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The following opening ceremony is essential before every film is filmed.


When Qin Lu came in, it obviously caused a stir.


The double award winner, who has always been a god, is hard to see on the big screen as he has not taken up commercial activities or new scripts in the past two years, but it still does not affect his fame.


Jiang Liu Cheng also came in early but in addition to Liu Yangxi, he was not familiar with the rest of the crew, so he did not immediately go into contact with them.


When the opening ceremony began, Liu Yangxi brought him to the first row next to Qin Lu.


“Are you already used to it” Qin Lu asked softly.


“Fortunately, the director took good care of me.” Jiang Liu Cheng replied.


Qin Lu recognized that he was boasting from the bottom of his heart, and he felt that he had been robbed of meritorious service, but he didn’t say anything.


About what I said before, it is valid at any time.

If you don’t think it will not work out with him, you can tell me.”


Just as Qin Lu said this, Cheng Qinghua, who came over after putting on incense, happened to hear this remark.

He could not help but purse his lips together.

If the blind date didn’t work, then Qin Lu might stop filming as his leading actor.

There is no way to know what Qin Lu is thinking.


The opening ceremony was followed by another meal to open it all up.


Images of Director Cheng Qinghua and Jiang Liu Cheng while eating together in the hotel restaurant had already circulated all around.

Thus, it was no surprise for the employees anymore to see Jiang Liu Cheng seated with Qin Lu and the director all the same. 


Today is also the opening ceremony of the drama group next door, Tomorrow 2.


In contrast to the low-key Paradise crew, the next-door crew made a big splash and advertised it on Weibo early on.


Today’s opening also made several Weibo hot searches, which also includes ‘Mo Yi’ as one of the key searches.


But after someone broke the news that the leading man in Paradise was Qin Lu, a new hot search soon overwhelmed the hot search of the crew next door and got closer and closer to the top ranking.


This revelation is different from the last time since this time there is a photo to prove it.


Qin Lu, who had not received a new script for two years, suddenly worked with Cheng Qinghua again.

No one was happier than the fans.

Weibo was as lively as the festival because of this.


No matter how big the crew is for Tomorrow 2, it can’t be compared to a Qin Lu.

Their hot search keyword is crushed to death.


“Mo Yi, this is not the time to look at your phone.

There are a lot of people outside.

We have to say hello to the director and the star.” The agent found Mo Yi who was browsing on his mobile phone and found that the latter’s expression was a little crumpled and bitter.

When he took a closer look, he knew that he was browsing Weibo and vaguely saw the word Paradise.


The agent opened his mouth but dared not say anything.

The young man had a bad temper.

From his debut until this very day.

To him, only he has the power to rob other people’s roles, and no one has ever been able to take his role.

Mo Yi lost his temper when he knew about it.


“No.” Mo Yi grumbled as he stared at his mobile phone screen.


The agent did not dare to drag him out when he heard him.

“Then have a rest and I’ll call you when the movie starts filming.”


“I’ll call you later.”


Mo Yi ignored him and the agent could only let out a soft sigh.


Mo Yi waited for the agent to go out before he made a phone call.

The other end of the phone quickly picked up and a gentle female voice came over.


“Honey, isn’t it the starting time for your movie today Why do you have time to call mom”


“Mom, didn’t you say before that you have hidden your ex-husband’s son” Mo Yi said, staring at the photos on the phone screen.


“He is hidden under the snow.

His company hasn’t given him many resources.” 



That company lied to you.

He is on the hot search today along with Qin Lu.” Mo Yi said angrily. 


The woman wondered: “How is that possible”


Mo Yi: “You can see the hot search yourself.

It’s at the bottom.”


The agent thought Mo Yi was angry because the role was robbed of him, but in fact, he inadvertently saw Jiang Liu Cheng and Qin Lu go on a hot search together.


He knew long ago about him.

The son of his mother’s ex-husband.


The young man in the photo is standing next to Qin Lu.

The sun is very bright today and because of this, most people wear either hats or sunglasses.

But it was different for this young man.

He wore nothing of those and his whole body was shrouded under the golden sun.

His skin is so white that it literally glows.


No one knows who took the photo, but Qin Lu in the photo is slightly tilting his head sideways, as if taking the initiative to approach the youth, and is saying something to the youth.


The youth’s face is also tilted towards Qin Lu’s side.

With a serious face, he seemed to be listening intently to Qin Lu.

He gave off that droopy eyes, showcasing his long and curvy lashes.

He is said to be good-looking that people forget to breathe or so they say.


The noisy crowd around them seems to interfere with the two, but the two are isolated in a world that seems to be frozen in a busy world.


After this photo was sent out, it quickly attracted a large number of facial dogs to come over.

It was brushed with a hot tail and the fever is just about to keep rising.


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