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Guo Qifan saw that his expression didn’t seem to be lying.

Jiang Liu Cheng’s heart was indeed very strong.

While thinking of this, he asked again: “Have you figured out a way to solve this out”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded: “It has been arranged.”


When he separated from Li Qiu, he called Li Lei, who was in the crew and asked him to do one thing for him.


 At the same time, the crew also discovered the video on the hot search.


Things didn’t develop as Cai Ze imagined.

As soon as he walked into the crew, he found that everyone looked at him strangely.

In fact, some even avoided him directly as if they didn’t want to have any contact with him.


Cai Ze didn’t stay in the crew all the time.

He doesn’t know that Jiang Liu Cheng is very popular with the crew.

And this kind of video is deliberately shot by someone, so no one needs to guess who is responsible for this.     


Besides Cai Ze, the most profitable person after the hot search video is Mo Yi.

Apart from the latter, almost no one wants to be a fool for such a bright move.


Cai Ze dared to do so and had considered the consequences.

Some people must have guessed that he did it, but at this point, he did not care.


Because of the video, his Weibo followers have risen by 200000 in just two hours, which is different from the zombie fans the company bought for him.


After tasting the sweetness, he naturally doesn’t care about other people’s eyes.


In the director’s lounge, Cheng Qinghua and Qin Lu are discussing the next scene.


Qin Lu is the male lead, and because of that, he has a lot of scenes to take every day.

That is why he only asked for one day off and flew back to the show in the middle of the night last night.


He has been filming with the crew all day.


Because the next play is more important, neither Cheng Qinghua nor Qin Lu has time to check their mobile cellphones.


At this time, a knock on their door was given to life.


“Come in.”


When Liu Yangxi pushed open the door and walked in, he felt it was still necessary to tell the director about what was currently happening.


“Director, Jiang Liu Cheng, went on a hot search  with the crew.”


Cheng Qinghua frowned, “Why did he get to the hot search”


Qin Lu also stopped flipping through the script to look at Liu Yangxi.


Liu Yangxi said: “When Cai Ze invited everyone to eat fried chicken before, someone took a video of Cai Ze and Jiang Liu Cheng talking and then posted it on the Internet.

Now it is everywhere.”


After speaking, he immediately showed the video, clicked it, and placed it on the table in front of them.


The video is not long.

It was just over half a minute.


Cheng Qinghua’s face turned gloomy immediately, and he could see at a glance that someone was framing Jiang Liu Cheng.

He hated people playing this kind of trick, especially someone in his crew.”Call Cai Ze for me.”


Liu Yangxi was really angry when he showed the director the video.

He also hated a sinister villain like Cai Ze, and immediately went out to call him.


In the lounge, Cheng Qinghua glanced at Qin Lu’s indifferent expression and was a little puzzled.


“Why don’t you react at all Aren’t you very protective of him”


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Qin Lu crossed his legs, “It’s useless to be angry at this time.

I prefer to directly solve the root cause.”


Cheng Qinghua: “So, should I not call Cai Ze over”


Qin Lu shook his head, “We can confront the person who posted the video at any time.

The problem now is to reverse Jiang Liu Cheng’s image from the netizens that would see the video.

This is the most important thing.”


Cheng Qinghua frowned and said, “You’re right.

Based on what I’ve heard, he asked for a leave to shoot a food advertisement.

Now that the negative news about his food waste is so big, the endorsement of the advertisement may be rejected, and the food company may ask him to compensate for the loss.

It’s easy to get a food advertisement, but because of this, he might face a claim even before the advertisement comes out.

His luck is too bad, he may be psychologically shadowed.”


Qin Lu thought of the young man’s always calm expression and smiled.

He didn’t think that that was the case.

He didn’t feel that Jiang Liu Cheng would be mopping around.

In fact, Qin Lu thinks that it is safe to assume that Jiang Liu Cheng has already started fighting the rumors back.


Cheng Qinghua: “How can you still laugh”


Qin Lu said, “Do you know why he rejected you”


Cheng Qinghua: “Are you looking for a fight”


Knowing that Cheng Qinghua was still heartbroken about this situation, and yet he brought it up again.


Qin Lu: “It is because you don’t know him well enough.

He won’t be knocked down because of such a trivial matter and will fight back soon.”


Cheng Qinghua was even more unhappy as if Qin Lu was implying that he knew Jiang Liu Cheng better than he did.


The two were talking when Liu Yangxi brought Cai Ze.


Hearing that the director was looking for him suddenly, Cai Ze walked in a little nervously.

He had tried his best to keep the marketing accounts in control and not involve the crew, just for fear of causing the director’s dissatisfaction.

Unexpectedly, the director suddenly asked Liu Yangxi to come to him.


“Director Cheng, Senior Qin.” Cai Ze showed a pleasing smile to the two of them as soon as they came in, “I don’t know why you are looking for me”


Cheng Qinghua pointed at the video on the phone unceremoniously: “It is about this video.

Did you let someone post it”


Cai Ze pretended to be surprised and denied it for the first time: “It’s not me.

I didn’t let people post a video, and I have never made such a video.

Maybe someone wants to use my name to deal with Jiang Liu Cheng..”


Cheng Qinghua said with a cold face: “Don’t take me for a fool.

Do you really think I can’t see your little tricks If you don’t  want to make a good film, get out of the crew for me!”


Upon hearing this, Cai Ze’s expression changed.

To think that his scenes were almost over.


“You can’t do this.

You don’t have any proof that I did it, so you can’t just drive me away.

I won’t accept it!”


Cheng Qinghua was even more impatient, “In my crew…”


“It won’t be easy for you if he wants proof.

It’s such a big deal that you’d have to check for the marketing accounts one by one.

Don’t worry, though.

I can check it out and find out for myself.”


Qin Lu interrupted his words before he could finish speaking.


Although Cheng Qinghua made a popular movie, he was still only a rookie director after all, and his roots in the entertainment industry were not that deep.

Meanwhile, Cai Ze had a company as his backer, so he was not very worried.


But Qin Lu is different.

He has been deeply involved in the entertainment industry for ten years and knows prominent directors and superstars- almost all over the entertainment industry.

His words have a much more significant influence than Cheng Qinghua’s.


Upon hearing that Qin Lu meant to support Jiang Liu Cheng, Cai Ze’s face turned pale.


Before posting this video on the Internet, his assistant persuaded him to remove the part of the conversation between him and Jiang Liu Cheng, but he felt that it would be more beneficial for him to add this content.

Now it seems that although there are benefits obtained, he also shot himself in the foot.

He finally regretted his action a little.


“Our company has also invested in this movie.” Cai Ze tried to struggle to keep his position.


Qin Lu turned his head to Cheng Qinghua and said, “How much money did their company invest Refund it to them, and I will make up for it.”


Cheng Qinghua would like to have one less investor to tell him what to do.

“I will find someone to talk to his company.”


Cai Ze immediately realized it was over.


Not only did he screw up his role, but he screwed up the project the company had invested in.


Anyone must know that films with Qin Lu’s participation will automatically be at the box office in the end.

It can be said that if there are his films, there will be a box office guarantee.


So many companies scramble to invest in Cheng Qinghua’s new films, but not all companies have this opportunity.


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