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Chapter 59 - The Monster Being In The Cave (2)

I thought I was going to die like this because the head was what he aimed for.

But what came instead of death was innate qi.

As the Slaughtering King Han Jisang said, the midpoint of the head was the best for receiving innate qi.

“Do the Whole Body Cultivation technique.”


No, how did he know about this I was curious as to how this guy knew, but now was the time to accept the innate qi into my body.

There was no reason to risk my life for a question I could ask later.


I started to cultivate by breathing and guided the innate qi, which entered my body, and into the mid-dantian.

I wasn’t sure if the innate qi will be accepted but it can be said that it is difficult to accept more than three to four percent as it wasn’t something I built myself, and when accepting the qi of another it is normal to lose a lot.


The rush of innate qi.

And it felt different from what I had.

However, its properties were similar.

And this was fine.

‘… The Whole Body Cultivation technique,’

The fact that the nature of the qi was similar meant that it was cultivated with the same technique.

Everything was so confusing here, but one thing was certain, I could absorb more qi now.

As my heart pounded fast, my natural instinct was pushed into the middle dantian.

And in order to embody it, I began to cultivate it.

Of course, the innate qi that Han Jisang had given me had exceeded what I had.

My body swelled up like it was being torn.


“…endure it.”

Han Jisang, who had passed the innate qi into my body was also roughly breathing.

So time passed for both of us.

If cultivation played the role of stabilizing the innate qi, the Xing Ming method would allow it to operate smoothly.

First point and then the second.

The rotation of the innate qi gradually increased along the path I was moving it, and Han Jisang’s voice could be heard.

“Haa… Haa… although it seems complicated, it has to work.

But trying to handle it right away is meaningless.”


The moment I heard those words, my mind went black.

I was clinging to the technique, but in my head, I was already trying to make it work.

So I followed what he said and half an hour passed when I opened my eyes with joy.

It was because of the Xing Ming technique.

I had managed to exceed my star level of innate qi, gaining another star, allowing me to store more innate qi.

In addition, it felt like I had gained more than 60 years’ worth of innate qi.


I was stunned that I was able to integrate more than 60% of the innate qi he had pushed into me.

I had enough clarity, and the foundation that was laid in the past was used to nurture my body with innate qi.

-Congratulations, Wonhwi.

You have grown.

Iron Sword, who was wary of Han Jisang, congratulated me.

Even so, I had achieved another goal, and it would help the future of Iron Sword too.

And he felt different emotions running thanks to this.

I feel like I had to thank the man.

‘Was he constantly doing that’


Han Jisang was 10 steps away from me.

The already exhausted-looking face was more horrible, and it was natural that his body didn’t seem fine after he gave me so much innate qi.



The thin thread wrapped around my arm was turning loose.

This seemed good.


The moment I decided to untie it, it felt like I was suddenly pulled in.

Han Jisang couldn’t even move, so it was strange to be sucked in.

‘Is he awake’

I approached him cautiously, and he hadn’t opened his eyes yet.

I was trying to see if he was done cultivating yet, but Han Jisang suddenly rushed at me


Looking at this, it seemed like he had lost his mind.

Surprised, I took a couple of steps back.


My movements were a lot faster than before because I hit the five-star level of innate qi.

On the other hand, Han Jisang’s movements turned sluggish.

As he flew, he fell down and began to crawl toward me.

“Meat… meat…”

He seemed to be thinking of me as food again, just like when he first saw me, but because he had used up his innate qi, he moved like a normal person.

“I am hungry… starving…”

When he was strong as a monster, he was so terrifying.

Did he realize that he had lost his strength despite losing his mind

He was planning to bite his only other arm.


I hurriedly walked close to him and tried to immobilize him.

Looking back, it seemed like the only other thing he could eat was his arm.

‘This is bad.’

Eating wasn’t the problem anymore.

“Meat! Meat!”

I gave the only jerky that Baek Ryeon-ha had given me to him, and he gobbled it down.


Iron Sword let out a sigh.

I wondered what had just happened.

-He deserves to die.

But looking at him now, it seems like he has been punished enough.

‘What happened’

I asked him, but he stayed silent like he didn’t want to recall what happened.

-15 years back…my former owner competed with the golden eyes man with me and was defeated.

The injury was so serious that it was life-threatening too.

I heard this before too.

Even then, he didn’t complete the story and ended it in the middle.

It seems like he didn’t want to talk about it in the past.

-After the golden-eyed man left, this guy appeared in front of my dying owner.


Then, did this guy kill the South Heavenly Swordsman


If so, there was no way that the South Heavenly Swordsman would have died like that in the cave.

-…this guy was aiming to kill my master, who was the most famous person at that time.

However, it wasn’t easy for a guy like him to take down my master, who was perfect.

The Slaughtering King was aiming for the life of the Southern Heavenly Swordsman.

Well, he was the crazy one to go after the Eight Great Warriors, so this should be no surprise, but I wanted to know why.

-I don’t know why.

But he seemed to wait until my master weakened.

The opponent wasn’t someone he could touch from upfront, so he had to aim for the time he was the weakest.

-But then he made a proposal to my former master.


-After all, since my master would not live with that wound, he asked that his martial arts be passed down.

To covet the martial arts in that situation.

After all, everyone wanted to covet that man’s martial arts.

It must have been then that he learned the cultivation technique.

-… former master was weak and smitten by his words, so he made a suggestion.


-My former master always wanted a successor to him.

So he said that he would teach his martial arts in the name of the South Heavenly Swordsman to Han Jisang only if he followed his way.


I didn’t have to know more as to why the Iron Sword hated him.

It was because this guy didn’t live up to his former master’s expectations.

-Wonhwi, it must be as expected.

The guy found out the cultivation technique and the other things, but once he learned them, his attitude changed completely.


He is the worst kind.

To make a pact with a dying person.

Short Sword was annoyed.

-This guy broke both legs of my former master on the spot.

‘It wasn’t the golden eyes one then’

Naturally, I thought it was the golden-eyed one who broke the legs of the South Heavenly Swordsman, but the real culprit was this guy

-It seemed that he broke the legs of my former master, fearing that he would survive.

Well, this guy had no luck either.


-The golden-eyed man appeared.

Now, this was an amazing twist.

It wasn’t the outcome Han Jisang had wanted at all.

-When the man with golden eyes saw that my former master’s legs were broken, he cut off Han Jisang’s legs right then and destroyed his dantian, and threw him down the valley.


So cool!

Short Sword cheered like she liked this.

Retribution is what this could be called.

Han Jisang, who had experienced good and bad at the same time, must have thought that he was falling into hell.

-Never thought that guy could live.

Hearing this, I could understand why Iron Sword was so angry at Han Jisang.

Hae Ack-chun was someone who had been a bad man in his own way, but not to this extreme, and Han Jisang was considered punished for his own wrongdoings.

-But I didn’t know.

At that time, I thought he must have died, and I wanted him to die too.

I think I understand what Iron Sword was saying.

If it wasn’t for this guy, I would have lost my life in the waters.

Nor would I have gotten my innate qi increased.


I really don’t know what to think about him.

I could understand Iron Sword’s intentions.

He was resentful that this guy hurt his former master but now turned into a benefactor who saved me, his current master.

-Right, he was doing that to eat you, though.


Well, this was one complicated relationship.

I looked at Han Jisang.

After eating the jerky, he began to twitch and then fainted.

Looking at his condition, I seemed to understand why he was muttering about not having time.

And then Han Jisang suddenly raised his head,

“How long have I been like this”

He was the one who calmed down from before.

These two faces seemed to come and go, and it seemed that he couldn’t control his transformation.

Still, I felt like I had to do something for what he did to me.


I bowed.


I just paid off my debt.”

“… I understand.”

I understand why he said this was a debt.

It seemed that many changes took place within his heart over the course of 15 years.

And he said,

“Looking at your wounds, it seems like I was out for a long time.”


And as I got too curious, I asked the question burning in the back of my mind,

“But how did senior manage to come to this place”


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