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Chapter 24: Qin Lu: To Sin


The crew staff found that today’s director is particularly fierce, and his temper is even grumpier than before.


An actor just said a wrong sentence, and the director used his loudspeaker to scold him.

Another employee was also reprimanded by the director because he made a mistake in a prop.


The director now looks like an enraged fire-breathing dragon who gets mad at anyone he catches.


Yesterday, there was still some laughter in the crew.

Today, except for the noise from work, everyone dared not talk nonsense.

The entire team became a bit dull and cramped.


Several old actors asked Liu Yangxi for news, but Liu Yangxi didn’t know the reason.


“If I knew, I wouldn’t be so distressed.” Liu Yangxi smiled bitterly.

The worst part of it all is the fact that he became a literal punching bag because of this sudden shift from the director.

“I only know that the director has been like this since last night.”


“If it has nothing to do with filming, it’s a personal issue.”


“Do you remember what the director said about the blind date before Maybe it has something to do with it.”


Everyone secretly hid in the corner as they shared their guesses that they didn’t notice that the initiator, Jiang Liu Cheng, had just come to the crew.


“What are you all talking about” Jiang Liu Cheng saw them gathered together and whispering to each other cautiously.


Liu Yangxi immediately took a peek in the director’s direction, making sure he didn’t notice this group forming.

It’s a good thing that the artillery was aimed at the props team.

And so he whispered, “We are talking about the director.

It’s as if he had eaten a pack of dynamite today.”


Jiang Liu Cheng couldn’t see the picture of him getting angrier than before and said, “Isn’t he like this every day”


Liu Yangxi: “Uh, it’s a little more serious today than before.

Don’t you also stay on the ninth floor Did you hear anything last night”


Jiang Liu Cheng thought for a while, “I didn’t hear anything, I slept earlier last night.”


Liu Yangxi didn’t expect him to really know anything, “In short, today’s director is not easy to mess with.

Don’t ask him anything if you don’t want to die.”


To think that Jiang Liu Cheng also wanted to tell him about his supposed leave, “Why”


Liu Yangxi said, “When the director is in a bad mood, he may not agree to anything you say.”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “Then I’ll talk about it when he’s in a better mood.”


Zhou Wenbin didn’t mean to listen to their chat.

He just happened to be passing by and happened to hear it.

The corners of his mouth twitched.


If he didn’t know the inside story and heard Jiang Liu Cheng’s words, he would have thought that he really didn’t know anything.


He didn’t understand whether Jiang Liu Cheng really didn’t know or was acting stupid.


Looking at the calm expression on his face, he always thought it was the former.

This person might really not realize that the reason why Director Cheng Qinghua was unhappy is because of what he did last night.


Nonetheless, the atmosphere continued on in the afternoon.


After Qin Lu finished filming the twentieth scene, the director shouted a cut and asked everyone to rest for 20 minutes.


Cheng Qinghua came to Qin Lu’s dressing room and lounged with a straight face.

He then knocked on the door.


“Can I say a few words to you alone”


Qin Lu nodded slightly.


The makeup artist and the assistant immediately went out knowingly, and Zhang Ning helped close the door of the room.


Qin Lu didn’t take the initiative to speak.

He lowered his head slightly as he looked at the information on his mobile phone.


Cheng Qinghua hesitated for a moment before saying, “Are you planning to find a new blind date for Jiang Liu Cheng”


This is the first time he mentioned something unrelated to filming at work.

If it was in the past, he would never deal with his personal affairs during working hours.


But he couldn’t calm down when he thought that Jiang Liu Cheng would have a new blind date.


He didn’t want this mentality and emotions to have a greater impact on him in the long run, so he decided to come to Qin Lu to ask about the situation.


“This is something that I promised him.” Qin Lu didn’t deny it as he was already thinking about it.


Cheng Qinghua thought about it and said, “Can you not introduce him yet to anyone first I don’t want it to end like this.

Give me a little time, and I will save our relationship.”


Qin Lu’s eyes finally moved from the phone screen to him, and he said calmly, “He has rejected you.”


Cheng Qinghua: “It’s common for couples to break up, but they’ll eventually get back together.”


Qin Lu: “You were not a real couple.

To be honest, I was just being sloppy in the beginning.

You are not suitable for him.”


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Cheng Qinghua said unhappily, “Two people need a period of running-in time together.

We only started a few days, and we didn’t spend much time together.

How do you know that I am not suitable for him”


Qin Lu: “He said so.”


Cheng Qinghua: “…..”


Cheng Qinghua: “As long as you don’t introduce him to a new blind date, I can definitely get him back.

If you help me with this, I will owe you a favor.”


Qin Lu shook his head, “If you can say something like this, it shows that you don’t know him well enough.

Why do you think he’d say that you are not suitable together”


Cheng Qinghua: “He said that we have different personalities and have different ideas about family, but I think there are solutions to all of these.

Separation is not the only way.”


Qin Lu said, “You value your career more than your relationship.

For you, your career comes first and your relationship second, but for Jiang Liucheng, the two are the other way around.

He has a loving brain.

Relationships will always come before careers.”


Cheng Qinghua was silent for a moment, “The love brain you said was the one that broke up with me suddenly last night Did you misunderstand what it means to have a loving brain”


Qin Lu didn’t change his face, “I’ve checked.

Having a loving brain means a person puts his energy and mind on love and his lover.

Jiang Liu Cheng does fit this point.”


Cheng Qinghua: “Then he shouldn’t even break up with me.

He should want to be with me.”


Qin Lu: “You don’t meet his requirements.

He’s not the kind of person who wastes time on people with different ideas.”


Cheng Qinghua was speechless for a while, “He is more rational than anyone else.”


How can such a rational person have a loving brain.


Cheng Qinghua said again, “Forget it, even if you don’t help, I will take him back by myself.”


Qin Lu was noncommittal.


Everyone in the crew found that after the director chatted with Emperor Qin, his mood seemed to be better.

He is no longer a fire-breathing dragon ready to fry someone golden crispy at any time.

But nonetheless, everyone still completed their work carefully.


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t realize it, but after accepting Cheng Qinghua’s scolding in the crew, he had a general understanding of the latter’s temper.


In hot summer, the next rain has become a luxury.


But today is an exception.


In the afternoon, the sky suddenly became a little gloomy, and it started to rain just before four o’clock.


The air seemed cold again, and the sultry temperature was swept away.


After temporarily finding out that it would rain today in the middle of the night last night, Cheng Qinghua decided to change the filming sequence and advance the scenes that required rainy days to the present.


Because it was an outdoor location, they prepared it early.

And when it was almost done, they all moved to the shooting location where they were ready to shoot.


Rainy days are uncontrollable.

God may stop at any time.

In order to seize this opportunity, the crew was busy up and down.


It took everyone an hour to finally put all the equipment in their positions that were determined beforehand.


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