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Chapter 52 - Escape (1)

Thousand Miles Chasing Fragrance.

If one was a spy, they would know what this was.

It was literally as described by its name.

A fragrance that spreads over a thousand miles.

By spraying this aromatic dust, the location can be used to track items or train dogs to track.

It hasn’t been long since it was sprayed so I could smell it, but why did the second disciple of Second Elder of the Blood Sect have to sneak out at night and do this


‘It cannot be.’

I wanted to know what it was by taking him down.

The guy who was holding onto his life wanted to attack me.


And he pointed his longer blade at me.

“Didn’t you hear that the more curious you are the shorter your life turns”


I think I heard the less careful you are, the shorter your life will be.”


The guy was speechless.

He was someone who got caught, so what more could he say

The guy staring at me turned and looked around and smiled,

“You idiot.

Did you really think you could handle me alone”

He seemed convinced that there were no people around.

Having mastered lying, I said to him without changing my expression.

“Did you think I would come alone’


If it were so, they would have blocked me or blocked my escape route already.”

-He isn’t fooled by your lie.

I guess he isn’t a dumb frog.

If it was that simple, I wouldn’t have been a good spy.

And this man seemed amazingly trained too.



I struck my fist at him and swung my sword.

Despite the surprise attack, Go Eunjae moved to avoid the attack.

As expected of someone who was well trained.

“Did you think a surprise attack would work You and I are different.

You must have felt me during the day.”

“Wear your shoes straight.

You toad.”

When I suddenly appeared, the guy failed to put on his shoes and just stepped on them.

“Toad You **ing bastard!”

Rather than stepping back to call him a toad, he stomped at me with an angry face.

And the long blade is slashed to my neck.

I lean back and thrust my sword into his chest.


He jumped up to avoid it, and in that state, he slammed his long blade at my head with all his might, making me raise my sword to block it.


As if he raised his internal qi to the maximum, the sword trembled, and my body was pushed back four steps.

Go Eunjae showed the grace of having the upper hand.

“Stupid bastard.

If you were lucky enough to defeat Ho Geum-won with that trick, you are mistaken to think that you can deal with me.’

Seeing how he was calling his sahyung by name, I was right about having bad blood between them.

But it was still unknown if this guy was a spy or not.

“Kek, that trick only applies to those with lesser skill than you, right What a pity! My body and limbs are solely focused on…”

“You talk so much.”

I stabbed my sword like lightning at the mouth of the man who couldn’t shut his damn mouth! Perhaps he was too confident in his skills, and he lazily lifted his blade.



At that moment, his body got pushed back.


The guy’s eyes were wide open.

I didn’t miss the chance and moved around him using the Xing Ming God Art.

And then used the Tiger Tooth Sword.

A fierce attacking technique.

The guy, who was shaken by the sudden change in my movement, hurriedly took his stance and leaped forward.


His blade and my sword clashed constantly.

The destructive force of the blade techniques seemed horribly bloody, just like the name of Seo Kalma.

Even in this shaky situation, he could excellently handle my technique.


The guy who stopped my technique spread back.

“You hid your skills.”

He seemed surprised by the power of mine having surpassed that of a first-rate warrior.

It was natural for him to react like this as he assumed that I was always weaker than him.

Did he not know about warriors always hiding their skills

-But you came back to live another time.


It looked like that guy was thinking.

Probably thinking if he can kill me or if he should run.

And then he turned around.

“Thinking of running away”

He worked hard to move, but I caught him with just a few movements, and he suddenly stopped as he dragged his blade on the floor.

Blue flames flew up as he scratched the blade.


‘What are you doing’

At that moment, the dirt and dust swept up, and I hurriedly used Iron Sword to block the flying sand particles.


At that time, Short Sword and Iron Sword shouted at me.



Without even thinking about it, I spun my body and sprinted high.


I felt something sharp move right below me, and Short Sword yelled.

-Throw me ahead!

Before I could even land, I drew Short Sword and threw it through the dust.



Blue sparks flew among the dust.

As soon as I landed, I swung my sword.

It was the chasing technique.

This technique makes Short Sword move ahead with the precise rotation to cut down the gaps in the techniques of an opponent.

This was a simple stabbing technique.

There was no chance, but the force of it was outstanding.

“Damn it!’

I could hear a voice from the dust.


As the daggers seemed to have clashed and shone ahead.

Twelve daggers he threw seemed to come, but I was unable to defend and move back.

As I passed through the dust, he was holding the left side of his chest, and it was stained red.

-I am here.

Short Sword shouted at me.

When I looked at it, it was stuck on the ground, but for now, the man first.

Go Eunjae looked at me and said,

“You… What are you How did you avoid my daggers through all that dust”

In the dark night, with dust in front of us, he was shocked at how I was unhurt.

“I have a third eye.”


“You don’t need to know.”

I raised my sword.

Even if he was injured, he was someone who was using daggers, meaning I couldn’t be careless.

The guy also seemed ready to fight, but his movements stopped.

He seemed a bit hesitant, though, as he wasn’t sure he could win with his skills.

-Because he can run, you attack first.

Short Sword said.


As a spy, I could guess what he was thinking.

There are only two options the spy takes here.

Either run or commit suicide.

And he didn’t look like the spy who would die.

I wasn’t worried about the latter, not even for a second.

‘It needs a preparation of the heart.’

I stared at his intention and thought back.

This guy, drenched in sweat and concern, didn’t know anything.


Raise my innate qi to the extreme.

I didn’t know since it was in the middle of the fight, but now I had a good chance.

At that time, he shouted as he moved for the sword I was pointing at his neck like he had made up his mind.

“As if I would give up to someone like yo…”

“Look at my eyes!”


He unconsciously looked into my eyes, and that was the moment.

The guy holding a blade to slice his throat threw it away with all his might.

And he had his mouth wide open and shocked eyes.


I moved to him right away and sealed his blood points.

And his eyes turned back to normal.


He couldn’t hide his shock as his whole body felt stiff.

He probably didn’t understand what had happened and was too shocked, but nothing changed.

“Let’s see.”

I put my finger in his mouth and opened it wide, he looked at me angrily, but it was too late.

Isn’t this going to be his next attempt

‘Found it!’

-What did you find

I carefully grabbed what was attached to the molars of the teeth and pulled it.

A very thin thread was tied around the left molar.

And I gently had to pull it as he groaned at it.


And through the throat came something tied.

A tiny black capsule.

-What is that

She could see it well despite being stuck to the ground.

‘Poison pill.’

-Poison pill That is poison


Usually, this was a must-have thing.

As expected, this guy was a spy.

There are two ways for spies to kill themselves.

One was to use their weapon to cut their throat, which was always prepared for, and then there was this poison which burned the body from the inside out, which was too painful.

-How can those who couldn’t die even once try it

‘Maybe based on the situation It is to be expected that one doesn’t die even if we eat the poison right away.’

-Ah, right.

Then is instant death better

So the throat would be the first choice.

It was a lot better than taking poison.

But what This one had failed at both.

Go Eunjae screamed as if he was about to cough and looked at me and the pill, and I smiled.

“You fell into my hands.”

With those words, I slammed my fist into his face.

Tang! Tang! Tang!

As we approached the main hall, a bell was ringing.

An ominous sound.

As expected, the spread of fragrance was informed or known.

Thanks to that, someone must have come close to Six Blood Valley.

I glanced at Go Eunjae, who was draped over my shoulder.

‘It is all different.’

The location of Six Blood Valley must be revealed.

But this wasn’t the right time.

But considering that Seo Kalma shouldn’t even be here at this time, this was bound to happen.

‘Then the fate of Ho Geum-won changed.’

If my prediction is right, the guy must have died in the hands of Go Eunjae.

However, fate changed since I caught him.

Anyway, I had to hurry.


I used footwork and ran for the gate, and upon entering, many warriors of the sect were moving around.

They were all soaking oil over the buildings.

-What are they doing

‘Burning it all.’

The location was discovered, and it was an urgent task to remove their traces.

The Blood Sect, which was hiding for a long time, was revealed, so this was bound to happen.

Hae Ack-chun, the twins, Baek Ryeon-ha and Seo Kalma, along with the commander of this place, were having serious talks.




“Young master”

Everyone looked at me.

Everyone had different expressions, and most were skeptical.

It was a natural reaction as I wasn’t there when the bell rang.


Where are you coming from”

Hae Ack-chun asked me.


I put the idiot on the shoulders down.


Seo Kalma frowned and called for the disciple, and he looked at me.

“You! What have you done”

“A spy.”

“Spy what nonse… what”

Not just Seo Kalma but, everyone else was shocked at the words and looked at the fainted Go Eunjae.


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