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“Seriously speaking though, it may not be easy for you to terminate the contract.

Besides, the company will not let you go easily.”


The company has nothing to lose in this matter.


Although the company did plan to cultivate Jiang Liu Cheng into a fine star, it was not yet his time, so there was little to no investment in him.

Thus, they’re obviously not losing anything.


Only he and Jiang Liu Cheng will lose something. 


Jiang Liu Cheng puts down the cup of tea in his hand “I know, but I want to cancel the contract.

They can not trap me, after all, the contract is already here.”


Jiang Liu Cheng’s professionalism in this area is unmatched by other celebrity artists.


At first, he took the contract back and looked at it all night, and then he listed a lot of questions, one of which was about liquidated damages.


If most artists want to terminate the contract with the company, they have to face huge liquidated damages that they cannot afford.

As a result, they have no choice but to accept their fate, but Jiang Liu Cheng has foreseen it.


In the revised contract, there is a statement about liquidated damages that artists who want to cancel the contract ahead of time need to repay the amount of money the company has invested in it, but over the past year, Zhou Sheng Entertainment has made almost no investment in Jiang Liu Cheng.


In the company’s original contract, the liquidated damages were mentioned in a vague concept, but the revised contract made it very clear.


In addition, Jiang Liu Cheng also asked the company to add a note to the contract, which is also the biggest reliance on his turnaround.


At that time, the company did not care, and now it will never expect that the car will turn over because of that description.


But even if they knew, they probably wouldn’t dare to let that person know of it.


The fame and strength of Zhou Sheng Entertainment today are due to Jiang Liu Cheng.


“If you can really cancel the contract, it won’t hurt to leave with you.”


Li Qiu came to his senses.


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded.

“Then wait for my good news.”


“That’s right.” Li Qiu said, “Should the company know about the contract”


“Of course.

You should come with me to the office tomorrow.”


“Why are you in such a hurry” Li Qiu asked.


“I don’t like procrastinating.” Jiang Liu Cheng simply answered.


The two men continued on discussing some other details.

When Jiang Liu Cheng left the coffee shop, Li Qiu’s expression suddenly changed.

How could he ever think of Jiang Liu Cheng as a naive little sheep when he first met him 


The next morning, the two made an appointment to meet so that they could go to Zhou Sheng Entertainment together.


The person at the front desk did not react when he saw Li Qiu, but he was stunned when his eyes diverted over to Jiang Liu Cheng, who was standing next to him.


Jiang Liu Cheng has been seen at the front desk before.

Although he doesn’t come there that often, everyone already knows him.

Who would even dare forget such a handsome face


When Jiang Liu Cheng came to the company for the first time, almost everyone came in just to catch a glimpse of him.


There is no shortage of handsome and beautiful men and women in the entertainment industry, but more than a few people were impressed by his visuals that he managed to steal their hearts at first glance.

At that time, many people had thought that he would be popular.


Unexpectedly, a year later, the newcomers who had signed up with him are now on fire with a huge following of loyal fans.

Unlike him, he is still a starlet whose name had never been heard of in the entertainment industry.


The front desk did not know the inside story but they know that after the youth signed the contract with the company, the company hid him in the background.


Jiang Liu Cheng only occasionally received jobs.

Some are just walk-ins into drams or TVs.

There are also times where in he is completely cut off from the movie or his face is not really included in the scene. 


Later, they heard someone in the company talking about the fact that there was a big shot that didn’t like him.

Apparently, he made a deal with the company so that the company will hide Jiang Liu Cheng.

But no one really knows if it’s the truth or not.


Zhou Sheng Entertainment received a call from Li Qiu this morning and knew they were coming, but the boss didn’t take it to heart.


Jiang Liu Cheng was left in the dark for a year now.

No one saw him do anything big.

And the boss thought that Jiang Liu Cheng was the same as before and would not say a word.

Thus, he sent a random person to deal with them.


Ten minutes later, as the boss was humming a song as he browsed his way through the internet, he received a call from his subordinate.


“Boss, I think you have to take care of the matter yourself.”


“Just send them off at will.”


Subordinate: “I am afraid I can’t get rid of them this time.

They’re here to terminate the contract.”


The boss frowned.

“Let them come to my office then.”



Yes, sir.” 


A minute later, a knock on his office door was given to life.


“Come in.” 


Li Qiu opened the door and came in.

The boss’ gaze fell on Jiang Liu Cheng as a trace of pity flashed under his eyes.

He really didn’t want to hide Jiang Liu Cheng.

He graduated from the highest educational institution and has a high IQ and facial value.

He is fully equipped to be a big star.

It’s just that the only condition the other third-party offered is to keep Jiang Liu Cheng’s identity hidden from the public by not giving him a chance to show his face.



Author’s Note:


Boss: “Do you think you are a lawyer”


Jiang Liu Cheng took out his mobile phone and showed him a screenshot.


When the boss took a look at it: “Fuck, this beast took a big shot!”


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