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Chapter 63 - Sima Young (3)

Throughout Murim, there were 12 beings referred to as the Supreme Beings.

The eight who sided with justice and the four who sided with evil.

There were many tales associated with them that could give one fear, and it was no different for the Wicked Moon Sword, Sima Chak.

One such tale involved a very small sect on the southeastern side of the Sichuan Province and over two hundred attackers who were killed in one night.

The one responsible was Sima Chak, and the sects whose warriors were killed became angry and went to find Sima Chak and attack him.

However, none of the 400 warriors or those who invaded the area came back alive.

-Wow… then you mean he killed all those people by himself

Short Sword stuck out her tongue.

None of the Four Great Evils abstained from killing because they thought killing people was easier than having rice.

-This one is the child of that guy

Looks like it.

The same name Sima was there, and Young the actual name.

And if the place was the Moon Valley, and shared the name Sima, then it has to be true.

The descendant of one of the Four Great Evils was applying to join the Blood Sect.

It was quite surprising.


Something doesn’t seem right.’

-What doesn’t seem right


Now I remember what happened when I was sent to spy for the alliance before dying.

At that time, a huge accident happened related to Sima Chak.

-What happened

‘At that time, Sima Chak and Martial Twin master collided.’

-Martial Twin master The one who enjoys the greatest fortress

It was such a huge event that even the Murim Alliance showed interest.

Since the alliance was broken down, the Murim Alliance hoped that Martial Twin master would take a huge hit, but I don’t know what happened.


‘On the contrary, Sima Chak had gone under that man.’

-Uh He subordinated himself

It was all unexpected.

The Murim Alliance speculated that Sima Chak would head back to the Moon Valley, his base, and hide.

However, it was later revealed that the reason he went under the other guy was due to a descendant of his.

In the end, it was the same as following his child.

-Uh So you mean it was all the child

I am not too sure about it.

However, if that is true, then this young person who called himself Sima Young was destined to die not in the Blood Sect but to the Martial Twin Master.

In fact, it was horrible that he came right as we got attacked.

‘Is it horrible’

I could only guess so.

A person who was supposed to go to another place came here.

If we didn’t take this person in, would time flow the way I had remembered it

Short Sword pointed something out.

-But as you said, no one knows that the Moon Valley is the base of Sima Chak right now, right

Uh She is right.

Come to think of it; the massacre happens later from now.

If the Moon Valley is still unknown to all, then why was Seo Kalma shocked

“You are from the Sima family”

Sima family


The Sima family was a prestigious martial family who held an important position in the Murim Alliance.

Unlike me, who thought of Sima Chak, Seo Kalma thought that this person was from the Sima family.

It was strange to know of Sima Chak at this point in time.

“A person from a prestigious family envies our sect”

If he thought that this person was from a prestigious sect, then the reaction of Seo Kalma made sense.

And then the young person said,

“I have no alliance with the Sima family.”

Seo Kalma narrowed his eyes at those words.

It must have been as if there was some resentment in the voice of the person.

Seo Kalma asked,

“How can you prove that”

“Because the Sima family is my sworn enemy.”

“Sworn enemy”

At the question from Seo Kalma, the person spoke with a bitter voice,

“… my mother died because of them.

I wanted to devote myself to the Blood Sect as I couldn’t do anything to those from within the walls of the Murim Alliance.”

The voice of the man was filled with sadness and eyes with tears.

It reminded me of my childhood.

When my mother died, I felt so resentful that my own father wanted me dead.

Is that why

I felt a bit connected to this person, and maybe that is why Seo Kalma softened his expression.

“Why did you cover your face with a human skin mask If you want to enter the sect, you are not supposed to hide anything.”


Hesitating for a moment, the person touched the face.

Fiddling with the ear and then the skin under the neck was slowly pulled back.

When the human skin mask was pulled like rubber, the original face behind was revealed.


At the same time, both Seo Kalma and I were shocked.

I could tell it was a woman from her voice, but the face was too shocking.

Two cheeks blushed red, and the rest of her skin was white like porcelain.

There was no part of her that looked odd, and her eyes appeared so gentle.

She looked like a true beauty.

-Is she pretty

I nodded my head at Short Sword’s question.

She was so beautiful that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call her the greatest beauty of the world.

-Even compared to Baek Ryeon-ha

‘… well.’

-Right, I get what you mean.

No, I said nothing! Don’t jump to your own conclusions!

Anyway, Sima Young was pretty enough to be called one of the top three beautiful women in the world, according to the words which circulated before my death.

Now I knew why she had to keep the mask.

And she spoke to Seo Kalma.

“I wanted to be recognized for my skills and not my face or gender.”

At her words, Short Sword said,

-… she knows she is pretty, right

It was hard to deny.

But apparently, there are too many prejudices that come from appearance.

Skills always get buried within appearance.


What do you think]

Seo Kalma asked me.

I didn’t think he would ever ask me for my opinion, but he continued.

[Did you not see the child before me Can she be trusted]

At Seo Kalma’s words, I looked at Sima Young.

From the moment we met, she showed dedication to joining the sect.

Maybe that is why I felt the need to side with her.

-But Wonhwi.

Wouldn’t it be dangerous to be a daughter of one of the Four Great Evils

Iron Sword, who was silent till then, asked me.

Unlike Short Sword, this guy must have heard about the Four Great Evils.

He was concerned about taking unneeded risks.

-Or if you just tell this old man, wouldn’t he make the right decision

Do you want me to reveal her true identity If that happened, he would never accept her.

Any person with common sense would never take in the daughter of a Four Great Evil.

They would reject it no matter what the future looked like.

-They aren’t the Four Great Evils for nothing.

Even in the old days, there was no one who didn’t pay the price for touching their things.

Iron Sword spoke out.

It was like he was trying to make sure I didn’t fall off the horse.

But this was different.

The advice of not taking her in makes sense if I didn’t know about her or the future, but I know both now.

-Wonhwi, no!

‘Where else can I find such a usable card’

Hopefully, Baek Ryeon-ha gains power similar to Baek Hye-hyang.

No, even if it isn’t from Baek Ryeon-ha’s side, I can use this card as a favorable hand.

I couldn’t just let this opportunity go, but there was a need to make an arrangement before it.

[Miss Sima.]

I sent her a message.

And she looked at me with anticipation, and I decided to try my luck.

[If I could help Miss join the sect, what do I get in return]


At those words, the beautiful face frowned.

Deep in the mountains, quite far from the mountains of Six Blood Valley.

There was an old temple-like place.

From the outside were buddha statues and monks bowing their heads, it looked like any ordinary temple, but there was a hidden secret in it.

This temple was, for a long time, used as a temporary residence of the Blood Sect.

There were people normally there due to their usual duties, and when the sect’s people came, they mingled to avoid the attention of others.

Inside the temple.

Five people sat around the table.

Baek Ryeon-ha, Hae Ack-chun, Han Baekha, Jang Mun-wong and Gu Sang-woong.

They managed to help Baek Ryeon-ha escape from the valley, and Gu Sang-woong was the one who spoke first.


We only have another hour left to wait.”

At that, Hae Ack-chun said,

“I know.”

“… is leaving fine when the time runs out”

At the words of Gu Sang-woong, Hae Ack-chun frowned,

“Didn’t I say it’s fine”

Gu Sang-woong, who was about to say something, turned nervous, and Baek Ryeon-ha shook her head.

It was because they felt how this man was feeling.

Although he pretended not to care, he had been unable to rest for the past two days.

And Baek Ryeon-ha said to him,

“Uncle Hae.

Uncle Seo is out looking for him, so we wait by trusting him.”


It is fine, Young Lady.”

Hae Ack-chun tried to laugh, saying it was fine.

He was looking fine now, but even yesterday, he made a fuss about finding out where So Wonhwi was.

However, as this man was too huge and stood out, Seo Kalma said he would go and search for Wonhwi; the man was already feeling guilty that Wonhwi fell down due to helping him.

‘That child.

Is he really dead’

As time passed, Hae Ack-chun was turning nervous.

After he found the masked man’s dead body, he hoped Wonhwi was alive, but there was a limit to waiting for someone.

Staying in one place for more than 2 days was riskier now.

And Baek Ryeon-ha’s safety was at risk.

‘Uncle Hae.’

Baek Ryeon-ha looked at Hae Ack-chun with sad eyes.

Without So Wonhwi, they would have been through many more obstacles.

There in her heart, she wanted him to be alive.

But there was no hope to look for.

If Wonhwi fell from such a height, then his safety could not be guaranteed even if he was skilled.

‘Young master…’

It was unfortunate that they had lost a talented person.

If he was alive, he would have done more great things.

She only hoped that the pain in Hae Ack-chun’s heart would die down a little and time passed.

Everyone was watching while Hae Ack-chun got up,

“… it is time to depart.

Young lady.”

Everyone felt sorrow in the voice he used to speak,

Who would have known that the most eccentric man cared this much for his disciple

“Uncle Hae.”

“What can we do about one’s luck If we delay any longer, we won’t be safe anymore so…”

Before he even finished it, whispers could be heard from outside, making everyone open the door and go out.


The eyes of the five widened.

In the front yard of the place, fifteen warriors in gray robes and Seo Kalma with a young person in a yellow robe and…

“Young master!”

“You, you jerk!”

The face of Hae Ack-chun, which had looked lost, brightened up.

So Wonhwi, who was presumed to be dead, had come back alive.


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