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Chapter 29 - Plaque (1)

A fully grown Undersea plant.

It was markedly different from the immature ones in the Great Doctor’s hands.

Looking at the softly shining green beads, it was easy to know which were the real herbs.

“Really clever.

How many beads are in your petals”

The Great Doctor asked.


Hearing the answer, he smiled and nodded.

It was the proper certification that the herb was right.

“Kuahahaha! You are indeed a disciple of mine.”

Hae Ack-chun praised me.

Looking at this, he was trying to mock the Bloody Hand Witch.

-He likes this too much.

‘Because he is a crazy old man.’

Han Baeha looked at the herbs with a frown.

Surprisingly, there was no resentment toward me.

Instead, was it more regret


I turned my head at the sound of a sigh that came from my side.

Miss Ha Yeon looked at the herbs and then at me with a shocked face.

It was a face that asked why I didn’t tell her about this.

Well, isn’t it natural

In the first place, the two of us decided to find the herb.

But she entrusted it to her teacher.

She trusted the woman who taught her martial arts, which changed things.

“We have something to check, don’t we, Miss”

At my words, she nodded, and I approached Hae Ack-chun.


Can I ask you one thing”

Hae Ack-chun, who was intoxicated with joy, said,

“Did the Sixth Blood Star give you a plaque request”


It was difficult to speak with her right there, so I just pointed with my eyes.

And Hae Ack-chun snorted.

“Give me a plaque Ha! If the request wasn’t completed, I would never give the plaque nor receive it.

What nonsense is that”

“What do you mean by nonsense”

At Hae Ack-chun’s words, Han Baekha frowned.

“Huh! Then you said you’ll give me your plaque”


She couldn’t speak up.

This was an atmosphere where the crazy old man had the upper hand, and it was clear that the plaque wouldn’t be given if the request wasn’t completed.

And the conclusion came.

I turned back and winked at Miss Ha Yeon.

‘I am right, Miss.’

Seeing that, she nodded with a stiff expression.

The expression said she wasn’t in a good mood.

What can I do A deal is a deal.

“Then thank you.”

At my words, both the Bloody Hand Witch and Hae Ack-chun’s faces took on a puzzled expression.

Here was another bet I had made before coming here…

‘Uh You don’t trust my teacher’

‘I am sorry to put it like that, but I don’t think the Sixth Blood Star will give the plaque.’

‘That… is what my teacher said.’

‘What if my teacher rejects the request of the Sixth Blood Star’

’Even so, I will give the plaque.

That is something I can assure the young master.


‘Huh, young master, were you deceived in your previous life Why is it so hard to trust my words’

The word ‘previous life’ made me flinch.

‘I taught you my technique, and you still don’t believe me’

‘… I trust Miss.

Just think the other way around.

If the teacher changes what you promised, you would have no choice but to follow her, right’

If her teacher changed her words, she would need to follow her.

As a disciple, she is lower in stature than her teacher.

If she asked Hae Ack-chun for something in exchange for the plaque, there was a high chance that the plaque wouldn’t be given until the request was done.

‘That won’t come to pass.

My teacher will definitely do it.’

‘Are you sure’

‘Of course.

How dare… you not have trust in my teacher’

The Bloody Hand Witch raised her disciple well with trust.

‘Should we make a bet then’

‘… Bet’

‘Anyway, Miss Ha took the herb, and you gave it to your master, and weren’t we the two who actually found it’



I am sorry….’


You were attacked, so you left the herbs in her hand for safety, right’

‘Right! But as I said before….’

‘But isn’t that different from the deal we made’

‘… True.’

‘I lost my chance to get two plaques, so shouldn’t there be something I can get from this’

She looked at me.

‘Young master… you are like a thief.’

‘I am not a thief.

I am taking what is rightfully mine.’


You use your head too much.

You will never starve.’

‘Thank you for the compliment.’

‘It was no compliment.

So, what is the bet’

She grumbled and took the bait.


Miss will trust her teacher, and I will trust my judgment.’

‘You are overconfident.

You will lose big time.’

‘Then what if the bet is lost’

‘There is a wager’

‘If my side is right, shouldn’t I be given at least the plaque of the Great Doctor’

‘Ahh…! You…!’

Was she going to call me a thief again

Unlike Miss Ha, I am not made for the Blood Cult, so I had to work hard to survive.

So if there is a chance, I will seize it.

‘Huh, so then a plaque of the Great Doctor or one equivalent to it’

‘It seems like the Six Blood Valley is quite great at serving the Sixth Blood Star.’

‘… Right.’

‘And I would like someone of her level or even a higher-ranked plaque.’


I understood her reaction.

It wasn’t someone else’s, but I asked for the plaque of the granddaughter of the cult leader.

I was pushing my luck a little.

But Miss Ha Yeon wouldn’t have to care too much because she was close to her.

‘Is that difficult Didn’t you say you were close to that person’

‘I am close, but…’

‘Aren’t you going to win the bet anyway No way, does Miss Ha not trust her teacher’

‘I believe her!’

‘Then let’s make a bet.’

‘What do I get if I win’

‘Didn’t you say that your teacher had something to ask my teacher’


‘I will persuade my teacher to do it.

Isn’t that enough’

He wasn’t the kind of person to listen to my request.

But I will still talk to him.

‘Then isn’t it my loss What is so hard about talking to one’

‘You must not know my teacher.

He isn’t called the Ghastly Monster for nothing.’


‘I was made to hang upside down from the cliff for more than 4 hours a day since I was taken under his wing.

And it takes great courage to convince such a person.’


She had a surprised look.

Of course, anyone who didn’t know the crazy side of the old man would react like that.

‘Still, the fact that I am at a loss doesn’t change.

Aren’t you trying to get too much from me’


Then don’t bother.’

‘I will not be fooled by your words.

Give me a nice price.’

‘Then I will also give up the doctor’s plaque which my teacher gets.


‘Losing one each Then what about your dantian’

She was shaken as I came out strong.

Of course, she would be.

This was like giving up on the life of a warrior.

‘What will you do I am also giving a fair price.

In any case, wouldn’t it be enough to make a bet under these conditions’

I am sorry, Miss Ha.

But your teacher will not get a plaque.


After some thinking, she nodded.

‘Let’s do it.

However, giving up the plaque isn’t needed.’


‘I also taught you my footwork technique, but I think I would be too upset if you don’t get your dantian healed.’

‘Is that fine I am fine….’

‘Instead, risk your life to convince your teacher.’



I don’t know why you’d make a bet which you’d lose.

Well, don’t blame me if you get hung off a cliff again.’

Looking at her expression, she was sure of her victory and accepted the bet.

This happened before coming back to the main hall.

Thanks to this, I received the plaque of the Great Doctor and the granddaughter of the sect leader.

A good bet.

[I believed.]

I could hear Ha Yeon’s words in my head through voice transmission.

It was a woman who didn’t know that the herb her teacher held was an immature one.

I am sorry.

But I would have to suffer if the Bloody Hand Witch had the actual herb.

I wanted to apologize, but I haven’t learned how to apologize yet.

-Shall I teach you

Short Sword asked me.

I just looked apologetic.

This should be good.

Anyways, the person who should be sorry is Miss Ha Yeon as her teacher just broke her trust.

[Phew… good.

A bet is a bet.

I will give you the plaque of the lady.]

She surrendered cleanly.

Judging from this, this woman had more credibility compared to others.

Most of the so-called people or disciples with famous teachers would never do anything like this.

There would also be violations of the agreement, but she didn’t break her word.

Is it because she was always an honest person

I liked this.


After I did that, I looked at the Bloody Hand Witch who had bitter eyes.

Still, as a teacher, who wouldn’t stare like that Won’t Ha Yeon be scolded too

No matter how disappointed she was…


At that time, the hands of Han Baekha turned red.

She was using the Blood Hand Jade.

“What are you doing!”

Hae Ack-chun yelled at her actions as something unexpected happened.



Han Bakha slashed her own index and middle fingers with her sword qi.

What she did was so powerful that the fingers were cleanly cut as if cut with a blade.

Blood dripped on the floor.


Even Hae Ack-chun didn’t understand this.

After that, Han Baekha frowned and bowed to Hae Ack-chun.

“The Sixth Blood Star, Han Baekha apologizes to the elder.”


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