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The people around them were shocked when they heard the director’s words.


Isn’t this too difficult for a newbie


Resurfacing the emotions won’t be the most challenging part of this scene since many people can perform in front of the camera.

The real difficulty of the situation is the fact that Jiang Liu Cheng needs to resurface such introverted emotions while facing off Qin Lu.

Qin Lu would eventually outshine Jiang Liu Cheng. 


But the most outrageous thing is that the newcomer seems to agree with the director.


Qin Lu also came to Jiang Liu Cheng’s side.

“Don’t be nervous about the first scene.

Go through it first.

If you have any problems, there won’t be any fuss about it since you are new.

No one will talk about you even if we take the scene several times.

Everyone is psychologically prepared for that already.”


Knowing that he was trying to reduce his burden, Jiang Liu Cheng said frankly, “I’m not nervous.”


As the director took his place, the crew began to go to work.


Cheng Qinghua lets Jiang Liu Cheng pass, ready to begin the take.


Jiang Liu Cheng came to the shoot’s center, surrounded by the seats.


When filming for the first time, he didn’t know how to find a plane seat.

At that time, he was ridiculed by the crew, saying that he didn’t even know how to find a plane seat when he came to the filming site.


This kind of experience is different from learning other people’s acting skills, and he can only feel it on the spot.

Later, he went around several crews to see how the actors found seats and found out the rules, and never reencountered this problem.


Qin Lu stood aside as he was worried about Jiang Liu Cheng’s lack of experience.

But then he found out that Jiang Liu Cheng doesn’t feel rushed, but he also knows how to get his way around the position.


Qin Lu flashed a smile in his eyes.

He remembered the information his agent gave him once he requested that Jiang Liu Cheng should be checked.

The young man had only been in business for only a year, and he had not made any film all this year.

But then, he has the skills.

No one can deny him of that.


“Are you ready” Cheng Qinghua asked with a loudspeaker outside the camera.


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded.


The attendant stood in front of him with the board.

When he hit the board, all the machines around him started running immediately, and the first scene officially began.


Xie Fei, played by Jiang Liu Cheng, is a 17-year-old in high school.

He has always followed his brother’s example.

Because his brother is intelligent and strong, his brother was so popular even when he stepped into college.

Xie Fei is so proud of having such a brother. 


But such a brother, who made him incredibly proud, was reviled by the whole internet one day for defending and acquitting a lousy guy who killed a man.


Originally, his classmates envied him for having such a powerful brother, but from this day on, the way people around him looked at him changed, and they no longer envied him.

Those who once envied him would even say that he has a bad brother.


“Some people are dapper on the surface, but who would have thought that he would be personal scum” A classmate stared at Xie Fei in front of him, and the disgust in his words was released almost exponentially.


Some students on the side tried to stop him, but the other side ignored him and went on talking on his own.


“If you help a murderer off the hook, he will certainly be punished.

Some people used to tell us how good his brother is.

But If I were his brother, I would be ashamed to see people now.”


An iron box with a pen brushed past his ear before it smashed against the blackboard at the back of the classroom.


The classroom quieted down after that loud noise.


The abusive classmate also stared at Xie Fei.


Xie Fei looked pale as he stared right back at his classmate.

From whipping down when he first heard his classmate’s words to the anger and embarrassment he felt for his brother, Xie Fei spoke, “My brother is not like that.”


This statement seems to be to tell his classmates off, but when in reality, it is to convince himself that his brother is still a good guy.

It’s the self-deceiving stubbornness.


After saying that, he passed out.


Xie Fei originally had a heart condition and could not have too many mood swings, but the students did not know that.

So after seeing him faint, the classroom suddenly came into a buzz.




The scene has filmed a total of five times, and after the last take, the crew looked at Jiang Liu Cheng differently.

They thought he was a young man with little acting experience, but they didn’t expect him to be a hidden gem.


With such acting skills, even if he plays against Qin Lu, the end results will not be too bad.


Cheng Qinghua has long seen the roles Jiang Liu Cheng had played before and knows that he is good at controlling this kind of emotion, not to mention perfect, but he is also better than those actors who have been in the play for many years, so he is not much surprised.


“Drink some water.” Knowing that he didn’t have an assistant, Zhou Wenbin handed Jiang Liu Cheng a bottle of water.


“Thank you.” Jiang Liu Cheng did not refuse and took a big sip of the water.


Qin Lu was speechless.

The young man’s performance is really beyond his expectation, “Did you just act very well And did you just teach yourself all of your acting skills”


Jiang Liu Cheng capped the bottle.

“I was indeed self-taught.

I studied a lot of people’s acting skills and tried to absorb them.”


Qin Lu placed down his water and folded his legs, “Including mine.”


Jiang Liu Cheng met his eyes.

“Yes, yours is the hardest to learn.” 


The corner of Qin Lu’s mouth bent.



Jiang Liu Cheng: “Because you are immersed in your role, you treat yourself as the character in the film.

It will be difficult to get out of the scene after the character was killed.”


Qin Lu: “…..”


Should he say thank you But he didn’t feel praised.


Zhou Wenbin smiles to himself.

Probably because the other side praised himself in disguise, but it is rare for Qin Lu to have nothing to say.


Meanwhile, at Zhou Sheng Entertainment.


Boss Zhou, who originally wanted to delay for a few more days and talk to that person again, suddenly received a call from that very person.


“Boss Zhou, you broke our agreement.

I said not to give Jiang Liu Cheng too many opportunities to work.

I do not want him to be famous in the entertainment industry.

Did you turn a deaf ear to what I said”


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