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Chapter 50 - Who Is The Winner (2)

The silence didn’t last for long.


It was because of Hae Ack-chun.

He was so happy that his laughter echoed around.

In the worst case, we had assumed defeat, but it seemed like his expectations were broken rather easily.

-Wow! How did you come up with the idea to use that

-I didn’t expect it at all.

Short Sword and Iron Sword were surprised too.

I was a bit skeptical.

It was a gamble to use Illusion Eye, which took innate qi, but this gamble was still successful even with my dantian sealed.

It was fortunate that Ho Geum-won’s mental strength wasn’t as strong as I had thought.

-I thought you would end in moderation, but you cut off his arm.

‘Because he aimed for my arm too.’

Actually, I was quite worried.

Even if the two sides agreed on a battle that led to death, I was pretty sure that Seo Kalma would be aiming to get me killed.

Cutting off the arm wasn’t a preferred method, but it was the only way to bring the opponent down with a single blow.

-Wouldn’t it be more effective if you aimed for his dantian

‘… that would be the same as death.’

I knew better than anyone the pain of losing your dantian.

That meant death to a warrior.

Moreover, it was Seo Kalma who had taught him martial arts; if Ho Geum-won’s dantian was taken down, the man would abandon his disciple and even insult him.

Unless he was an enemy, it was better to avoid doing so.


Those words are right.

-Wonhwi’s judgment is right.

Either way, the fight was won.

If the arm hadn’t been cut off, there would have been no chance of winning.

In the first place, if he had moved on me, I would have had my neck slashed.

Ho Geum-won’s face was pale.

The bleeding was too severe.


I pushed the tip of the sword close to the neck.

“Will you acknowledge your defeat”

Ho Geum-won had a pained expression.

It seemed like he still didn’t understand how he had lost.

At that time, Seo Kalma was about to come to where I was.


Hae Ack-chun blocked him.

“Your disciple hasn’t declared defeat yet.”

Seo Kalma’s expression was distorted,

“Hae Ack-chun!”

“If you plan to intervene in the match, you will have to fight me.”

Hae Ack-chun could use his hands anytime.

I had never seen the old man lose, but if these two fought, it would be a tough fight.

Seo Kalma raised his voice in anger,

“How is this a match Didn’t your disciple use a trick!”

He wasn’t being formal any longer.

As soon as this had happened, he immediately lost his cool.

“An unorthodox sect uses tricks.

Are you going to use that as an excuse”

Hae Ack-chun never gets pushed by bullying words.

However, that really touched a nerve.

“Excuse Ha!”

As soon as he said that, Seo Kalma moved.

And Hae Ack-chun followed.


The moment the two collided with each other, the wooden boards on the floor split open.

These people were the owners of such terrifying power.

The wooden floor that was down was cracking up.

“Kuahahaha! Feels good! Let’s fight; it has been so long.”

Hae Ack-chun was ready to jump into the fight.

Seo Kalma shouted,

“Huh! fine! Let’s see which side brings in the end! Eunjae!”



At the cry from him, Go Eunjae moved to the side and threw a sword.

And Seo Kalma, who caught the sword in its sheath, was about to pull it out until someone stood between the two.


“The Bloody Hand Witch!”

It was Han Baek-ha who was the notary for this.


You both should stop.”

Seo Kalma spoke to her, who was intervening in anger,

“Sixth Blood Star.

This match is void.

He didn’t compete fairly.”

“What do you mean”

Seo Kalma turned to her.

Those eyes were looking bitter as they looked back at her.

The innate qi in her body stopped her from trembling.

And Seo Kalma narrowed his eyes,

“I see! My sajae has done his best.

I should have known from the time that you asked for a match with no internal qi.”

“Huh! It is absurd that a guy who has the title of Venerable Dignitary cannot understand defeat.

Who is the one making tricks here”

“I don’t know what he did, but your disciple is able to use internal qi!”

Seo Kalma was convinced that I had used internal qi.

At his words, Bloody Hand Witch said,

“Didn’t the Second Elder personally seal his blood points”

“So I am telling you that he used some trick.

If not, how could that cowardly bastard use some trick!”

I thought he would have noticed my innate qi, but he hadn’t.

He kept guessing that I used internal qi.

And Han Baek-ha shook her head,

“If you want to blame the young master, you will have to blame me.”


What is that supposed to mean”

“The trick that Young Master Seo used is what I had taught him.”

Unexpectedly, this woman was defending me.

I was going to talk, but then I decided to leave it alone.

And Seo Kalma said,

“Your skill, no, your ability is something I have seen a lot.

Are you talking about the Illusion Eye”

As expected, most people in the Blood Sect knew about her ability.

Not just Hae Ack-chun but even Seo Kalma knew.

So, it can be called an ability that was considered a trick.

“Then he used internal qi…”

“Illusion Eye isn’t a technique which uses internal qi.”

Seo Kalma frowned at her words.

“The Illusion Eye is derived from the innate qi and the mental power of the user, regardless of the presence or absence of the internal qi.”

Han Baekha explained on my behalf, but some of her words were wrong.

Since the first stage of Illusion Eye is basic, it requires very little innate qi, so it is something anyone can naturally use.

Well, thanks to her, a couple of things were clarified.

“I am sorry that my teaching has affected the match, Second Elder.”

She apologized.


Seo Kalma gritted his teeth and looked at me.

Thanks to her explanation, the justification to argue with me was now void.

If he kept insisting I did something, he would be demeaning the talent of the Bloody Hand Witch.


Unable to overcome the resentment which had built into him, he just gritted his teeth.

“My disciple lost the battle.”

After saying that, Seo Kalma hurriedly approached Ho Geum-won and stopped his bleeding.

In addition, he touched his blood points to make sure the pain was relieved a bit, and his distorted face changed.

Seo Kalma stopped the bleeding and looked at the severed arm on the floor.

-Feeling bad

‘I am not.’

If I hadn’t cut his arm, mine would have been cut off.

That hadn’t been taken into account.

But I could understand the feelings of Seo Kalma.

It would probably become complicated.

It would be even more so because he himself said that the disciples shouldn’t be blamed for whatever happened.

“I am amazed at the wisdom of the lady.

You had foreseen this from the beginning.”

Everyone was stunned by these words.

But then I realized why he said it.

“I didn’t know that you have such wits to gain my support after Hae hyung.

You did inherit the blood of that great man.”

-That old man.

He misunderstood.


It seemed that way.

It seemed like he thought Hae Ack-chun was already on her side, and that is why I was taught the Illusion Eye.


I looked at Han Baek-ha.

There was a faint smile on her lip.


-What is it

I understand now.

Somehow I thought it was strange for her to come and defend me.

Of course, it could be for the sake of a fair fight, but this was her plan all along.

By letting them know that I, the disciple of Hae Ack-chun, learned her ability and was trying to create an atmosphere to support Baek Ryeon-ha.

In the meantime, she was taking advantage of this situation.

-Such a bad one!

Hae Ack-chun, Seo Kalma, Baek Ryeong-ha.

I thought that it was a fight between those 3 people.

But unexpectedly, Han Baek-ha had her own plan.

And this said she would do anything for Baek Ryeon-ha.

-The crazy old man is so quiet.

Hearing Short Sword’s words, I looked at Hae Ack-chun.

He was looking at Han Baek-ha with a frown.

Normally he should have spoken up, but he had kept his mouth shut.

-What is he doing

‘He is letting this go.’


Hae Ack-chun had made up his mind.

He was going to support Baek Ryeon-ha.

So, he had noticed Han Baek-ha’s plan and pretended not to notice.

It wasn’t over yet, but if Seo Kalma succumbs here and decides to support Baek Ryeon-ha, there will be no need for the next fight.



And I was right.

Hae Ack-chun also thought that there would be no more fights, so he approached me and released the seal on the dantian placed on me.

The woman behind the bamboo sheet turned.

And then took the veil covering the face.

-Wow… is she the same fatty

Short Sword was shocked.

It was the same for everyone in the room.

I knew she would be pretty if she lost weight, but this was too much.

The long eyelashes around her round eyes, her slender body, and small face.

Her pink lips reminded me of cherry blossoms.


When I heard the sound, it was Song Jwa-baek gulping.

Even Go Eunjae was doing the same.

His eyes gleamed with lust, just like his personality.

I was also shocked at her appearance, but it was only for a brief moment, and it felt like looking at the blood red hair woman.

‘So similar.’

After losing weight, they definitely looked more alike.

So Kalma, who lost his thoughts, bowed down on one knee and said,


I did hear the rumors, but you are simply amazing.

My lady.”

He knew who she was.

Looking at this, despite looking at the women behind the bamboo sheet, that man had already known that Baek Ryeon-ha was dressed as a disciple of the Bloody Hand Witch.

“After all, Uncle Seo recognizes me.”

“How can I not recognize you You are the same as then.”

-Why bother lying when I can see that drool

Short Sword clicked her tongue.

Maybe the girl wasn’t fat when she was a child.

She smiled at Seo Kalma and then walked a little ahead.

“My lady”

It was Ho Geum-won’s right arm she reached for.

Baek Ryeon-ha’s hand was turning red and white steam was being released from her hand, and then something like frost appeared from the severed arm.

She picked it up and gave it to Seo Kalma.

“This is”

Surprisingly, she had frozen his arm.

She seemed to be having the same ice qi as I had.

“This is a plaque the Great Doctor had given me when he came here the other day.”

“How can I take such a precious thing”

“I hope the young master’s hand gets healed.”


Seo Kalma exclaimed.

Even I was shocked.

I didn’t know how she managed to get a plaque, but I didn’t think she would just hand it over.

Was she saving it for the moment when another person’s disciple arm has to be attached


This greatly moved Seo Kalma.

“I am deeply moved by the grace The Lady has shown.

How can I ever repay this favor I cannot.”

Ho Geum-won, whose arm was cut down, knelt down and tried to bow, but she resisted this.

“It is fine.

It would be a waste if Uncle’s disciple would lose his spirit like this.”

Her favor managed to work.

Even if it was intentional, she was willing to give out something precious.

Seo Kalma, who received this grace, would have to feel a bit moved.


And the man bowed, making his forehead thud on the ground.

“Second Elder, Seo Kalma.

I would like to have the Young Lady Baek Ryeon-ha, who inherited the former sect leader’s blood, as the new sect leader.

Please accept me with a generous heart,”

Baek Ryeon-ha smiled at this.

Thanks to the good usage of Han Baek-ha in the right situation, she gained the loyalty of this man.

-The final winner is Baek Ryeon-ha, who had lost weight.



Hae Ack-chun, who was looking at this with joy, went ahead and knelt.

It seems like he was going to pledge his allegiance too.

But I stopped him,

“Please wait a minute, teacher.”

Hae Ack-chun frowned as he looked at me,

“What are you doing”

“It isn’t over yet.”


At my words, not just Hae Ack-chun, but Han Baek-ha and even Baek Ryeon-ha were puzzled.

Hae Ack-chun tried to say something–


Please leave this to me.]


Hae Ack-chun was a bit taken aback, but he nodded.

I approached Baek Ryeon-ha and bowed,

“Long live the Blood Sect! Fourth Elder’s disciple, So Wonhwi asks the young lady for a spar.”


Everyone looked shocked at this.

Even Baek Ryeon-ha was looking quite shocked.

Of course, she would be.

Normally this would be gotten over, but then I heard her words.

[What is this, Young Master]

[Do you hate me as your partner]

For a moment, her face turned red, but then she spoke calmly.

[Do you really wish to be with me]

[Not exactly that.]


She looked at me.

Looking at her face in the past and now, she was pretty.

And as I smiled, she looked puzzled.

[…what are you planning]

[I am just doing what the young lady said.]


She was speechless.

She did say a couple of things with her mouth, so there was no denying it now.

If we decided to be loyal to her, it would happen naturally, but this is a loss for my teacher and me.

[If you beat me, you will get what you want, so why hesitate so much]

Baek Ryeon-ha bit her lip.

I knew why she wasn’t jumping in.

She just saw the result between Ho Geum-won and me.

She wasn’t sure of being able to get away from the Illusion Eye.

But as an individual who has to attract the leaders in the sect, she will have to take responsibility for her words.

And she said,


I accept this fight.”

At the same time, other words were said to me.

[… Please suggest what you want.]

My lips were itching to smile.


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