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Chapter 11 – Travel To The Set


Jiang Liu Cheng hasn’t seen his parents for a long time.


When he was young, his parents threw him to his grandfather and then they broke up and disappeared for good.


When they reappeared in their hometown, they ended up remarried.


But they did not bring Jiang Liu Cheng any good news nor do they finally remember the responsibilities they have not done yet towards him.

Let alone the sudden emergence of fatherly and maternal love.


When a young boy grows up in this environment, with only his grandfather to support him, he will eventually grow up getting used to this and with his own feet. 


“By the way, you have terminated your contract with the company.

Remember to post a termination statement on your Weibo.” Before parting, Li Qiu especially reminded him to do that.

But he was afraid that Jiang Liu Cheng simply did not know how to post on Weibo.

Nonetheless, he did not comment on it. 


Jiang Liu Cheng has no idea how to do that.

After all, he is just a small fry.

No one will care what a mere extra in a movie would say.


However, since Li Qiu told him to, he didn’t say anything.

He casually took a picture of the termination contract and then posted it to Weibo.

He captioned it: ‘Had been busy.

But by the way, here’s the termination of my contract.’


As a small-face starlet, there are not many fans following his microblog.

Instead, only a few of his college classmates are his audience.


When he first signed with the company, the company wanted to introduce him to the public as the former Q university schoolboy to raise his profile, so they let him use his own Weibo account.


When he first signed the contract, the comments below were all alumni, and those who knew him were surprised how their school handsome went to be a star.


However, with the passage of time, people found out that not only did he not become popular, but also became more and more left behind.

Because of this, people gradually stopped paying attention to him.


After parting with Li Qiu for a while, Jiang Liu Cheng’s cell phone rang.


“Damn it.

Jiang Liu Cheng, you terminated your appointment with Zhou Sheng Entertainment.

A lot of people came to ask me what was going on.” Guo Qifan’s loud voice came from his mobile phone.


Jiang Liu Cheng put the phone away from his ear a little bit, and then took it back when the voice became softer.

“Yes, it was terminated.”


He didn’t check his post after making it public on Weibo.

He didn’t know that someone was interested and asking in the comment section.


Because he did not respond, those who knew the relationship between the two went to Guo Qifan.

It’s a good thing that Guo Qifan knew about his termination of the contract with the company beforehand.


“They’re asking for a good reason.

Huh, you have all the reason to leave that broken company.” Guo Qifan started.  “This company has not given you any good opportunities in the entertainment industry.

It’s about time you terminate that contract.

But I heard that artists have to pay a lot of liquidated damages to the company if they want to terminate the contract in advance.

You don’t really lose a lot of money, do you”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “No.

They’re the ones who lost a large amount of money.”


Guo Qifan: “It’s good that there’s not a lot of losses.

Er… What did you just say Zhou Sheng Entertainment lost a sum of money to you”


His voice suddenly rose.


It’s a good thing that Jiang Liu Cheng had foreseen this and put away his phone beforehand.

Guo Qifan wanted to say something more, but Jiang Liu Cheng had beat himself to it.

“I’ll tell you the details when I got home.

I have to go, someone is calling me.”


Jiang Liu Cheng hung up the phone and as if on cue, his phone really did ring as he receive another call from someone else.

It was Lao Zheng who was also there to inquire about his situation regarding the termination of his contract. 


Jiang Liu Cheng told him the truth.


“If you are short of money, feel free to let me know.”


Lao Zheng also thought that he would pay sky-high liquidated damages.


Jiang Liu Cheng said that he would not borrow money from a friend unless he had to.


The two chatted for a bit and as soon as he hung up again, another phone call came in.

This time, it was not his friend, though.


“Meet with me and I’ll give you back the deposit for a month.”


Jiang Liu Cheng probably knew what the landlord was going to say, but the one-month deposit was also money, and he never had a problem with the money.


Come to the agreed-upon address soon. 


The landlord drove himself and arrived one step ahead of him.

She was sitting inside, looking out from time to time.

She seemed to be a little relieved when she saw him coming. 


Jiang Liu Cheng walked up to her and at the same time, his phone rang yet again.


He looked down and found that it was a text message prompted to the account by the mobile bank.


Sure enough, it was the transfer from the landlord, but the amount was much higher than his one-month deposit.


“Wang Jiajun has already told me the truth.

He was the one who had wronged you.

Apart from the one-month deposit, the rest of the money is the compensation given to you by me as his mother.”


The landlord was too clever to give it to him in the name of asking for help.


Jiang Liu Cheng deducts the deposit and transfers the rest of the money back to her account.

“His behavior doesn’t cause me any loss.

I don’t need compensation.

If there’s nothing else, I still have things to do.”


When the landlord saw that he was leaving, she didn’t try to beat around the bush anymore.

“If you think that’s not enough still, I can give a higher rate.

How much do you want Name your price.

If you are afraid that I will scam you then I can transfer the name of my property to you directly.

If you’re still suspicious, I’ll double it.

As long as you tell that man for me to let go of my Wang Jiajun.

There must be a way.”


Jiang Liu Cheng looked at her carefully.

“Your son’s case has been filed with the police.

It is useless for you to beg for me or someone else.

Whoever commits intentional injury or serious injury will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years and not more than ten years.

Besides, your son has committed more than one crime.

With several punishments coming his way, I advise you to give up.”


With that, he left.

Out of the coffee shop, Jiang Liu Cheng looked back at the bent landlord.


If he had known this would’ve happened, he wouldn’t have come here in the first place.


He did not pity the other side, if not for her connivance, Wang Jiajun would not be like that, and there would be no innocent people being hurt.


After returning home, Guo Qifan was quick to pester Jiang Liu Cheng, who had just come back from work.

And as expected, he asked about the termination contract.


Guo Qifan was dumbfounded for a while but when he thought about it, it seemed normal for this kind of thing to happen to Jiang Liu Cheng.


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