try it myself.

Don’t worry, I won’t eat too much.

I will just try each one of them a little.”


When Li Qiu heard the words, he stopped persuading him and turned to another matter, “One more thing, the people from Mo’s Entertainment came to me several times.

It’s as if they really want to sign you as their artist.

They said they were very optimistic about your potential and said that everything is negotiable.”


“In the beginning, I refused, but they never gave up.

In the end, they said that the contract can also be compromised.

Generally, newcomers sign a contract and the best contract they can get is the C-level contract.

They actually agreed to give you a B-level contract.

It is comparable to the treatment of second- and third-level stars.”


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Jiang Liu Cheng: “Do you believe that there is a free lunch in the world”


Li Qiu was still a little excited when he heard this, “You suspect that there is something wrong with Mo’s Entertainment”


Jiang Liu Cheng was noncommittal, “Mo’s Entertainment has money and resources, it’s not difficult to make a star popular.

It doesn’t have to be me, but they are willing to keep making concessions.

Is there such a good thing in the entertainment industry”


Li Qiu really thinks Mo’s Entertainment is a bit strange.

They have no reason to want Jiang Liu Cheng.

“Then I don’t understand.

Is it possible that Mo’s Entertainment can still plot against you”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “Have you ever thought that the person who instructed Zhou Sheng Entertainment to hide me in the snow might be Mo’s Entertainment”


Li Qiu was stunned, “Why did you think of Mo’s Entertainment”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “Actually, I doubted it after I was hidden in the snow.

Zhou Sheng Entertainment was just a company with little competitiveness more than a year ago, but after that, it has obtained a lot of good resources.

Behind these resources, there is the shadow of Mo’s.


Li Qiu said hoarsely, “You knew before that Mo’s Entertainment was targeting you”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “I didn’t know it at first, but I was able to confirm it later on.”


Li Qiu: “Then why didn’t you tell me”


Jiang Liu Cheng did not answer.


Li Qiu knew it when he asked.

What was the use of telling him and knowing that it was Mo’s entertainment, he wouldn’t be able to do anything still.


Jiang Liu Cheng: “Mo’s Entertainment probably thought I still don’t know, so they dared to sign me directly in the name of their own company so that they can repeat the same plan for the future.”


Li Qiu worriedly said, “What you said makes sense.

If you sign there, we won’t be able to achieve anything.  They may just become the second Zhou Sheng Entertainment in the future.

So should you hang Mo’s Entertainment”


Jiang Liu Cheng “Just hang it.”


Li Qiu gritted his teeth, “Okay, leave this to me, I know how to do it.

I don’t want to harm you after you have been hidden in the snow for a year.

Mo’s Entertainment is too immoral.

What kind of hatred and harassment are they brewing Aren’t they afraid of getting punished”


After Li Qiu went back, he received another message from Mo’s Entertainment.

He no longer replied politely and started all kinds of counterattacks.


[First of all, the B-level contract is still too low.

Jiang Liu Cheng is so popular now that he has to sign an A-level contract to meet his current popularity.]


People from Mo’s Entertainment didn’t respond for a long time, probably because Li Qiu was so shameless.

He was so angry that he was afraid that he would swear at them as soon as he opened his mouth that he really didn’t completely comprehend Mrs.

Mo’s account.


After another period of time, under the urging of the boss, the employees of Fatty Foods finally completed Jiang Liu Cheng’s advertisement.


After choosing an auspicious day, the video was posted on the official Weibo account to start the promotion of the new product.


The result is not surprising, Jiang Liu Cheng is on the hot search again.


Not because of all the new stock prepared by Fatty Foods, but because of what he advertised.


[When I saw the content of the advertisement, I thought I was dazzled.

The walking humanoid safety inspection machine is really playing himself.

Is this advertisement specially tailored for him]


[Hahahaha, there are people I know who work at Fatty Foods.

It is said that their company doesn’t know about this, but only after reading the hot search.

There is no doubt that Fatty Foods Corporation won at life.]


[In my mind, Jiang Liu Cheng’s confused expression appeared when he knew the content of the advertisement.

He must be afraid that Fatty Foods had secretly investigated himself haha.]


In the Paradise crew, the crew members who worked with Jiang Liu Cheng saw that he had finished filming, and they came to interview him about his feelings at that time.


Looking at everyone’s mocking expressions, Jiang Liu Cheng calmly said, “Do you still want to know which snacks have no food additives”


“You are awesome!”


The people who were mastered by the lifeblood gave in, not because they liked snacks, but because the children in their families liked to eat and had to be counseled.


Not far away, Qin Lu just finished his scene.

He took a sip of the water handed over by Zhang Ning and saw Jiang Liu Cheng’s figure in the corner of his eye.


The young man stood at the door surrounded by a group of people with a smile on his face.


For some reason, he remembered what Zhou Beiwang had said before.


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