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Chapter 3


Jiang Liu Cheng did not feel offended.

If Qin Lu found him, then it must’ve been because he hired someone to investigate him.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to know that he is here on a blind date.


“Don’t refuse me yet.” Qin Lu spoke quickly as if he felt that Jiang Liu Cheng is going to dismiss him already.


“I know you’re not the kind of person who needs something in return, but it’s my kindness.”


“I’m not going to refuse.” Jiang Liu Cheng replied.

He thought it would be better to start a family before starting a career, otherwise, he would not have come out on a blind date as soon as he graduated.


Qin Lu also wanted to persuade him to accept his proposal, but he agreed so readily to his surprise.


On the other hand, the agent is not that surprised that Jiang Liu Cheng readily accepted it.

No one would like to waste a once-in-a-lifetime blessing after all.


Brother Qin is not an ordinary person, except when he just made his debut.

But right now, it is almost impossible for him to owe a favor to anyone.

He is the one calling the shots.


Qin Lu is very satisfied with this answer.

He really doesn’t like to owe others favors.

On the contrary, he prefers to settle both money and goods.

“Do you have any requirements for these resources”


When Jiang Liu Cheng heard what he said, he vaguely felt something strange, but he didn’t think about it.


He does not have that high requirement for his blind date.

He does not mind if the other party has a career to focus on.

He is willing to readily support his partner but he must be a family-oriented person.


Jiang Liu Cheng thought for a moment and said, “I only have a couple of request.

It’s that this person must know how to take care of a family, will honor our marriage, and has a sense of responsibility.”


This is the most basic requirement for every blind date.


Qin Lu: “…..”


The agent: “…..”

Jiang Liu Cheng thought that the two didn’t hear what he had said clearly, so he decided to repeat it again.

“I know that this request of mine is a little high and out of my league.

I know it is a little bit embarrassing, but it matters to me.” 


This standard is indeed a bit difficult to define.

He has been on so many blind dates this year.

Most of the time he didn’t wait for him to figure these characteristics out since he basically already get turned off with them for other reasons.


Meanwhile, the agent thought that it was not only going to be a little difficult but a lot harder than one can imagine.


He is sure that the resources mentioned by Brother Qin are absolutely literal, but the other party seems to have misunderstood and thought that Brother Qin is going to introduce him to a blind date.


“You may have misunderstood.” The agent is ready to explain it to Jiang Liu Cheng more thoroughly, but Qin Lu raised a hand to stop him, “It doesn’t matter.” The agent then added.


Qin Lu just learned from his agent that Jiang Liu Cheng was on a blind date, and he was a little surprised.

With the appearance of a young man, there are a few people in the entertainment industry who could match him.


Although he doesn’t understand why the young man is in a hurry to go on a blind date as soon as he graduated.

Nonetheless, he is an outsider, and he has no intention to delve into it.


He has only one purpose, that is, to return Jiang Liu Cheng’s kindness.

Since the young man’s wish is to go on a blind date, then that’s what he will help him to.


Qin Lu stared at him before speaking, “I thought most people would want to start a career first before starting a family.

And I think you are still very young, and most college graduates are career-oriented first, so I originally wanted to introduce you to some film and television resources.”


Jiang Liu Cheng then replied, “Everyone thinks differently.

I just think I should start a family before starting a career.”


Qin Lu nodded.

“You have a point.

Since this is your request, I will try my best to help.”


As there were still things to do behind Qin Lu, they did not talk for long.


Before leaving, Qin Lu also took the initiative to add him as a friend.


He uses his own private mobile phone to add him.

His agent or assistant will notify him if Jiang Liu Cheng messaged him and he did not notice immediately.

Meanwhile, the driver who received the message brought the car over.


When he got on the bus, the agent turned and asked him.

“Brother Qin, are you really going to introduce him to a blind date”


Qin Lu puts his hands on his legs and lends his upper body against the back of his chair.

“When have I turn back on my word”


“No, I just don’t think it’s like you.” The agent replied.


It’s also a little outrageous for Qin Lu.

Matchmaking is much more troublesome than giving someone resources or a breakthrough.

He knows that Brother Qin is not the kind of person who likes trouble.


“Since I took the initiative to open this deal, I have to do whatever the other party asked for so long as it’s not unattainable.

I will help him get it.”


However, Jiang Liu Cheng’s requirements are a bit general, and there seems to be no one around him that he could easily identify with that identity.

He should know people in line with this situation.


Qin Lu glanced over at the agent and the agent shrunk in his seat.

He felt that Brother Qin is not very pleased with how this turned out.


“The person who wants to repay the kindness is me, not you, and furthermore if he knew about this, he would think that I don’t really want to repay the kindness, but just want to do it to give myself peace of mind”


Only then did the agent realize that what he had said was wrong, “I’m sorry Brother Qin.

I was thinking too simply.”


He would indeed tarnish Brother Qin’s reputation by doing so.


After they left, Jiang Liu Cheng did not leave the restaurant immediately, since he had just seen that Guo Qifan sent him a message.


Guo Qifan knows that he has a blind date today.


When he opened Wechat, he saw him asking about how was the date going.


Guo Qifan has been very positive about his blind date.


Jiang Liu Cheng decided to call him directly.


“You replied a little late this time, so that must mean that there is no good news.” Guo Qifan is very sensitive.

What would Jiang Liu Cheng even tell him after that statement Can’t he just be chatting with his blind date for a long time


“It didn’t work out.

We didn’t even have time to talk, the other party left angrily.”


Jiang Liu Cheng said while sending a message to the presenter.

He had to confirm that the blind date had failed.

He elaborated that the girl didn’t talk at all and it’s just impossible to build a relationship.


“Ah, what’s going on” Guo Qifan couldn’t figure it out.

For a handsome guy like Jiang Liu Cheng, a blind date should be easier to succeed.

It’s supposed to be a piece of cake!


Jiang Liu Cheng told him what transpired in the restaurant briefly.


“I used to hear that some blind dates like to invite their friends over, but I didn’t expect that it will happen to you.

If you think it’s inappropriate then forget it.” Guo Qifan said after listening to him talk silently.


Suddenly, there was no sound from the other line.


Because of that, Guo Qifan thought the call was cut off.

He looked at the phone interface and found that the call is still ongoing.


“Hey, are you still there”


After a few seconds, Jiang Liu Cheng said, “I was just reading the news, and the introducer will probably not introduce me to any blind dates again.”


“Why” Guo Qifan asked.


Jiang Liu Cheng sent a screenshot chat to Guo Qifan.


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