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The time passed in the busy shooting, and soon it came to the afternoon phase.

Another few hours came, and before they realized it, the twilight moment started when the sun was about to go down.


At this time, Jiang Liu Cheng’s scene has been filmed.

He is probably the most relaxed of the main actors today, as most of his scenes are spent lying on the hospital bed.


Then it’s over as long as the last scene is filmed.


Hospital wards are noisy most of the time.

Some patients are a little sick and often make painful noises or divert their attention by talking.


Xie Fei needed a quiet environment because of his heart attack, so the hospital arranged him with another patient.


The patient is a woman, and today her husband came to the hospital with fruit to see her, peeling the fruit and talking about the latest news.


“Nowadays, lawyers will play tricks on tigers.

That’s it.

The ones that have been on the news recently seem to be called Xie or something.

I heard that he helped a bad guy and a rich second-generation file a lawsuit and help the other party escape crime.

This kind of lawyer should really be cut with a thousand cuts.”


“I heard that this lawyer used to help poor people file lawsuits for free.

In the end, he didn’t degenerate.

He only made lawsuits for the rich.”


“If I were his family, I wouldn’t have the face to come out to meet anyone.”


But the woman didn’t seem to be interested in this topic, “I was hospitalized for three days.

You only came to see me today and didn’t say a word of concern to me.”


The man seemed slightly annoyed by the accusation, “If I am too busy, it is because I am busy making money to support our family.

It’s so hard.

I am talking about these gossips just so I can talk to you about something.

I know I am not handsome or rich.

But look at this lawyer called Xie Bing.

He is good-looking and rich, but he is now a target of abuse on the Internet.”


Just then, a hard object flew over straight to his ear before hitting the ground. 


The man was startled.

He turned his head and saw Xie Fei glaring at him, saying every word with emphasis, “I am not allowing you to say that to my brother.”


Only then did the man know that the lawyer he was talking about was the boy’s older brother.


Because of his wife’s questioning, the man was also angry, so he vented it on Xie Fei.


Xie Fei no longer likes his brother’s actions, but he still feels angry when he hears others say that his brother.


So the two quarreled in the ward, but it was actually just a unilateral scolding from the man.


Because of Xie Fei’s heart disease, he would gasp for breath if he couldn’t say a few words.


The man’s wife knew about Xie Fei’s situation, so she pulled the man to tell him to stop talking.


The nurse rushed over from behind to stop the chaos in the ward from jumping.

Seeing Xie Fei’s pained expression while covering a spot on his chest, he hurriedly called the doctor again.


The man thought that Xie Fei was pretending and continued to ridicule him.

But later, when he saw the doctors and nurses surrounding Xie Fei, he knew it was true, and he quickly said that it was none of his business.


“Cut!” Although Cheng Qinghua shouted outside the camera, his brows were slightly wrinkled as if he was not satisfied with something.


He shouted from Jiang Liu Cheng, “Come here.”


Jiang Liu Cheng got off the hospital bed and came to the director.


Cheng Qinghua pulled the recorded clip back to the front, pointed to the screen and said, “Your expression here is a bit wrong.

Why are you frowning when you get here You should be angry.

Although the back and forth was performed well.”


In this clip, the man in turn accuses his wife and wants to shirk the responsibility from the chaos he caused.


Jiang Liu Cheng just nodded, “I will pay attention next time.”


Cheng Qinghua did not ask again after hearing the words, “Let’s do it all over again.”


This time, Jiang Liucheng did not make the same mistake again.


The scene’s filming went smoothly.


//This fan-translation is brought to you by cinnaroll from https://tamagotl.com/series/after-the-actor-made-a-match-for-me-he-died-out-of-jealousy/


Cheng Qinghua was very satisfied after watching it and asked everyone to take a break.

After several hours of filming, not only the actors but also the staff were tired.


Jiang Liu Cheng was also about to go to rest when he suddenly remembered something, “By the way, Director Cheng, did you read the message I sent you”


Cheng Qinghua took out his mobile phone and glanced at it, “I’ve been very busy in the morning that I wasn’t able to pay attention to my mobile phone.

You don’t have to worry.

Liu Yangxi is my assistant.

He usually just helps me run errands and deliver breakfast.

It is free, so what’s the matter If you don’t like the previous breakfast, you can tell me or tell him.”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “I’d better go down to eat alone.”


Cheng Qinghua agreed when he saw his insistence.


Jiang Liu Cheng’s last scene has been filmed, but the crew has not finished working since the others have not finished filming.


He didn’t stay in the crew this time to watch what others were doing.

He simply returned to the hotel.


After over half an hour, it was already ten o’clock in the evening when he heard the sound from outside.


Jiang Liu Cheng opened WeChat and sent Liu Yangxi a message, asking him if the crew had finished working already.


Liu Yangxi replied very quickly: [The crew had already finished work.

Do you need me to do anything for you] 


Jiang Liu Cheng: [Is Director Cheng Qinghua about to return to his room already]


Liu Yangxi: [We are getting ready to go upstairs now; we will be there soon.]


Jiang Liu Cheng: [Okay.]


On the floor where the room was, Liu Yangxi looked at Jiang Liu Cheng’s room door, hesitating whether to tell the director about Jiang Liu Cheng’s messages for fear of being reprimanded by the director again.


At this moment, Jiang Liu Cheng’s room door opened.

He came out of it and walked towards them.


Jiang Liu Cheng handed Cheng Qinghua a notebook he bought two hours ago, “Director Cheng, please find time to fill it out.”


Cheng Qinghua was confused, “What is this”


Jiang Liu Cheng said, “A questionnaire.”


Cheng Qinghua opened the notebook and saw the words “questionnaire” written on the first line of the first page of the notebook.

And then there were two words “name” on the right side as if asking him to fill in his name.


Looking further down, it really is a questionnaire.


It’s all about his preferences, such as what colors, what animals, what music he likes, etc.

It looks like more than one page, and there seem to be several pages to follow.


Cheng Qinghua turned to the last page, and there were several subjective and objective questions.


Hey guys, this isn’t a questionnaire; it’s an exam paper.


Cheng Qinghua, who graduated many years ago, inexplicably experienced the feeling of being dominated by test scores.


Why did he suddenly panic


The author has something to say:


Qin Lu: *got the exam questions in advance.


Qin Lu: *thanked Zhou Wenbin.


Qin Lu: I will find the correct answer first.


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