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The next morning, when Jiang Liu Cheng got up to wash, there was a sudden knock on the door.


He went out to open the door and saw Liu Yangxi standing outside with a hot breakfast in his hand.


Upon seeing him, Liu Yangxi said with a smile, “Mr.

Jiang, this is the breakfast that Director Cheng Qinghua asked me to bring you.

He said that he is busy now, and he has to arrange a lot of work in person before he can rest assured.

Otherwise, he would’ve delivered it himself.


“Okay, thank Director Cheng Qinghua for me.” Jiang Liu Cheng took the breakfast from him.


Liu Yangxi’s eyes stayed on his face for two seconds, and he didn’t seem surprised at all, but he didn’t dare to inquire at will.

The most taboo thing to do is to inquire about the boss.


Jiang Liu Cheng sent a message to Cheng Qinghua after breakfast, saying thank you for the delicious meal.

Unfortunately, Cheng Qinghua did not reply.


After he went all the way down to the ground floor, Jiang Liu Cheng saw that the entire crew was busy.

Cheng Qinghua was talking to the field manager, and he would roar in anger every now and then because someone was too slow.


Because he was too focused, he didn’t notice Jiang Liu Cheng walking past him, so Liu Yangxi reminded him.


Director Cheng Qinghua glanced at him lightly, “I don’t like people who think they are too smart.”


Liu Yangxi’s expression froze, “Yes.”


He knows that many directors don’t like others to speculate on his mind, and neither does Director Cheng Qinghua.

He prefers people who focus on their work.


He really wouldn’t do this normally.

If he hadn’t seen Director Cheng Qinghua send Jiang Liu Cheng’s photo to his circle of friends last night, and asked him to deliver breakfast to Jiang Liu Cheng in the morning, he wouldn’t have misunderstood.


He thought that Director Cheng Qinghua liked Jiang Liu Cheng very much, so he especially reminded others to come.

Who ought to know that it is still made taboo inside the studio Alas, it is complicated to be an assistant.


Meanwhile, Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t know what was going on here.

Seeing that everyone was busy, he didn’t go to say hello to anyone and went directly to the dressing room.


However, the dressing room was also very noisy.

There were a lot of people in it.

The makeup artist was busy doing makeup and styling other actors too.


He glanced inside and saw that the makeup artist who had done his makeup yesterday was applying makeup to another actor and not noticing his arrival.


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t bother then.

He turned around and walked out of the dressing room, unexpectedly bumping into Zhou Wenbin.


“Why are you still here” Zhou Wenbin asked in surprise.


“Everyone is busy.”


Zhou Wenbin understood, “There are a lot of people playing roles today, so it’s quite busy.”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded, “Brother Zhou, go ahead.

I’ll wait here.”


Zhou Wenbin returned to Qin Lu’s dressing room after taking his things, which is the only treatment for leading actors.


“I just saw Jiang Liu Cheng outside.

He really doesn’t look like he is in the entertainment industry.

There is no one around to take care of him.

I remember that he seems to have an agent, but according to his current situation, the agent It is estimated to be busy and running errands him outside, which has no time to follow the group.”


Qin Lu, who was putting on makeup, opened his eyes slightly when he heard this, “What’s wrong with him”


Zhou Wenbin told him that he had just met Jiang Liu Cheng outside, “Speaking of which, he doesn’t have a contracted brokerage company now, and it is estimated that it will be more difficult.”


Qin Lu: “Let him come over.”


As soon as Zhou Wenbin heard it, he knew that Brother Qin was going to lend him the dressing room, so he went out and called someone in.


“Brother Qin, you’re almost finished.

Just wait for him.

Don’t go to the dressing room I was talking about earlier.

If it’s your turn and you haven’t put on your makeup, the director will scold you.”


“Director Cheng Qinghua is really scolding people” Jiang Liu Cheng said to himself, which Zhou Wenbin heard.


Most of the people who will ask this kind of question have little experience with the group.


Zhou Wenbin explained, “As an actor, you need to have some discernment when you come to filming movies.

When it comes to your role, no matter what happens, if you are not ready, you will delay the progress of the entire crew.

Some directors don’t care whatever it takes, so to not cause any delay is your problem.”


“This is not that bad, to be honest.

Some directors will scold you in front of everyone when they get angry.

When you get to have more experience, you will see it.”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded.


After a while, Qin Lu’s shape was ready.


Qin Lu got up and said to him, “Come and sit down.”


Jiang Liu Cheng walked to the place he was instructed to be.

He sat down on the chair that Qin Lu was formerly sitting upon.

The chair still had the heat left from Qin Lu’s body temperature.


“Thank you, Qin Lu.”


“You’re welcome.

But don’t always thank me.” Qin Lu walked behind him before looking at the young man in the mirror to say, “I’ll be going out first.

Tell the makeup artist what you need to do today.”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded obediently, “Okay.”


After leaving the dressing room, Qin Lu stopped and looked back at the young man, who straightened his waist and raised his face to let the makeup artist do his makeup.


“Let him come to my dressing room in the future.”


Zhou Wenbin was stunned for a moment but replied nonetheless: “Okay, Brother Qin.”




The author has something to say:


Qin Lu: I have indeed been blinded.


Translator’s Note:


From Lao Zheng, it will be changed into Zheng Kailin in the proceeding chapters.

He is Jiang Liu Cheng’s friend.

Thank you.


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