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Chapter 33- Why Don’t You Go On Your Own


The generosity for the Paradise crew made the people in the next-door crew envious.


“I thought Mo Yi was generous enough, but who knew that the people in the Paradise crew were more generous Did you see just now that the man who visited the shoot was driving a sports car I heard that that car is worth millions.”


“It’s so expensive.

No wonder people are so generous.

It is estimated that he is a rich second generation.

Hundreds of thousands are nothing to him.”


“Compared with him, Mo Yi doesn’t look like a rich second-generation.”


A glass suddenly fell under their feet, and the glass contents immediately splashed around.

The two were startled.

They were just about to complain, but when they turned around, they immediately realized to see Mo Yi.


The two of them didn’t dare to say a word and didn’t dare to look at Mo Yi again.

They hurried away with their heads down.


Mo Yi was furious at the moment.

In the morning, he learned that Jiang Liu Cheng’s crew was also filming nearby.

In order to show off, he deliberately invited the whole team to eat expensive afternoon tea and bought so many things.


As a result, not long after, someone from the Paradise crew came to visit the shoot, and they even called the Gan family’s food and instantly compared him.


If it weren’t for fear of being photographed, he would have torn the mouths of the two employees for being ungrateful.


Mo Yi angrily returned to his luxury RV and called Mrs.


When the call was connected, he immediately said, “Mom, didn’t Mo’s Entertainment contact Jiang Liu Cheng’s agent Do you have any news If Mo’s Entertainment signs Jiang Liu Cheng immediately, I will hide him again.”



Mo: “Son, why are you so angry Did Jiang Liu Cheng provoke you”


Mo Yi: “No, but I can’t stand him.

He is always showing off in front of me.

I can’t stand it for a moment.

I approached Qin Lu twice before.

Because of him, I didn’t make a deep impression on Qin Lu.”



Mo was very surprised, “How come, does he know anything”


Mo Yi: “He shouldn’t know, it’s just a coincidence, but if we let it go, his relationship with Qin Lu will get better first before I get close to Qin Lu.

If Qin Lu knows about his relationship with us, it’s even more impossible for me to seek benefits from Qin Lu.”


Before Jiang Liu Cheng and Qin Lu were on the hot search, Mrs.

Mo always thought it was just an accident.


But what the son said was right.

If he keeps letting it go, the two will get to know each other sooner or later, which is not good for them.


“His agent hasn’t replied yet.

I found out that Han Dynasty Entertainment also intends to sign him in.”


Mo Yi immediately felt irritable when he heard it, “What is Han Dynasty Entertainment doing to join in the fun They have cultivated so many first-line stars, and there is no shortage of Jiang Liu Cheng.”



Mo reassured him and said, “Don’t be impatient, as long as they are smart people, they will not choose Han Dynasty Entertainment.

I will let someone contact him again and find a way to sign him first.

Son, you only need to act.

Leave the rest to mom.”


Mo Yi trusted his mother very much and knew that this matter could only be done by handing it over to her.

Before hanging up the phone, he suddenly thought of something.


“By the way, Mom, does Jiang Liu Cheng know who you are”





Mo said calmly, “Don’t worry, I never told him, and the last time I contacted him was when he was young.

I haven’t contacted him for so many years.

He might have forgotten me.”


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t know that he was being missed.


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After a few scenes were filmed, there was no role for him today.


Jiang Liu Cheng invited Zhou Beiwang to eat out together.


He was originally worried that he had to film every day, and when he wasn’t filming, he had other things to do, so he couldn’t get along with him well.


As a result, Zhou Beiwang offered to come to visit the shoot and bought so much food to invite everyone to eat.

So it’s just right for Jiang Liu Cheng to invite Zhou Beiwang to eat with him alone.


Zhou Beiwang naturally wouldn’t refuse.

He came to visit Jiang Liu Cheng’s shoot, hoping to spend some time alone with him in private.


Cheng Qinghua looked at the picture of the two leaving together, and could not wait to call Jiang Liu Cheng over and add a scene or two for him.


He was in a bad mood, and it was the staff and actors of the crew who were unlucky.

They were scolded bloody when they made a mistake.


Everyone doesn’t know why, but the director’s temperament is quite good in the morning, but suddenly he turns into a fire-breathing dragon at night, and those who don’t know think that his period is coming.


Knowing that Zhou Beiwang had never been to the opening and was not familiar with the situation of the film and television city, Jiang Liu Cheng chose a food stall.


The food stalls in the film and television city are very popular with the staff and actors of the major crews, and they are often overcrowded every night.


However, because Jiang Liu Cheng finished work a few hours earlier, it was only half past six, there were only a few tables in the food stalls and there were not many customers.


Zhou Beiwang looked at the very simple food stall in front of him.

He had never been to such a place before since the places he went in and out were either high-end restaurants or hotels or high-end clubs.


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t seem to notice his hesitation, so he found an empty table and sat down.

He didn’t speak until Zhou Beiwang also sat down.


“If we want to understand each other’s lives, the best way is to bring each other to experience our own life.

Food stalls are the places where I have eaten the most since I was a child, except for the school cafeteria.

When I was in college, I occasionally went out to eat with my dormitory friends.

And later when we graduated, we often make appointments.”


Zhou Beiwang found that Jiang Liu Cheng was a very transparent person.

On the surface, he didn’t seem to care about the difference in identities between the two, but when he got to know each other, he would clearly show the difference between the two of them.

Straightforwardly, this immersive experience is even more impressive.


The last time they met, he sets the blind date at the horse farm and also wanted the other party to understand his life.


As a result, for this meeting, the other party also let him understand his life.


It doesn’t seem to be a deliberate arrangement, but it is incomparably rational under the action of randomness.

Such a person feels very contradictory, but it leads him to want to explore the other party’s desire in depth.


“You are a very real person, so real that people are envious.” Zhou Beiwang stood up straight as he looked out of place in this kind of food stall in a suit.


Although Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t know why, he said that, “You can do it too.”


Zhou Beiwang smiled, “There are too many involuntary and unknown things in the adult world, not everyone can do it.”


He can’t do it in his life.

When one foot sinks into the mud, the other foot will only sink faster, not the first one.


After eating at the food stalls, Jiang Liu Cheng offered to go to the movies together.


There is a movie theater in Studio City, which is not very big, but all of the blockbuster movies should be present there as well.


Zhou Beiwang had no complaints, so they watched another 110-minute movie.


When they finished and came out of the movie theater, it was already eleven o’clock in the evening.


The moon in the sky hides shyly behind the dark clouds.


Zhou Beiwang sent Jiang Liu Cheng back to the hotel.

He didn’t plan to go around the city to stay overnight, so he rushed to the airport and flew back overnight.


When boarding the plane, his cell phone rang twice.


One was sent by Jiang Liu Cheng, concerned about whether he had arrived at the airport, and the other was from Qin Lu.


Zhou Beiwang thought that Qin Lu wanted to ask about his and Jiang Liucheng’s progress.

Still, when he opened it, he found that the other party had transferred him some money.


Zhou Beiwang: [Why are you suddenly transferring me money] 


Qin Lu: [Take it first.].


Zhou Beiwang accepted the money.

It wasn’t a lot, so he didn’t care.


Zhou Beiwang: [And then what]


Qin Lu: [Jiang Liu Cheng asked me to give you the money.

He said that you would not accept the money for the tea he asked you to buy.

so he asked me to transfer it to you first, and then he would transfer it to me.]


Upon seeing his words, Zhou Beiwang didn’t know whether to laugh or be angry.


Zhou Beiwang: [Haven’t you gone a little too far as the matchmaker Why do I think that your relationship with him is better than mine when I am his blind date]


Qin Lu: [You are thinking too much.

How long have you known him I’ve known him longer than you, so it’s normal that my relationship with him is far better right now.]


Zhou Beiwang: [He asked me to buy tea for you.]


Qin Lu: [I helped him before.

He knew that I often stayed up late, so he bought me these teas in order to repay me.]


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