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Chapter 29- Personal Experience


The sun was about to go down when they left the racecourse.

The white clouds on the horizon turned into fiery red clouds.

With that, the scenery turned more spectacular than ever.


Zhou Beiwang wanted to invite Qin Lu and Jiang Liu Cheng to dinner.

He had already made a reservation for the restaurant.


Qin Lu didn’t go.

He still had things to do at night.

After leaving the racecourse, they separated.


The meal went well, but someone recognized Zhou Beiwang and came over to say hello during their dinner.

It could be seen that Zhou Beiwang’s popularity was not that bad.


After dinner, Zhou Beiwang took him home.


The car drove to the gate of Siming Community, and Jiang Liu Cheng got out of the car and said goodbye to him.


Jiang Liu Cheng went upstairs, opened the door, and came face to face with a curious Guo Qifan.

They almost hit each other in the face.


“Who is the person who brought you back downstairs just now It doesn’t seem to be the actor Qin’s car.” Guo Qifan was more than curious.

He had just smoked on the balcony and accidentally saw his friend get out of a sports car.


Jiang Liu Cheng pushed his face away.

He placed his key on the cabinet by the door and said while slipping his slippers: “It smells of smoke here.

It’s not him, it’s my second blind date.”


Guo Qifan took a few steps back before speaking in awe with a loud voice, “He’s really a rich second generation.

That sports car can’t be bought for more than five million yuan.

I found that since you have a blind date with a man, each person is richer than the other.

It turns out that the benefits of a blind date with a man are so great.

No wonder girls want to marry rich people, and men want to marry rich women.

As for you, you have invented a new way.

I envy you, for it is much easier than marrying rich women.”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “…You can too.”


Guo Qifan: “That’s already out of the question.

Do you want my mother to beat me to death She has been expecting me to quickly marry, have a wife, and give them a grandson to play with.

If they would learn that I have found a man as my partner, they will definitely give me a mixed doubles package.”


Jiang Liu Cheng smiled, “Are auntie and uncle doing well recently”


Guo Qifan: “Yesterday, my mother sent me a voice message.

Her voice from there was full of anger as she scolded me.

I have never seen an old gentleman and an old lady who are more energetic than them.”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded and said: “It’s good that they are healthy.”


Guo Qifan didn’t want to continue this topic.

He was the only one of his friends who knew more about his family situation because the two of them were in neighboring villages.

When Grandpa Jiang dies of illness, and when he is about to be buried, they help with it.


Because of Grandpa Jiang’s condition, Jiang Liu Cheng also pays more attention to his health.

From time to time, he will ask about Guo Qifan’s parents’ health like he does now.

He cares more about his parents than he does.

People who don’t know might even think that Jiang Liu Cheng is the biological son of his parents.


Guo Qifan followed him to the door of his room.

He stood beside him and asked, “How is your blind date today Is this rich second generation okay”


Jiang Liu Cheng took a set of clothes from his cabinet, “He is quite confident.

There may be some small problems.”


Guo Qifan: “What small problems”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “The friends I make are all personal… as for him…”


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Guo Qifan leaned on the door frame: “If you are a rich second-generation, or a handsome guy, there’s still a chance that you are a playboy.

With the chances given to you,do you still want to talk to such a person”


Jiang Liu Cheng turned to face him: “We are still at the stage wherein we are getting to know each other.

You can’t deny people just because of some unfounded guesses.”


Guo Qifan shrugged: “That’s true.

Anyway, with your progress, you must first determine whether the other party is suitable for dating.

Before making a decision, you have a lot of processes.

Grandpa Jiang really had the foresight and gave you such a name.”


Jiang Liu Cheng smiled and said: “What’s wrong with this name I think it’s pretty good.

If I fell in love and don’t take the effort to undergo the process of talking and alike, I’ll be the same as my irresponsible parents.”


Guo Qifan used to try to avoid mentioning his parents, but when he heard him take the initiative to mention it, he simply ignored it, “So people like you are not perfect for the love at first sight kind of thing.”


Jiang Liu Cheng hummed, “You’re right.” 


The following day, Qin Lu came to pick him up early to drive him up to shoot an advertisement at Fatty Foods.


Zhou Beiwang heard that he was going to shoot an advertisement today, and originally offered to send him there, but Jiang Liu Cheng refused.


Li Qiu drove to pick him up.

And after Jiang Liu Cheng got in the car, he drove directly to the Fatty Foods Company.


In order to save costs, the Fatty Foods Company directly invited photographers to their company to shoot advertisements and prepare for a week.


When their car reached the company, a female employee was waiting for them at the door.

The company seemed to attach great importance to this advertising shoot.


“Is it Mr.

Jiang and Mr.

Li” The female employee secretly glanced at Jiang Liu Cheng.

Her ears were a little red, she seemed a little embarrassed, but she still secretly glanced again.


Li Qiu said yes.


“Hello, I’m an employee of Fatty Foods.

My name is Ye Fang.

Please come with me.”


Ye Fang took them upstairs.

In order to liven up the atmosphere, she also introduced them to the situation of Fatty Foods.


Although Fatty Foods is reluctant to spend too much money on promotion, the benefits of employees are good, so there are many old employees who have been working for more than ten or twenty years.


When mentioning this information about the company, Ye Fang’s tone seems to be proud, even though their company is not in a good state now.


Ye Fang is not an ordinary employee.

She is actually the planner of the advertisement and the writer for the advertisement’s content.


When she held conversations with other people, she became serious and arranged her work in an orderly manner.


When Jiang Liu Cheng finished his makeup, everything was ready for the shooting.


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