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After a while, Jiang Liu Cheng received several documents from Li Qiu.


Li Qiu divides it very carefully and has also checked a lot of information about several crews.

He also expressed his own opinions at the end of the information.

For example, he will suggest picking it up if he thinks it is good.

While if he thinks it would not have much impact on his career, he would not recommend it.


For example, the director’s reputation was not very good for one of the crew members.

Plus, there were similar rumors and scandals about him on the Internet.

Whether this is true or not, Li Qiu does not recommend taking it.


After looking through it, Jiang Liu Cheng told Li Qiu about his chosen projects.

He and Li Qiu had the same opinion, and they both chose the audition invitation from the same crew in the end.


This is an adaptation drama adapted from a novel on the Internet that has a lot of fan base.

Since it is a small cost, the crew did not plan to spend a lot of money on hiring well-known actors from the beginning, and thus gave them a chance.


The crew working on it is also acceptable since everyone has undergone an interview before getting accepted.


And if someone wanted to leave the crew, they should ask the director’s permission first.

Fortunately, Jiang Liu Cheng’s role won’t be too much, so asking for a vacation shouldn’t be difficult.


Early the following day, there was a knock on the door of Jiang Liu Cheng’s room.


Opening the door, he found Cheng Qinghua standing outside.


“Liu Cheng, good morning.” Cheng Qinghua greeted him with a smile.


Jiang Liu Cheng also responded enthusiastically as his eyes fell on the thing he was holding.


Cheng Qinghua immediately handed it to him, “Because I want to come over, I brought you some breakfast on the way.

Also, this is the note you gave me last night.

I have filled in all the questions.”


It took him two hours to write last night to fill in all the blanks, and his brain was almost hollowed out.


Jiang Liu Cheng took the breakfast and notebook, “Thank you, Director Cheng.”


Cheng Qinghua: “There are only the two of us now.

You can call me Qinghua or Brother Cheng.”


Jiang Liu Cheng was about to speak when the next door suddenly opened.


Qin Lu came out and immediately saw them.


Jiang Liu Cheng: “There is someone now.”


Cheng Qinghua resisted and didn’t roll his eyes at Qin Lu.

Why didn’t he come out earlier or later Because of him, he hadn’t heard Jiang Liu Cheng call him brother.


“Morning.” Qin Lu greeted them.


Jiang Liu Cheng also replied early, “Does Emperor Qin want to go down for breakfast”


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Qin Lu nodded slightly, “I have this plan.”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “Then I’ll come with you.”


Qin Lu’s eyes fell on the breakfast in his hand, “Don’t you have breakfast already”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “I also go to the restaurant to eat.

Eating inside my room is not very good; it will smell.”


Cheng Qinghua, on the side, opened his mouth.

He initially thought that Jiang Liu Cheng was just embarrassed when he mentioned not to deliver breakfast for him last night.

But it turns out that he has another reason.

And because he wanted to come over to deliver his notebook in the morning, he brought some more.


“Why didn’t you tell me that’s the reason”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “You are so kind for bringing me breakfast every morning, so I don’t want to be too direct.”


Cheng Qinghua was a little depressed, “But you said so now…”


Jiang Liu Cheng replied, “I’m afraid you will deliver another one for me next time.”


Cheng Qinghua: “….”


Qin Lu’s lips started forming a smile.


Jiang Liu Cheng carried his breakfast and went downstairs with Qin Lu.


Cheng Qinghua has already eaten, so he will go to the rest of the crew instead.


It was the first time Jiang Liu Cheng shared a meal with Qin Lu outside the crew during filming.

Within half an hour, several waves of people came looking for Qin Lu to sign autographs, all of whom were hotel waiters.


Although their meal was repeatedly disturned, Qin Lu signed their autographs with a good temper.


“Why, do you want me to sign something of yours too” Qin Lu asked jokingly when he noticed that Jiang Liu Cheng was staring at his signature without blinking.


“Can you do that” Jiang Liu Cheng reacted in almost a second.


Qin Lu paused and asked, “You can’t be my fan, are you”


Jiang Liu Cheng shook his head first before speaking, “You are very good at acting, and someone I know is also your fan.”


Qin Lu smiled.

Although the young man sometimes speaks more directly and chokes people, most of the time he is very good at speaking.



When you are ready, you can come to me for an autograph at any time.”


Jiang Liu Cheng really didn’t have anything suitable to sign now, so he nodded in agreement.


“Brother Qin.” Zhou Wenbin came to look for Qin Lu, and when he saw Jiang Liu Cheng was there, he nodded at him, “Mr.

Jiang is also here.”


After speaking, his attention was suddenly directed to the notebook on the table.

It felt as if he had seen this notebook before.


“Could this be the notebook in Director Cheng Qinghua’s photo”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “What photo”


Zhou Wenbin: “Did you not watch director Cheng Qinghua’s posted moments last night He even added a text saying: ‘This is love’.

Could it be that you bought two copies and gave one to Director Cheng Qinghua”


Jiang Liu Cheng shook his head, “There is only this one.

He may have misunderstood.

I just wrote a questionnaire in the notebook and asked him to fill it out.”


Zhou Wenbin snorted.

It turns out that the love in Director Cheng Qinghua’s mouth was just a questionnaire.


Qin Lu had known it for a long time, but his smile was still on his face.


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