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Chapter 64 - Vice Commander (1)

I honestly didn’t expect this.

When I was a spy before returning to the past, it wasn’t uncommon for allies to abandon someone depending on the situation.

So, of course, I thought everyone would simply give up.

But it was different.

One of the elders disguised himself as the Murim Alliance warrior and searched for me, and I didn’t know the procession would be halted for two days.

Throughout the time we walked here, Second elder Seo Kalma also acted unusually.

-Is this how long it takes for him to accept you

I didn’t know about that.

Being a disciple of the Fourth Elder was a huge thing but not this much of a huge thing.

Or maybe it was Hae Ack-chun or Baek Ryeon-ha who wanted to wait

-As my former master said, our actions depend on how we get treated.

-Right, that man knew nothing.

Short Sword countered him, but what Iron Sword said was right.

It was up to one’s self to create their own value.


As soon as we arrived at the temple, everyone came out, and the surroundings turned noisy.

When I saw the reaction of the warriors, it felt like they were welcoming me.

Even Song Jwa-baek,


It was so boring here.”

He said nothing else, but he seemed to be smiling.

I didn’t feel too bad either.

At that time, the door to one of the temple rooms opened, and Hae Ack-chun, Baek Ryeon-ha, and Han Baekha, followed by two commanders, came out.

“Young master!”

“You, you jerk!”

They couldn’t hide their surprise when they saw me alive.

After all, it was a natural reaction to show when they saw someone go down a steep cliff and into the raging currents.

Hae Ack-chun’s face was almost lit up with joy.

I didn’t know the old man would be like this.

-His lips are smiling.

But it was only for a while, and he changed his expression to a normal one as he yelled,

“You stupid brat.

Didn’t yesterday’s incident happen because of your carelessness”

He said that, but his eyes didn’t seem to care.

Still, I will have to match his plot, so I knelt down on my knee.

“I apologize.

This disciple has been careless and lacking, causing this disciple to fall for the tricks of the enemy.

This disciple is sorry to have caused this concern.”

“Look at this guy.

Tch tch.

You are a long way off.”

Hae Ack-chun clicked his tongue and shook his head.

Seeing him like that, Baek Ryeon-ha and others smiled softly.

If left alone, it seemed like this would continue, so Han Baekha intervened,

“Fourth elder.

Why get angry now He came back safely, right”


Hae Ack-chun coughed and pointed to Baek Ryeon-ha,

“If the young lady didn’t order a search for you, then you’d have lost your luck.

Thank her.”

With that said, I tried to bow down, but Baek Ryeon-ha shook her head,

“It is nothing.

what I did was nothing compared to what the young master did.”

Hearing her voice, I felt grateful.

Finding the spy and risking my life to save her must have been a huge deal for her.

Both of them looked happy at me and smiled.

Still, humility was the right choice,


it would have been difficult to get out of the valley if the Lady hadn’t sent a search party for me.”

“You don’t have to be humble.

I was just paying back my debt.”


“Now isn’t the right time for this, but I think it will be better to do this.”


I was shocked, and she motioned for me to approach her.

Not knowing the reason, I just approached her, and as I came in closer, Han Baekha asked me to bow.

As I knelt back on one knee, Baek Ryeon-ha opened her mouth,

“Young Master So Won-hwi.

In recognition of your work, with great gratitude, I promote you.”


I couldn’t help but be amazed at the shocking decision she made.

As soon as I came back, I didn’t think I would get promoted.

This was an uproar as the other people of the sect didn’t see this coming.

In particular, Song Jwa-baek had his mouth open wide.

-He always puts up that crazy expression when you are doing well.

Unlike his twin.

That was quite a statement.

Song Woo-hyun only shows his emotions when food enters his mouth.

At that time, Hae Ack-chun said,

“What are you doing”

As I was hesitating about what happened, I quickly clasped my hand and bowed my head.

And she touched my head gently and announced,

“I hope you continue to fulfill the responsibilities as the vice commander of the Blood Sect.”


At those words, I stopped my lips which were twitching, trying to smile.

It was because I had just been elevated to a high position.

I was pushed to the spot of a vice commander, meaning I was one step down from a commander.

-Are you happy

‘Of course.’

If I become a vice commander, I can have the power to rule over a group of people and lead around three units at once.

As long as Hae Ack-chun didn’t want me to continue work according to him.

I could have three leaders under me.

“I humbly accept.”

I stood up.

When I got up, the warriors all cheered for me.

But they soon stopped.

Although this place was located deep in the mountains, this was like a hideout, so making a racket would make us get exposed.


Of course, no one could stop that old man.

‘Vice commander…’

It all felt too much to me.

Before I died, I was a mere spy who could be discarded at any time.

At this rate, I wasn’t too far from being a commander.

-If three leaders can come under you, then two of them are fixed.

I knew what Short Sword was talking about,

I looked at Song Jwa-baek and Song Woo-hyun.

And the man shook his head, not wanting it.

Anyway, he was bound to come under me.

Song Woo-hyun seemed too lost to even understand what had just happened.

Well, I had thought of another one too.


‘Cho Sung-won.’

He did possess great skills, and in addition, he had the qualities to overcome the wall of a first-rate warrior, so he was good.

And another…

-No, you want to take her as a disciple

It was Sima Young who I recently discovered.

It was no exaggeration to say that she was extremely skilled.

This is why Seo Kalma accepted my word and allowed her into the sect.

-Can you handle her

‘I cannot send her elsewhere.’

If I have her on my side, I could be able to plan things for the future.

There was only one thing I was concerned about.

I looked at Hae Ack-chun,


I will pay this debt back someday.”

He bluntly said that to Seo Kalma.

He could have just said thank you, but no, he had to put it in this odd manner.

-What about Hae Ack-chun

‘I don’t know how he will respond.’

I was planning to reveal her identity to him; no one else could know about it but him.

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle her father, Sima Chak, on my own if something happened in the future.

-How is it that you use Cho Sang-won and that old man as a shield so well

Short Sword clicked her tongue.

At that moment, I heard Sima Young’s words.

[Young master, So.

Do I have to keep doing this]

Sima Young was standing still, not knowing what to do, and I had forgotten about her as I was too focused on what had just happened to me.

Should I do it now Just when I was about to speak, Baek Ryeon-ha noticed her,

“Who is that little one you brought along”


Young lady.”

Seo Kalma, who was talking to Hae Ack-chun, explained it for me.

From the fact that she helped me and the reason why she wanted to join the Blood Sect.

However, Baek Ryeon-ha had a puzzled face when she heard Sima Young was a woman.

“A woman”

Was it because she had the human skin mask on even now

Although she was slender, she had the face of a handsome man.

Besides, she hadn’t said a thing till now, so doubting made sense.


But as soon as she heard that this new member was a woman, she looked at Sima Young and me.

All she had to do was look at Sima Young, so why look at me

I quickly sent a message to Sima Young.

[Miss Sima.

She is the highest order among the people here.]

After hearing my words, she nodded and knelt down to Baek Ryeon-ha.

“Thank you for allowing me to attend.

My name is Sima Young.”


“You really are a woman.”

“I was never a man.”

Her voice was bold.

And Sima Young’s voice was clear.

Baek Ryeon-ha frowned and said,

“Miss Sima Can you take off your mask”

“Can I ever refuse”

She once again fidgeted with her ears and pulled the mask off.

When her face got exposed, everyone exclaimed.

That was just how beautiful she was.

Baek Ryeon-ha looked beautiful after she lost weight, but Sima Young looked mesmerizing.

It wasn’t for nothing that she constantly put the mask on.

And Baek Ryeon-ha went back to looking between her and me.

Why is she doing it again!

-That is jealousy, Wonhwi.


-My former master said that women want to look good, and when a man looks at a prettier woman, their mood turns like ice.

-Right, your previous master knew nothing more than theories.


I had no idea what the two were talking about.

Was Baek Ryeon-ha jealous

How can someone aiming to be the sect leader ever have feelings for me It sounded odd.


We couldn’t even find anything in that valley, and you go find yourself a girl like that]

It was Hae Ack-chun.

He, too, seemed surprised with how Sima Young looked.

I hated to deflate his excitement, but I would have to tell him the truth.

That way, he would be aiming to take her into us.


Can you bring Miss Sima to our side]

At my words, he smirked.


You seem to like her.

If that is the case, then I will have to…]

[I have something to tell you.]


[… only teacher can come to know of this.]

[What are you talking about]

I revealed her secret to Hae Ack-chun who was puzzled.

[Miss Sima’s father is Sima Chak, the Wicked Moon Sword.]


Hae Ack-chun’s smiling face turned stiff in an instant.

It must have been a shock to him.

And he looked at Sima Young with a stiff face and then asked me,

[… what the hell did you do]


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