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Chapter 112 - Demonic Spirit (1)


“So bothersome.”

So Wonhui untied his hair.

His long red hair swayed down to his neck.

It was completely different from his usual appearance.

So Wonhui was someone who had a dignified type of face.

Now, however, his expression was full of arrogance and greed.

“I like it.”

His bright red eyes smiled as they narrowed.


Cho Sung-won anxiously asked the coughing SIma Young.

“Is your injury serious”

He wasn’t sure what had happened, but this was the first time he’s been in this scenario.

If Sima Young could not move due to injury, the coming situation would be difficult to survive.

“Ma Young”

She didn’t answer, so he looked at Sima Young, who was looking at So Wonhui with a flushed face.

“Ma Young! What are you doing!”

“That’s hot…”



Sima Young evaded his question as Kwak Hyung-jik spoke to Wonhui in a serious voice.

“Disciple So.

If you are sane, put it down.”

He was saying this, but Kwak Hyung-jik was already tightly clenching his blade.

The ominous energy he felt from the boy made it hard for him to drop his defenses.

This was instead similar to what he had experienced in the past.


Sima Young also called out to him and said.

“You cannot be ensnared by the demon sword! Please put it down.”

“You must not yield to the sword!”

Cho Sung-won also chimed in with a tense voice.

However, So Wonhui didn’t listen to them and continued to look at the blade as if he was lost in its beauty.

“I never thought that I would get such a body.

This was a lot better than someone from my direct bloodline.”

So Wonhui continued to utter things that didn’t make sense, which prompted Kwak Hyung-jik to shout.

“Disciple So.

Put down your sword!”

So Wonhui turned his head to look at him and said.

“Try and make me.”

That arrogant voice made Kwak Hyung-jik frown.

Sima Young then asked.

“You are not trying to harm him, right”

“He is holding the sword! Can you not see that your sahyung is possessed by the sword”

“So what”

“Shouldn’t we make him let go of it”

Sima Young looked at him in shock.


“I owe him this.

Do you think I would do anything to harm him With a situation like this…”


Before he could finish, the shadow of a human flickered in front of his eyes.


Kwak Hyung-jik raised his blade and felt something heavy pushing him down.


‘What is this!’

The movement had seemed like a light blow, but the force behind it was so powerful that he couldn’t stand up.

If he still had his right arm, he might have been able to withstand it while standing, but this was too much with just one arm.

The one who struck him down was none other than So Wonhui.

“So… disciple So! Calm down!”

“You are good with just one hand.”

“Disciple So!”

“What are you talking about”

So Wonhui kicked him away with a blow to his chest.

Kwak Hyung-jik, a man with years of experience, leaned his body back in that state, placed his hand behind his back, somersaulted away, and snatched the sword with his foot.

As he snatched his sword, Kwak Hyung-jik’s foot moved.


He launched the blade toward Wonhui’s exposed side.

He thought the boy would avoid this, but…



Kwak Hyung-jik’s eyes widened as he looked at Wonhui.

He had caught the spinning blade.

And if that wasn’t enough, he held it with his fingers.

“You are strong.

You overcame the disadvantage of losing one arm”

So Wonhui spoke with a hint of interest.

However, this praise wasn’t welcomed in this situation.

The Blood Demon Sword was shining red as So Wonhui tried to straighten his body.

However, at a critical moment, Wonhui changed his sword’s path.

And blocked someone’s sword


Sima Young was pushed back after her hasty attempt at an attack.

Sima Young turned her body as she was pushed and turned as if it was as light as a feather before rushing in for another attack.

To be exact, she was aiming for the wrist of his sword arm.

“That wench handles swords quite well.”


Sima Young looked shocked for a second.

At that moment, So Wonhui grabbed her sword with just two fingers.

“Should we see the face you have hidden”

The Blood Demon Sword moved towards her face and Sima Young, while surprised, tried to evade it.

However, the sword was moving too quickly.

“Did you forget about me!”

At that moment, Kwak Hyung-jik wrapped his left leg around So Wonhui’s wrist and kicked his hand with his right foot.


The kick was made to send him off-balance.

With luck, the blow would have injured their back or neck.

But, Wonhui looked fine.

“Did everything you could there”

The muscles in his neck looked hardened as if it was a piece of solid log.

Kwak Hyung-jik was incredulous at this ridiculous outcome.

At that moment, however, someone else ran behind Wonhui and tried to attack him with both hands.

So Wonhui simply laughed.

He lifted Kwak Hyung-jik up entirely and threw him down to the ground.




Cho Sung-won had hastily tried to attack Wonhui but had ended up colliding with Kwak Hyung-jik.

The two ended up hitting each other as they fell.

“He avoided that too”

So Wonhui turned to Sima Young, who was more than ten feet away.

Her eyes were trembling.

‘This is different from Jang Myung.’

The way Jang Myung had moved with the intent to kill was different from what Wonhui was doing now.

This was like facing a full-fledged monster.

‘… I cannot handle this.’

Even if they tried their best, the three of them could not stop him.

They were already exhausted from disarming Jang Myung, so this was even more impossible.

“Lost your will to fight”

So Wonhui spoke as if he was disappointed, and Sima Young replied in a trembling voice.

“… who are you”

To say that this was the spirit of a sword obsessed with strength didn’t feel right.

It felt like an entirely different person was in his body.

To this question, So Wonhui replied.

“Demonic spirit.”

“Demonic spirit”

“The one who will stain the world with blood.”


So Wonhui’s body disappeared as he reappeared in front of Sima Young instantly.

This caused her to swing her sword in haste, making Wonhui move in rapidly like a snake and causing her to drop her sword.

“The sword has to be placed rightly.




Wonhui grabbed her by the neck with his left hand.

As she struggled, he then said.

“Even if I die, I won’t die.

You realize what I am, woman”

“Huk huk…”

Her face was becoming red.

“Is it painful The moment of death…”



“Bull… **!”


She wrapped her legs around So Wonhui’s left hand and attempted to break his wrist.


She struggled with all her strength, yet the man didn’t budge.

Instead, she was simply dangling from his arm.

“You are so foolish.

You thought you could stop me with this”


“Do you think you can return the owner of this body to the surface by just removing the sword”

At this, Wonhwi laughed and then let go of the sword he was holding.


The Blood Demon Sword fell to the ground, but his appearance did not revert back.

He was still emanating an intense killing intent which confused Sima Young.


“This body is mine.

Taking the sword off will not change anything and…”


So Wonhui kicked Sima Young’s sword up with his feet and held it in his hand.


The sword moved at great speed as he threw it behind him.

She briefly wondered why but saw that Kwak Hyung-jik had been coming from there.

“Damn it!”

Kwak Hyung-jik was forced to block the sword, and his half-cracked blade was shattered completely.


Kwak Hyung-jik was pushed back and staggered as blood flowed from his mouth.

An internal wound.

‘This seems like a futile effort.’

He felt despair sinking in.

So Wonhui looked like a demon even after the sword had been put down, which meant nothing else could be done.

The constant fighting left him with not much strength, and this fight felt like a losing battle.

‘Is there no other choice’

If his thinking was right, So Wonhui was not just possessed by the sword but had now become the same as it.

Killing him right now was the only answer.

At that moment, he felt a presence.


Kwak Hyung-jik shouted as if that was the last ray of hope.

“I don’t know who, but help…”

But he was unable to finish his words.


He was in shock at who he saw appearing from the bushes.

It was three large muscular men.

One, in particular, was almost as large as a giant and looked like a savage.

‘Ghastly Monster.’

Wasn’t he an elder of the Blood Sect

They had bumped into each other several times in the past.

‘This is the worst.’

He appeared even as the time was running out.

At that moment, Hae Ack-chun discovered So Wonhui’s changed state and seemed shocked.

“How did this…”

So Wonhui turned to look at him and said.


You are a face I have seen before.”


As soon as those words were uttered, Hae Ack-chun knelt to one knee and bowed as he shouted out.

“Blood Demon!”


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