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Chapter 14 – Jiang Liu Cheng: I Can’t Do it Without Acting


Thanks to Qin Lu’s fame, the popularity of the photo is only getting higher.

At first, people would only come to see Qin Lu, but after seeing the image, they are attracted by Jiang Liu Cheng beside him.


The young man is tall with long legs.

His upper body is dressed with a white top while wearing a pair of gray trousers in his lower half.

Meanwhile, Qin Lu is wearing something black with his shades on.

Their white and black tandem impact was influential to the audience.


[My male god is so handsome.

I haven’t seen new material from him for almost two years, but it feels like a lifetime since I last saw him.]


[I have chased god Qin Lu for so many years, but it is the first time I saw the handsome guy standing beside our male god.

This little brother’s appearance has the potential to become an idol.

But the fact that he hasn’t been buzzing news before is too unscientific when his looks already look promising.]


[Ten minutes.

I want to know all the information about the little brother next to our male god.]


Comments went through quickly, and someone soon found Jiang Liu Orange’s Weibo.

Only to discover that he had terminated his contract with the former brokerage company not too long ago.


[Zhou Sheng Entertainment is a company that likes to hype and touch porcelain newbies.

That’s all they can do, so its reputation is not very good.]


[As soon as I searched in, I found that the little brother had just recently terminated his contract with the company.

The other netizens and Qin Lu’s fans are happy about it.]


[Wow, this little brother is kind of cool.

I am done.

He is so handsome that I have to cancel my appointment to stalk him instead.]


After Li Qiu followed Jiang Liu Cheng in departing from Zhou Sheng Entertainment, he did not idle.

He always looked for opportunities to find more partners for Jiang Liu Cheng.


Recently, he hadn’t seen it on Weibo, but a friend suddenly called him and asked him to have a look on Weibo, saying that the artist he used to talk about was a hot search.


Li Qiu was unsuccessful last year, often complaining to his friends and showing them pictures of Jiang Liu Cheng.

Hence, his friends recognized him at a glance.


Today is the opening ceremony of Jiang Liu Cheng’s crew, but Li Qiu does not know why it will be a hot search, so he opened Weibo to look.


He was shocked at the sight of what welcomed him.


Jiang Liu Cheng’s followers before today were only more than 10,000.

And most of those people are his alumni.


But because he became a hot search with Qin Lu, his number of fans rose to 30,000.

Whenever he refreshes the page, the follower count only gets higher in digits.


The termination statement he sent a few days ago now has thousands more comments than before, all of which praise him highly.


Li Qiu backed out and went back to see the hot search.


There he saw two people in the picture.

If he has to be honest, even if he is a man, he thinks that they’re both very pleasing in the eyes.


“Li Qiu, your artist is about to be famous.” his friend said excitedly as he called him.

“ Your sufferings are about to end.

It’s good that you followed him and left Zhou Sheng Entertainment.

Otherwise, you don’t know when you could have turned it all around.”


Li Qiu was really excited about this as well.

When he heard his friend’s words, he suddenly realized something, making his emotions cool down a little.


After finishing the call with his friend, Li Qiu made a phone call to Jiang Liu Cheng.

It rang six or seven times before it was picked up.

And once he heard the other end,  the noisy background immediately appeared. 


“Brother Li, what is it” The voice of the youth is like a stream in the noisy background, slowly flowing into the cochlea.


“Do you know that you went on a hot search with Emperor Qin Lu In just half an hour, you gained 20,000 fans on Weibo.”


Jiang Liu Cheng has no idea, for he hasn’t been able to take out his phone since this morning.

But now, he has just put on his makeup and is wearing his prop costume.

It’s the first scene, and he is about to start filming with the other actors.


“I am going on the set now.

We can talk about this tonight.”


“Okay then.

It seems like you are busy.

Now that you have reached certain popularity, it should be easier for me to grab partners, projects, and other opportunities for you.”


Jiang Liu Cheng placed away his cell phone and was ready to go over and take the shot with everyone.

But then he saw many people around Qin Lu, so he went towards the corner instead.


“Xiao Jiang, where else are you going Quickly stand beside Qin Lu.”


Before Jiang Liu Cheng could even walk away, Director Cheng Qinghua had managed to stop him and pull him beside Qin Lu.

This made the other people who were crowding over Qin Lu move from the way. 


Because the director shouted, they had no choice but to disperse and dare not say anything.


Cheng Qinghua did not let Jiang Liu Cheng stray away, for he was aware that Qin Lu would again tell him that he was no man.

Whenever he thought of this, he tried to suck in his annoyance, knowing this must be down to keep Qin Lu as his leading man. 


Because so many people were watching around them, Jiang Liu Cheng did not dare change his facial expression and then walked all the way beside Qin Lu. 


Qin Lu glanced over at the young man and saw that his skin from his face all the way to his neck was starting to get red due to the sun.

Thus, he suddenly took off his hat and put it on Jiang Liu Cheng’s head.


Jiang Liu Cheng’s head is not as big as his, so when he received the hat from Qin Lu, it made his face even smaller. 


“The weather has been scorching recently.

If you are going to have outdoor activities in the future, it is best to remember to wear a hat and put sunscreen on so your skin won’t get burned.

It will be difficult to put makeup on that in the long run.” With that, Qin Lu also gave Cheng QInghua a glance.


Cheng Qinghua rolled his eyes where Qin Lu wouldn’t be able to see him, knowing that this male matchmaker must be dissatisfied with him yet again.

With so many things happening on the crew, how could he expect so much from him It would be nice for Jiang Liu Cheng to take care of himself. 


Jiang Liu Cheng was surprised for a moment as he felt the hat on top of his head.

Except for his grandfather, a few people are actually concerned about him.

Not to mention the fact that he can faintly smell Qin Lu’s perfume from it.

“Thank you.” He mumbled as he looked up at him. 


“You’re welcome, of course.” Qin Lu replied as he nodded his head.


Jiang Liu Cheng flashed a smile in his eyes.

He had never seen such a matchmaker before.

The other party seemed to feel that it was right to take care of him after becoming his matchmaker.


After taking the picture, the first scene is turning on the phone.


At first, everyone thought that the first scene must be Emperor Qin, but who knew that it was not but a newcomer.

And only later was there the scene of rivalry between the newcomer and Emperor Qin.


“What was the director thinking It’s the first day, and he lets the newcomer play a cene side by side with Qin Lu Is he not afraid that Emperor Qin would eat the newbie alive This will be a public embarrassment.”


“Yes, I even heard that the director takes care of the newbie real well.

That might not be the case after all.”


“How can it be fake The director himself decided and gave him this role, offending the Mo family on the way.”


Several actors gathered around and talked about it endlessly.


Jiang Liu Cheng had not acted with Qin Lu before, but he had studied Qin Lu’s roles and felt that he should be the kind of actor who is immersed.

When he searched about him online, articles said that he killed a scene even if he did not appear in it.


Most people do have pressure to play against the movie star.

As someone who has not acted in a film more than several times, it is normal not to catch the scenes immediately.


Cheng Qinghua obviously thought of this too.

So before they started filming, he called Jiang Liu Cheng over.


“Today’s first scene is about your classmate speaking ill of your brother in front of you.

You are very uncomfortable, but since you have had a heart illness since you were a child, you can’t let your emotions sway you too much.

That’s why you tried to suppress your anger, but it does not mean you can keep it down completely.

Do you understand”


The first scene is said to be a rivalry between him and Qin Lu instead of the younger brother persona – Jiang Liu Cheng’s character that he is supposed to play.

Not to mention the fact that it will even focus on Jiang Liu Cheng more.


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded.

The small composition he had written before about his brother’s psychology in the whole movie had been listed, which was similar to what the director had said.

He had simulated it many times in his mind already.


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