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Chapter 13 – The Responsible Matchmaker


The next day, Jiang Liu Cheng got up early to freshen up.

It was not a problem since it was already a habit of his.


After he finished washing himself up, he picked up his phone only to find a notification saying that he has a new message.


Cheng Qinghua: [good morning.]


Jiang Liu Cheng replied with the same [good morning] without even changing his face, not feeling that there was anything wrong with the other party’s message.


Well, it was normal on blind dates to exchange good morning and good night texts.


After his first blind date with Cheng Qinghua, even if they haven’t seen each other for a while now, he will still greet him with a good morning or a good night every day.

Sometimes the director would reply, but other times he wouldn’t.


Cheng Qinghua replied very quickly this time, but he replied with a series of ellipses.


Jiang Liu Cheng was unsure of what that meant, so he simply put away his cell phone and went out.


Under the guidance of the hotel staff, he found a place to eat the breakfast buffet.


Just as he was sitting down to eat, a man immediately sat in front of him.

It was Cheng Qinghua.


“Didn’t you see the message I sent you”


Jiang Liu Cheng took out his cellular phone and sure was, there was another unread message under his notification.

When he clicked on it, he saw that Cheng Qinghua was asking if he wanted to have breakfast together. 


“I am already about to eat.”


Cheng Qinghua’s expression seemed to be a little suffocated.

“I could see that.”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “Would you like to join me then”


Cheng Qinghua doesn’t normally eat breakfast.

There was a time when he could not afford it.

Sometimes, he was just plain lazy.

But most of the time, he has no time to eat since he was so busy with filming.

But since he was already there, he went ahead to get some food to fill his stomach.


Originally, Jiang Liu Cheng wanted to talk to him.

After all, this should be the first time they shared a meal together after their first meat up.

But when he saw Cheng Qinghua’s great focus on his food, Jiang Liu Cheng thought that he was the kind of person who doesn’t like talking while eating.


And so, the two simply tried to finish their own breakfasts without talking to each other. 


Zhou Wenbin, Qin Lu’s agent happened to see this scene when he had just come down with the goal of bringing breakfast up.


Looking at the calm and eerie atmosphere between the two people, Zhou Wenbin was surprised that he did not see the atmosphere of two people who were supposed to be blind dates.

Instead, it seems to him that they’ve only exchanged two statements from the beginning through the end of their meal.



Jiang and Director Cheng, did the two of you come down together for breakfast”


Zhou Wenbin couldn’t look away and went forward to help them break the deadlock.


Cheng Qinghua raised his head and looked at him, his expression seemed a bit bitter, “We didn’t come down together.

He went ahead first and I just followed through after.”


Zhou Wenbin could only show sympathy for him.

Of course, he is aware why director Cheng Qinghua came looking for Jiang Liu Cheng.

After all, he heard Qin Lu call director Cheng Qinghua last night, saying that he is not a man if he could not even greet Jiang Liu Cheng with both good morning and a good night.


Afraid that his leading man might run awayCheng Qinghua, as a busy director, had to fulfill his duties as Jiang Liu Cheng’s blind date.


Brother Qin has always mentioned that he wanted to be a competent matchmaker, but he probably doesn’t know that no matchmaker has ever dared to threaten his clients.


Zhou Wenbin wouldn’t be able to help them, so he took the breakfast and went up.


Once Jiang Liu Cheng noticed that Cheng Qinghua had already finished eating, he started to ask, “Director Cheng, do you have any hobbies”


Cheng Qinghua was caught off guard for a second.

After a while, he realized that Jiang Liu Cheng had entered the role as his supposed blind date.


“As long as it is related to movies, then I’ll like it.

Especially making films.” Cheng Qinghua said gloomily.


Jiang Liu Cheng: “You really are amazing.

Then, have you seen the xxx movie I really like this movie.

We don’t have to talk about the story and the plot.

Just the shooting method alone is already a masterpiece.”


Cheng Qinghua was still feeling very bored.

If not for Qin Lu, he would not be sitting in the restaurant, but on the set to engage in his film.

He wouldn’t have time to go on a blind date, let alone fall in love.


When Jiang Liu Cheng asked, he just casually answered it.

He didn’t expect him to talk about a bunch of things relating to movies. 


It sounded like he had done a lot of homework, and he had done his homework well.


The movie that Jiang Liu Cheng is talking about is a film Cheng Qinghua not only seen but watched so many times since he admired the director of the movie so many times.

He felt that the director utilized the color and composition very well.

It particularly poked his eye.


“You know this director too”


Cheng Qinghua was very surprised because that director was not that famous.

Of the films he had made for so many years, only one or two became hits.


Audiences watching movies usually only pay attention to who the main actors are, and fewer people will make a point of seeing which director is which, especially foreigners.

Then there’s a long list of names that even fewer people in the country know.


Eventually, the cast and the crew who came down for breakfast soon discovered that the director was talking happily with a young actor in the hotel restaurant.


On the other side, Zhou Wenbin went up with the tray of breakfast in his hands.


Qin Lu just got up.

He took care of a lot of things late last night.


After sending a message to Jiang Liu Cheng, he began to deal with his backlog on work.


“Brother Qin, I brought breakfast.” Zhou Wenbin placid the tray on the table and shouted in the direction of the bathroom.

He then thought about it before saying, “I saw Jiang Liu Cheng and Director Cheng in the restaurant downstairs.”


Qin Lu then came out.

He had already changed from his pajamas to a set of black causal clothes, which only made his features colder and more profound.

“How was their chat”

Zhou Wenbin did not expect to be questioned after that: “They happened to be eating when I went down.

They must’ve chatted beforehand.”


Qin Lu nodded: “This is a good start.”


Zhou Wenbin dryly said ‘yes’ before picturing the image of what he saw earlier.

The two of them looked like they have suffered enough from each other’s company.


Director Cheng Qinghua used to have a beard, but now that he had removed it, he is positive that their conversation doesn’t look too good earlier.


But he doesn’t dare to say it now.

After all, he also hopes that the two can have a successful blind date, otherwise he may have to help his Brother Qin find the next blind date for Jiang Liu Cheng.


He is an agent, not an assistant for a professional matchmaker.


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