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The rain lasted a bit long today.

After Cheng Qinghua realized that it would not stop in a short period of time, he simply moved some scenes of the rainy day ahead of schedule.

It eventually took a few hours to finish filming the scenes. 


Qin Lu, who was forced to work overtime, also cooperated very well, trying to be as nonchalant as possible in every scene.


When it was almost ten o’clock, Zhou Wenbin and Zhang Ning came over with bags of supper.


He walked to Jiang Liu Cheng, who had soaked in the rain again, and handed him a bag.


“This is the supper that Brother Qin bought for everyone.

After filming for several hours, let’s have some porridge and take a rest.”


Different from the drinks and fried chicken that Cai Ze brought to eat, Qin Lu invited everyone to drink porridge and pastries.

Although the porridge was a bit hot, they took it even on a summer night.

It was easy to sweat when sipping hot porridge, but it was very delicious.


Jiang Liu Cheng thought while eating; no wonder Zhang Tao and the others were obsessed with Qin Lu’s treat.

It was really delicious, and the pastries were also delicious, sweet but not greasy.


“I’m right; Emperor Qin will invite the crew to eat.” Zhang Tao saw that Jiang Liu Cheng was happily eating, unlike the last time where in he only had it in his hand and didn’t eat much, so he came over and proudly said.


“Well, it’s delicious, and it won’t cause diarrhea.”


“Of course, this is Yunzhai’s porridge, and it’s costly.” Zhang Tao didn’t know whether he was measuring diarrhea or not, “The last time, when he shot Director Qinghua’s film, Emperor Qin treated us only after we finished shooting.

I didn’t expect that he would treat us this early.”


Due to the addition of several scenes, the filming of group A did not end until one o’clock in the middle of the night.


This is a relatively smooth situation; most of it is Qin Lu’s play.


Cheng Qinghua decided to let Group A take a half-day off and allow them to begin work tomorrow afternoon as he arranged the scenes they would be taking later.


Jiang Liu Cheng stuffed his clothes into his backpack and prepared to return to the hotel.



Jiang.” Zhang Ning suddenly came over, “Brother Qin said that this place is a little far from the hotel, so he will let you go back in his RV.”


Since the crew has changed to a new shooting location, the hotel is seven or eight kilometers away, and it will take an hour to run back.


Knowing that he didn’t have a car or an assistant, Qin Lu asked Zhang Ning to come over and call him.


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t refuse.

When he got into the car, he saw Qin Lu sitting inside with his back against the seat, eyes closed, and his expression seeming a little tired.

He didn’t make a sound and sat quietly beside him.


A minute later, Qin Lu opened his eyes.

Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t wake him.

A phone ringing did.


“Brother Qin, your phone.” Zhou Wenbin handed him the phone without looking at the caller ID.


This is Qin Lu’s personal mobile phone.

Since he took over the family business, this personal mobile phone has frequently been ringing.

Sometimes, suppose you glance at it casually.

In that case, you will find names of particular political or business tycoons in its caller IDs and message notification so that for some time Zhou Wenbin formed a conditioned reflex.


Whenever the phone rang, he would take it out quickly for fear that if he took it to Qin Lu a second too late, it would delay a significant event.


“What did you mean by the message you sent me this afternoon”


“I’ll send you an electronic document later, and then you can fill it out.”


Even before the other side could say anything, Qin Lu hung up the phone and looked at Jiang Liu Cheng next to him, “Is there any electronic file for the questionnaire you wrote in the notebook earlier”


Jiang Liu Cheng was stunned and asked, “What do you want to do”


Qin Lu: “I’ve found a new candidate for you.

This time, he is not from the entertainment industry.

In order to avoid a situation like this time, I think you should let the other party fill out your questionnaire first.

If he meets your requirements, I will introduce him to you.

This way is more efficient.”


Jiang Liu Cheng agreed with this, “You’re right.

I don’t have an electronic copy of the questionnaire yet.

I’ll send them to you after I’ve sorted them out.”


Qin Lu nodded.


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t wait until he returned to the hotel to sort it out.

He typed out all the questions on his mobile phone, and when the car was approaching the hotel, he had just finished it.


“Okay, I’ve sent the questions to you on WeChat.”


It’s not that Qin Lu didn’t see what he was doing.

At first, he thought he was just typing out what he had an impression of.

He didn’t expect that after ten minutes, he said that he had sorted it out, “You still remember all the questions”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “Probably remembered them.”


Qin Lu didn’t think that this was something he could probably remember and write.

His image of him as a scholar completely changed in Qin Lu’s eyes.

He sent the electronic document to the person just now.


Zhou Beiwang: [What do you mean by the document you sent I thought it was a multi-billion business project, so you would send me a copy in advance and let me know.

But when I opened it, it was all about my preferences.

Although we used to be Alumni, it’s been many years since graduation, so why did you suddenly want to update your classmates’ list]


Qin Lu: [It is not like that.

Take the time to fill it in, and I will tell you when the result is out.]


Zhou Beiwang: [You are making me feel weird.]


Qin Lu:  [I promised a little friend to find a partner for him.]


Zhou Beiwang: [Have you asked my opinion]


Qin Lu: [If he doesn’t like you, your opinion doesn’t matter.]


Zhou Beiwang: [Wait and see.]


The next morning, a stranger knocked on Jiang Liu Cheng’s door.

It was a young man who claimed to be Li Lei.

He was a temporary assistant Director Cheng Qinghua arranged for him and was in charge of all his affairs in the crew.


After Li Lei finished speaking, he handed him a thermos cup with warm water in it, “I boiled this early in the morning.

I made sure that the temperature was just right.


Jiang, you can drink a little when you are thirsty.

And since you have a play in the afternoon, it is best to go before crew makeup.”


Li Lei said a lot and also explained some precautions for the crew.


Many people didn’t say it, and Jiang Liu Cheng might not have noticed it.

But he had obviously done his homework before coming here and even knew about the drama as if he had been here since day one.


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“Does Mr.

Jiang usually has any food he doesn’t eat or can’t eat”


Li Lei took his mobile phone while talking and remembering.


Jiang Liu Cheng said, “I don’t eat snacks very often.

And I rarely eat food and drinks outside.

I will have adverse reactions to food that is not up to the standard.

That’s all.

Overall, I am no picky eater.”


Li Lei was a little surprised, “Okay, I will make sure to pay attention to the food I’d bring you in the future.”


Jiang Liu Cheng found that the other party was very serious and, for the first time, felt that it seemed reasonable to have an assistant by his side.


After leaving the hotel, he found that Li Lei was still coming by car.

The car was borrowed from the crew.

Today, he changed to a new filming location, but he only had one or two shots, so Li Lei said he could arrive before one point.


When Jiang Liu Cheng arrived on the set, Qin Lu played a scene again with the heroine.


It is said to be a heroine, but it is actually a female supporting role because this drama has no real heroine.


The female partner is Song Zhizhi, who is also a little-known actor, but has more debut time and experience than Jiang Liu Cheng.


After going through the play successfully, Song Zhizhi immediately thanked Qin Lu for taking him to the space of the shoot.


Qin Lu said there was no need and walked towards Jiang Liu Cheng.

He looked at Li Lei next to him.

Jiang Liu Cheng immediately explained, “It’s the assistant that Director Cheng Qinghua arranged for me.”


“I know.” Qin Lu nodded.


Li Lei could see that there might be something to say between them, so he immediately made an excuse to leave.

He has been working as a crew for a long time, so he still has some insight.


Qin Lu took out his mobile phone and operated it.


Jiang Liu Cheng’s cell phone rang at the same time.


Qin Lu: “The information has been filled out; you can take a look.

If he is suitable, I will send his WeChat to you.

Before meeting each other next week, you can chat with him first.”


Jiang Liu Cheng opened the document Qin Lu sent and scanned it at a glance.


Compared to Cheng Qinghua, this future blind date has fewer scruples.


In fact, the questionnaire he gave yesterday was different from Cheng Qinghua’s.

Several questions were changed because people with different occupations have other characteristics, so they can’t be asked the same set of questions.


“You can send me his contact.” Jiang Liu Cheng replied on the spot after reading it.


Qin Lu was also very straightforward and pushed Zhou Beiwang’s WeChat to him without saying a word.


Jiang Liu Cheng added him as a friend, and about a minute later, the other party accepted his friend request.


The next second, a voice message on his chat interface instantly pops up.


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