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Jiang Liu Cheng chuckled softly.

“What do you mean I do not deceive others.

I have the appropriate emotions.

This is the basic cultivation as an actor.”


Only then did Guo Qifan notice what he was holding, “Why are you printing such a thick paper”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “This is Director Cheng Qinghua’s new screenplay.

He asked me to read it several times to familiarize myself with my character and the story.”


Guo Qifan had also watched The Bottom One.

It was so good that he praised its director well enough.

Naturally, he looked forward to seeing the next of his films. 


However, Guo Qifan knew that Jiang Liu Cheng would not let him see it.

After an actor receives his role, he usually has to keep the contents of the script secret so as not to leak it out before the shooting starts.


“Then I won’t bother you.

Just keep on reading.”


Jiang Liu Cheng answered with ah um as he continued reading the script in his hand. 


By the time he finished reading it, it was already midnight.


Before he knew it, he finished reading it and didn’t even notice the passage of time.


It is undoubtedly a good script enough to immerse people in it.

The dramas that Jiang Liu Orange appeared in over the past year were either dabbling subjects or fast food web dramas, and this was the first time he received such an in-depth role that he couldn’t help but write a small essay.


He had also thought about writing a small essay for the role he played, but there was nothing to analyze in those roles, so the small essay never came in handy.


After writing the essay, he printed it out and clipped it into the script.


The next morning, Jiang Liu Cheng went downstairs to buy breakfast.


Afterward, when he was just about to return upstairs, his phone rang in his pocket.


He took it out and looked at his phone screen.

A strange number flashed through it.


Usually, he never answers strange numbers, but he was acquainted with a lot of people recently.

Besides, he gave out his number to them in case they needed to call him, so he better get it.


“Haven’t you gotten up yet” A magnetic man’s voice came from his mobile phone.

It entered Jiang Liu Cheng’s ears through airwaves, bringing up a small tingling sensation on him.


“I am already up.

I was just about to eat breakfast.

Why did Mr.

Qin Lu suddenly call me” Jiang Liu Cheng answered as he subconsciously took the phone away from his ear.


“Then give me a call after you finished eating.” Qin Lu stated.


Then he took the lead in hanging up the phone.


Jiang Liu Cheng wondered if there was something important he needed to tell him, so he settled his breakfast as quickly as possible.


He called Qin Lu back after five minutes.


Qin Lu was quick to pick it up.

“I heard that Cheng Qinghua introduced you to a role in his new movie, Paradise.”


Paradise is the screenplay Jiang Liu Cheng saw last night.

This is the name of the movie.


“Yes, director Cheng Qinghua said that there is a suitable role for me to play, so he invited me to give it a try.” Jiang Liu Cheng answered.


Qin Lu did not see Jiang Liu Orange’s play, nor did he know how he acted, so he wondered if Cheng Qinghua had another purpose, but according to his understanding of Cheng Qinghua, he would not joke about his own film.

So Cheng Qinghua must really think his acting skill is good.


“I see.”


With that, he hung up the phone, as if only to determine the role.


The matchmaker introduced earlier also had a similar return visit.

Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t think much about it and thought it was the same.


A few days later, Cheng Qinghua called him.


Cheng Qinghua came to inform him of the time of filming, saying that the leading actor had been determined and that the crew had been ready before.

It’s just that they were just waiting for the lead role to be filled up.


“We will start filming next week.

Remember to come, your character has an important role in the story.

Do you have an agent”


“I think so.”


Cheng Qinghua was just about to say that it seemed to be some kind of ghost, and then he remembered that his company was Zhou Sheng Entertainment.


As if aware of his idea, Jiang Liu Cheng went on to say, “Director Cheng Qinghua, rest assured that I will take care of this matter and will not cause you any trouble.

I will talk about it at the company.”


“Okay, I will send you an electronic file of the contract first, and then you can show it to your company.”


As a matter of fact, Jiang Liu Cheng hasn’t been to Zhou Sheng Entertainment for a while, except for the supporting role they gave him gave last time, which can be finished in half a day.

But ever since his agent hasn’t contacted him.


Soon he received an electronic file contract from Cheng Qinghua.

Jiang Liu Orange printed out a copy of the contract and called his agent.


“If you have time, come and have a chat with me..”


Upon receiving his phone call, Li Qiu was very surprised.

He didn’t know how to face him after all the time.

He has not been doing his work properly if anything.


At first, he also protested to the company, but later found that the company ignored him at all, and slowly became discouraged.


The two made a casual appointment to meet.


They have decided to come into a coffee shop.

When Jiang Liu Cheng came, Li Qui happened to come over with a relaxed smile on his face. 


“I knew you would arrive early, and I went out ten minutes earlier just for that.


Just in time.”


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t like to greet people very much.

after sitting down, he directly handed over his contract to Director Cheng Qinghua.

“I took a role.

This is the contract they gave me.”


Li Qiu accepted the contract with a confused look on his face.

He wondered when Jiang Liu Cheng took a role by himself.

When he saw the name of the company on the contract and the name of the director on one side, he stood up from his seat.


The chair made a shrill noise when it rubbed against the smooth ground.


“I have already read the contract, and there is no problem.

In addition to reporting to you, there is another problem that I want to discuss.


Li Qiu hasn’t come to his senses yet, but subconsciously asks “What’s the matter”


“I want to terminate the contract with the company.

Would you like to join me”


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