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Cheng Qinghua: “Ah, then what do you mean You’re arguing with me about the unreasonable thing about filming a kissing scene, or you just don’t want to film a kissing scene.”


Jiang Liu Cheng sighed, “I’m arguing with you because I don’t think it’s reasonable to do a kissing scene here.

If it’s not a logical understanding, they didn’t have communication for the purpose of marriage then kissing for later is not a normal process.”


Cheng Qinghua: “…..”


Qin Lu couldn’t hold back his laughter again.


Cheng Qinghua couldn’t bear it any longer and waved his hand, “Okay, I’ll change it, you can go.”


Jiang Liu Cheng was chased away by Cheng Qinghua for the first time, but he didn’t care.

He had achieved the result he wanted anyway.


After he left, Cheng Qinghua raised his loudspeaker in his hand and stared at Qin Lu who was still smiling, “I just found out now that you found me an ancestor.”


Qin Lu disagreed, “He probably doesn’t want to be your ancestor either.”


Before the filming started, Cheng Qinghua hesitated but eventually still asked, “The new blind date you introduced to Jiang Liu Cheng, how are they talking now”


Qin Lu: “I don’t know.”


Cheng Qinghua didn’t believe it, “How could you not know, aren’t you his matchmaker You said it before, you should always follow up and get to know it at all times, just in case he doesn’t think it’s appropriate and is embarrassed to tell you.”


Qin Lu thought of Jiang Liu Cheng’s character, “He is unlikely to be embarrassed, you can refer to it yourself.”


Cheng Qinghua remembered Jiang Liu Cheng’s rejection of him without hesitation and suddenly felt very hurt.


Qin Lu: “But you’re right.

I really should pay attention to their progress.

If he doesn’t like him, I’ll have to find another backup.”


Cheng Qinghua: “You want to talk about the spare tire, and what if the one you’re looking for doesn’t like him”


Qin Lu frowned, “It’s impossible for him not to like Jiang Liu Cheng, even if he is like you, he would still like him later as time progresses.”


Cheng Qinghua: “…..”


It’s the part he doesn’t want to admit.


The rest time ended soon.

A crew member found Jiang Liu Cheng and asked him to prepare, since the shooting was about to start.


This time the scene is not in the hospital.


After his condition stabilized, Xie Fei went back to school.


As soon as he appeared at the door of the classroom, the noisy classroom instantly became quiet.


A classmate suddenly stretched out a foot when he was about to walk across the aisle.


Xie Fei stared at this foot and did not move for a long time.


“Cut.” Seeing that he was staring for a long time, Cheng Qinghua called to stop rolling the cameras, “You should step over in silence now.

Why didn’t you move”


Jiang Liu Cheng said with a bit of emotion, “When I encountered this kind of thing at school, I stepped on it directly, and I was a little uncomfortable just now.”


The onlookers made a thud.


Cheng Qinghua couldn’t help laughing after hearing it, but in order to maintain the director’s majesty, he finally held back, “Now that you’re used to it, do it all over again.”


It was smoother after doing it all over again, and soon they moved on to the next scene, which was the kissing scene that Jiang Liu Cheng was fighting for.


Xie Fei was in a depressed mood, but at this time there were still people who came to trouble him without knowing what to do.

After the quarrel, he went to the roof alone and stared at the sky in a daze.


After a female classmate who had a crush on him came to him, making a sincere confession.


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The female classmates are also scheming.

She knows that Xie Fei is in a bad mood right now, and this is the best time to take advantage of it.


Without the kiss part, this scene went very smoothly.


When the sky started to rain lightly, the two heads were leaning against each other, and a few seconds later, the director shouted a click.


The actress in the opposite scene stood up with a pity expression on her face.

She was quite happy until she had a kiss scene with Jiang Liu Cheng, who knew it would be canceled soon.


In the afternoon, the crew changed the filming location again.

It happened that there was another crew filming next door.

It was the crew of the big director where Mo Yi was.


Just as they were concentrating on their work, there was a loud noise from the crew next door.


Everyone looked at the sound and found a car coming.

Several people moved a bunch of things from the car, and they could hear all kinds of shouts, which could be heard from a distance.


It seems that the prince from Mo’s Entertainment invited the whole crew to eat, and bought a lot of food.

There were all kinds of snacks prepared for them, including a bowl of porridge.


The scent drifted over, and everyone in the crew felt that they couldn’t concentrate on their work.

The director’s majestic face appeared in their minds, and no one dared to be distracted.


They don’t know how long it took, but when the crew next door was about to stop, another truck appeared.


They thought it was the crew next door, but the vehicle stopped in front of them, and a few people in uniform got off the car.


Then one of them directed the others to remove the contents of the car.


One table after another was placed on the level ground, and then one after another incubators were placed, they were filled with box after box of food.


Everyone gathered around, looking at the food on the table and gulping.


Which angelic treat is this Just a few hours ago they were envious of the crew next door.


It seems that the only one with such courage is Qin Lu.

Maybe he heard their voices… But even so, wouldn’t the food be delivered rather too fast


The food this time was different from before.

When they saw the label on the insulation box, they recognized it.

It was a big name.


“Qin Lu is too generous.

I’ve always wanted to eat at this restaurant, but unfortunately, I can’t afford it.

It’s actually a dream come true for the crew members.

This meal is not worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.”


Just when everyone thought it was Qin Lu’s treat, a sports car drove up and parked beside the cart.


A handsome man exuding a strong hormonal aura got out of the driver’s seat.

He swept around and walked in Qin Lu and Jiang Liu Cheng’s direction.


“I heard that I had to bring something to visit the shoot, so I called a truckload of food for all of you to eat.

You’ve been filming for a long time, and it should be very hard.”


It was only then that everyone in the crew knew that the truck was actually called by this man.

It seemed that they were acquaintances of Emperor Qin Lu and Jiang Liu Cheng.


Cheng Qinghua, who was on the side, saw the man at first glance, and intuitively told him that this person was probably the blind date Qin Lu introduced to Jiang Liu Cheng.


Qin Lu asked, “Why are you here”


Zhou Beiwang: “I came to visit the shoot, I just didn’t tell you.”


Qin Lu raised his eyebrows, meaning he had told Jiang Liu Cheng


As if he knew what he was thinking, Jiang Liucheng said, “He told me before that he was coming, but I didn’t know he would deliver a lot of things.”


Zhou Beiwang suddenly remembered something.

He returned to his car and took a bag, “This is something you asked me to buy.”


When he said he was coming to visit the shoot, Jiang Liucheng asked him to buy these things.


Qin Lu looked at the bag.

The bag was blue and the contents were neatly packaged, so he couldn’t tell what it was.


“What did you ask him to buy”


Jiang Liu Cheng replied, “It’s some tea that nourishes and protects the liver.”


Zhou Beiwang said with a smile, “Your crew doesn’t often have to film late, so you can really drink a little more when you have nothing to do.”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded and handed the tea bag to Qin Lu, “This is for you.

I used to make it myself.

I can take a little of each one when brewing.

My grandfather used to drink it often.”


Qin Lu looked surprised, “You bought this for me”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “Yes, I see you filming so late every day, and you still have to work when you go back.

I happened to know the formula, so I asked Mr.

Zhou to buy some for me when he came over.”


Zhou Beiwang: “…..”


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