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Chapter 31- Walking Humanoid Food Safety Inspection Machine


Netizens thought it was a statement such as a handwritten apology statement or a lawyer’s statement.

Many celebrities often do this whenever they get tangled in an issue, but the content of the picture does not match what they expected.


This is a food inspection sheet.


The food tested was XX’s Fried Chicken.

Because of Jiang Liu Cheng’s video of throwing away their fried chicken, XX’s Fried Chicken was also on the hot search.

Not only did the popularity skyrocket, but their sales from yesterday to today were also much higher than usual.


Jiang Liu Cheng was the only one who received a loss today, but everyone else involved has benefited, even the Paradise crew has gained a wave of exposure.


Netizens were stunned to find that this food test sheet detected excessive levels of hormones in the food company’s fried chicken.


And in order to be more convincing, the fried chicken restaurant he chose was the one that Cai Ze bought.


Is Jiang Liu Cheng trying to say that he threw away the fried chicken because the hormone content of the fried chicken exceeded the standard


Many netizens asked in the comment area, but Jiang Liucheng did not reply to anyone of them.


After a while, some other voices appeared in the comment area.


According to the hormone content on the test sheet, if it is true, then it cannot be given to animals.

If animals eat food with a lot of hormones, it will be harmful to the body.


[9 out of 10, this test list is true.

I suspected it before.

My family also has a dog and is now acting a bit abnormally.

At that time, I didn’t think of XX’s Fried Chicken.

Now this test sheet has helped me to confirm my guess at that time.]


[If it is true, then even a child may have problems after eating it.]


More and more people are talking about the problem of XX’s fried chicken.

As its popularity gets higher and higher, the topic eventually spreads.

For example, the hormone content of XX’s fried chicken exceeds the standard.


As more and more people said it, the topic quickly became a hot search.


Although some people question the authenticity of this food test list, they’re only a few handfuls of individuals.

It is because more and more people are testifying their own experiences with XX’s fried chicken that is related to this.


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If it continues like this, XX’s Friend Chicken’s reputation will be seriously affected.


So this food company couldn’t sit still, and they immediately posted a statement on Weibo.


It is out of nothing to say that the hormone content of their fried chicken exceeds the standard.

They added that their food quality is guaranteed and that they have also issued a food safety certificate and so on and so forth.


The food company also reprimanded Jiang Liu Cheng for forging the test sheet and asked him to delete his Weibo post immediately and apologize publicly.

Otherwise, they would definitely hold him accountable.


Jiang Liu Cheng, who has never responded to netizens, posted another Weibo post after XX’s Fried Chicken’s solemn statement.


Jiang Liu Cheng: [My body is a bit special.

I will be allergic to foods with too many additives and excessive hormones.

Now I call you, do you dare to promise that your chicken really upholds the standard]


Not long after this Weibo was posted, Zhou Wenbin retweeted it and said that he could testify because he helped to buy for Jiang Liu Cheng’s medicine.

He is Qin Lu’s manager so his words had a certain weight.

Because of this, fans didn’t doubt Jiang Liu Cheng’s statement.


Before a certain fried chicken company could even respond, the comment area exploded with interaction.


[Holy crap, is this the legendary walking humanoid food safety inspection machine]


[I would love to have one.]


[It must be true since he dared expose the XX’s Fried Chicken.

I believe in Jiang Liu Cheng.

By the way, can you give me a list of the safer foods you have eaten]



What list He is already the food ambassador of the Fatty Foods Corporation.] 


Soon, after XX’s Fried Chicken became a hot search topic, Fatty Foods also became the second hot search company.


The difference is that one is negative and the other is positive.


XX’s Fried Chicken doesn’t know which actions they must regret.

The attention at the beginning was real and profitable, but it is just a complete nightmare now.


That night, a hurried phone call was made to the owner of Fatty Foods.


The boss was about to lie down in his bed after washing but had to come down to answer the phone.


“Boss, it is not good.

All the stocks on our official website have been sold out.”


“I thought it was a big deal, but what did you say about the inventory” The boss’s voice suddenly rose in disbelief, “What happened”


“We asked the star who came to shoot the advertisement to help us on the hot search.

Because of him, many netizens went to our official website to buy snacks, and the hot-selling food stocks were all sold out”


When he heard about the ‘star advertisement’ the boss is a little confused, their ads have not been put out yet.

Why are their products getting sold out first 


It wasn’t until he opened the Weibo link sent by his subordinates.

From there, he was enlightened.


After viewing it, there is only one thought left playing in his mind.

This project has been worth it.

They actually dug up a treasure


In the laughter of netizens playing stalks, XX’s Fried Chicken never responded.


They thought they were tough and the little star might be scared.


Who knew that the other party actually relied on the bad publicity and then reversed the tables on them.


Of course, they did not dare to respond to Jiang Liu Cheng’s posting.

Whether the hormones in fried chicken exceeded the standard, the top management knew best not to argue.


They dare not confront Jiang Liu Cheng in court unless they destroy all the fried chicken in all their stores.

But then, they would still have the supply.

With this his way, the fried chicken restaurant will still suffer heavy losses either way.


And netizens are not easy to fool.

Before the hot search, some netizens went to a certain fried chicken shop in their city and bought some fried chicken, fearing that they would destroy the evidence immediately.


After this incident, even if XX’s Fried Chicken does not go out of business, the business will be greatly affected. 


After that, netizens aimed their guns at Cai Ze.


Now no one would say that there are unspoken rules for the Paradise crew, and more people are saying that Director Cheng Qinghua did a good job.


When the netizens’ minds were enlightened, the guidance of the marketing account will no longer work.


After the video was released, whoever benefited will be the mastermind behind the scenes.


When it comes to the fact that he was replaced in the Paradise crew, netizens doesn’t need to analyze to know that Cai Ze was the one who arranged and published the video online.


All of a sudden, Cai Ze was yelling at everyone.

The number of his followers which had skyrocketed by 100,000 on Weibo began to decrease again.


It was like a dream that gave him happiness for a while and then took it back.


This is just the beginning.


The next day, Jiang Liu Cheng took the morning plane back to the crew.


As soon as he appeared, he was admired by the entire crew.

The group of people who were familiar with him immediately surrounded him.


“Walking humanoid food safety inspection machine, can I give you a bite to eat in the future” Zhang Tao said enthusiastically.


“No wonder he kept that fried chicken in his hand and didn’t eat it last time.

I thought you were just afraid of getting fat.”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “…..”


He knew it would be like this.

When he first exposed this special physique of his in front of his roommates, they reacted the same way.


But everyone is just joking.

It is impossible to really make him eat tons of food to try and test if the food upholds the standard.

After all, this is really a problem, and by doing this, it is only Jiang Liu Cheng who will suffer.


Jiang Liu Cheng said, “If you really want to eat safe snacks, I can tell you a few brands, all of which I have eaten before.”


“That’s what I need! Thank goodness! Thank you so much in advance!”


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