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At that time, Jiang Liu Cheng was just a fresh college graduate, which had no actual income, and even if there was, a fresh college graduate’s income would not be that high.


Zhou Sheng entertainment was not a big company and at that time, the boss sincerely has his bet on Jiang Liu Cheng, so he did not consider these small therms of his.

Besides, Jiang Liu Cheng has also equipped with high intelligence, so he finally agreed just to have him aboard the company.


“You don’t need to doubt.

I won’t have said it if I am not sure that the clause is not in the contract.” Jiang Liu Cheng said as he noticed that the two men before him were making eyes at each other. 


The boss’ face fell.

“It’s just a little money.

How much money can you earn by just yourself”


Jiang Liu Cheng took out a piece of paper and put it in front of him.


The boss picked it up and looked at it.

His face immediately turned blue. 


The assistant at the side swept a glance and his jaw dropped alongside his boss.


This is Jiang Liu Cheng’s printed out salary flow.

Was he exaggerating the meticulously set out details It feels like the final total outcome is just so impossible. 


If the compensation to be paid is going to be ten times of that amount, then the company will have to compensate Jiang Liu Cheng for more than seven figures.


Who would have thought that the annual income of a college student would be so high If you would look at the details, it seems that he gets mostly of his income from tutoring.


Jiang Liu Cheng seems to see the doubts in their hearts so he vaguely explained: “I tutored students from rich families.”


The rich are generous.

So long as they will see their children’s progress, they’ll reward me.

And when they happen to get admitted to key schools, they tend to be more generous than before.


“Your contract is illegal.” The boss blurted out.


With that, the office was incomparably quiet.


The assistant has full of complaints.

Although, he was not sure how to say it.

It seems like the boss and the artist has switch places.


Li Qiu was trying so hard not crack a smile since he was so amused with what was happening before him.

He couldn’t stand it any longer that he has to pinch his thighs hard just to get rid of his smiling for the meantime.


Although he knew it would be like this, he didn’t expect the process to be so funny.

It was so cool.


Before all of this, he had made protests to his boss about hiding Jiang Liu Cheng so many times.

But he was either ignored or kicked out of his office.

He even went as far as threatening him to be fired.


Although he has entered this line of work, he wants Jiang Liu Cheng to be an entertainer in the company.


The boss also realized that he had said the wrong thing, and his face was getting worse and worse.


“I won’t pay for it.

Don’t even think about it.”


The boss, nicknamed Iron Rooster, never thought that he would have to compensate the artists for breach of contract damages.

If not for the development of the company, he also wanted to reduce the proportion of the artists under him.


Jiang Liu Cheng expected this response from him.

“Then you can only file a lawsuit.

Once you lose, you will only lose more.”


The boss gave a cold grunt as a response that he doens’t believe it.


“You don’t think so” Jiang Liu Cheng taunted with a smile.

“If the news of Zhou Sheng Entertainment’s defendant compensating the artist for liquidated damages gets out, what do you think people outside will think of the company”


The boss almost doesn’t have to think about it.

The company will definitely be famous, but it is definitely not for good reputation.

His wife will definitely feel that he, the boss of Zhou Sheng Entertainment has a hole in his brain for signing such a contract with an artist, and even once the details of the contract are exposed, the company’s reputation will only get worse.


Not only that, other artists in the company will be unhappy if they learmed that they have signed such a contract with Jiang Liu Cheng, especially those who are popular.

If the other party is dissatisfied with the contract, the loss of the company will be even greater.

So the content of the contract must not be known to outsiders.


If Jiang Liu Cheng wins the case, more artists will want to emulate him in the future, which is disadvantageous to the development of Zhou Sheng Entertainment.

Not to mention the fact that the company’s partners might suddenly withdraw their shares.


For an entertainment company that can’t even control its own entertainers, who knows what will happen What many partners fear most is that something happens to the entertainers, leading to the stagnation of the project.


This can’t be, the boss thought to himself.

This cannot be absolutely exposed to anyone. 


After realizing this, the boss’ only thought was to never let this get out, but he had to go along with Jiang Liu Cheng’s wishes.

But he was still not willing to.


After a tangle, it was Jiang Liu cheng who made the decision for him, “The person who made the deal with you probably didn’t know the existence of this contract.

If he knew, he wouldn’t have made a deal with you in the first place.”


The boss did not expect that Jiang Liu Cheng would figure this out.

He could only stare at him wide eyed as if to say, how’d you know


“It’s not that hard to figure it out.” Jiang Liu Cheng had guessed that this was the case at the very beginning.


It was not until this moment that the boss realized that he could not beat the young man in front of him.

He was so smart that he might have calculated every step from the time he signed the contract.


“What do you want”


Hearing this, everyone in the office knows that the boss has compromised and he no longer struggles, which means that Jiang Liu Cheng has won, and there is no doubt about it.


Ten minutes later, Jiang Liu Cheng and Li Qiu left the boss’ office.


Li Qiu stood at the gate, looking at the termination agreement in his hand, vaguely conscious of the feeling that he was dreaming.

The contract was terminated, and there was no need to pay any price.


Li Qiu’s initial assumption was that the process would be tortuous and difficult, and that the two sides would keep wrangling and bickering.


He even thought that this won’t be possible and he’d end up filing a resignation instead.

But the process they had couldn’t have gone more smoothly. 


Jiang Liu Cheng was on the phone.

He told Director Cheng Qinghua about the termination of his contract with the company and that he could personally sign to his company.


Cheng Qinghua was very surprised from the other side of the line.

But he was not that surprised to let the opportunity go.

Before the call ended, they agreed on the time and place where they could do the contract signing.


Jiang Liu Orange put away her cell phone and confronted Li Qiu with a complex expression.


“You are so young and yet you have done great handling everything until today.” 


Jiang Liu Cheng smiles lightly: “Being young doesn’t mean anything.

Some people are forced to grow up early.

If you have parents like mine, you will do the same.” 


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