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Chapter 30: Kiss Me More. [Rated 18 ]

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Leon took Ella by her right hand and pulled her closer. When he held her, her palm was warm, soft, and oily. He placed her hand on his bare and warm chest before looking lustfully into her shimmering eyes.

“Please, dont stop now,” he coaxed gently. “Youve been doing a great job so far and we are so close to paradise.”

Ella swallowed hard and tried to speak, but what came out of her mouth made no sense to her.

“Can you make that...” she pointed at the bulge in his pants, “can you make it go down or return to the way it was” Ellas face reddened and heat crept into her cheek.

“Only you can make that happen,” Leons voice was soft and titillating. “Ella, you must finish this massage, otherwise Ill be miserable the whole night. Close your eyes, imagine I was a delicate dress you are working on, and just go with the flow of fixing me up.”

Ella swallowed again before speaking up. “You will have to shut your eyes, its distracting me from focusing on my work.” Her voice though harsh sounded delicious to Leons ears.


“Okay, her highness,” Leon smirked and closed his eyes.

Leon wondered why she had reacted in that manner to his erection. Surely, this wasnt her first time seeing this. If she had been in a relationship for two years, then arousals or even lovemaking shouldnt be new to her.

Ella shut her eyes briefly and opened them again to regain her composure. She had promised him a good massage, hence she would stick to the promise she made.

All she needed was to focus on her work and as he had said, the bulge would return to normal when she concluded her massage.

She started slowly from the temple of his face, all the way to his neck, then his chest and his perfectly sculptured abs. She stroked, moved in a circular motion, glided, and kneaded in some cases. The more she applied pressure, the more he let out muffled groans.

Leon could perceive her flavored fragrance up close. When she lowered her body to massage deeper into his chest he was tempted to use his mouth to explore her warm body.

Ella watched his Adam apple bob up and down in rhythm to the movement of her hands. He let out soft husky groans, responding to her sensual touch.

She was fascinated by the different responses she got from Leon. For example, when her hand glided down his chest and gently brushed his nipples, he bit down his lower lips, letting out a deep grunt. She even took notice of the bulge in his pants as it slightly moved in response to most of her touch. This made her wonder if it would ever go down as it seemed to get bigger. She also wondered what would happen if she touched it.

Ella couldnt explain why she suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to kiss Leon. All her senses seemed electrified due to Leon groaning. Her heartbeat was running wild and before she could stop herself, she planted a kiss on his lips.

Like a lion, quietly and patiently stalking its prey, and waiting for it to walk into its trap, Leon seized the moment.

He had been silently waiting for an invitation from Ella as his whole body craved with desire.

Leon gently rose while locked in a passionate kiss with her. He pulled her closer, with his hands perfectly wrapped around her waist.

“Oh, this feels so good,” Ella gasped as her mouth parted, encouraging him to go deeper.

Their tongues tangled q for a while, with Leon tasting and exploring every part of her mouth.

Hmm... He is such a great kisser she thought within.

Whenever she kissed Leon, it always felt like it was their first and she enjoyed every moment of it.

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Ellas whole body yearned for more like she was intoxicated with new and powerful wine. Her soft moaning drove Leon crazy as he moved his wet lips to her left ear lobe; which he licked teasingly. He trailed from her ear lobe to her neck and her collar bone, kissing her more intensely, while his hands gradually explored the curves of her body.

The way she responded to his kiss made him wonder if any man had been this close to her. She was obviously naive but was a quick learner.

He could spot the improvement when he compared her current kisses to the first day he had kissed her.

Ella moved her hands from his neck, down to his chest. Like a tourist exploring a new island, she gently move her fingers in a circular motion around his nipples and gently squeezed the tip causing him to groan deeply.

She whispered seductively into his ear, “kiss me more.”

Leon lifted her effortlessly, and gently placed her on the pool bed. He kissed, tenderly bit, and sucked her lips until they were swollen. He allowed his hands to travel under her silk top and he moved up towards her boobs, enjoying every bit of her warmth.

Her body was like a blooming sunflower concealing endless possibilities. The more he moved deeper the more he felt consumed in a bottomless well.

He cupped her strapped boobs, fondled them, and teased them tenderly with his hands, causing Ella to moan out loud as if she had been starved for a long time.

Every cry of pleasure she made, drove him utterly insane as he wanted to please her even more.

He moved his hands backward and unhooked her lace bra as he was eager to feel the warmth of her boobs. Then he slowly moves back to her boobs, cupping the real thing this time with no barriers. He felt breathless as he caresses her nipples.


Oh, Leon!...” Her whole body quivered at the raw pleasure. Her heart felt like it would explode any second. The pool bed yelled for mercy under her tight grip.

“Is this what it feels like” She moaned

Leon didnt understand her questions but replied anyway, “much more than this.” He reached again for her lips and kissed her hungrily.

Leon felt he could never get enough of this magical creature in his arms. If he could, he would freeze time and give her his world. His desire to make her happy grew with every erotic sound she made.

Having been a playboy for a long time, he could tell the difference between a girls first, second, or third sex encounter. Right now, he didnt need to go further before confirming that this was Ellas first time being this intimate with a man.

She was angelic, and she was naive. Her body was alive like a naked wire that would consume its host with time. Her erotic cries could pierce through dark clouds and force out its rainbow. Her passion ignited fireworks in Leons entire system.

He desperately wanted to see these fresh and succulent boobs that had his hands glued. His mouth itched to taste and suck her soft and tender nipples but he feared she might withdraw if he proceeded. Hence he decided to put that action on hold.

He slid his hand down to her navel, gently stroking and caressing them. He moved lower to her waistline and was about to unbutton her denim pants when she caught his hands and gently pushed him away.

They both sat up and stared at each other awkwardly for a moment with Ella trying to hide her embarrassed face before Leon broke the silence.

“This is the best massage therapy I have ever had, thanks, Ella.” Leon smiled.

Ella wasnt sure of a response to give but she smiled shyly and look into his eyes.

“I am glad you are satisfied with it.” She stood up, folding her hands across her chest as if her boobs would fall out if she didnt secure them with her hands. Then she subconsciously looked down at his pants and noticed the bulge was still there.

Leon followed her gaze and smirked. “Dont worry, you have done your best. It would go to sleep soon. The little monster is just hoping for more action.”

Ellas face flushed even more.

“Good night.” She quickly turned around and ran out of the pool house.

Chloe had been busy all day with different modeling gigs. She finally returned home totally exhausted. After shower and dinner, she relaxed on the headboard of the bed and was going through her phone when a message popped in her inbox. The message was from Silvia and it read;

[I just sent you a short video. It is currently trending on social media.]

Chloe quickly went through the video with trembling hands.

Earlier, when she related her scary encounter with Leon to her mum, her mum had advised her, that they needed to tread carefully since he was on to them.

Her mum had suggested that they needed an insider who Ariella trusted. This would enable them to monitor Ariellas movement and her plans.

At the moment, all they could do was wait patiently and hope that Marissa would destroy the relationship as she had promised. Her mum also encourages her to try and remain on the good side of Marissa, by constantly checking up on her and dotting around her.

“All I need is just one close encounter with that lowlife tart,” Chloe picked up her pillow, imagining it was Ariellas neck, and started twisting it.

Hot tears rolled down her cheek as she remembered every word that Leon said to her back at the restaurant.

“It all because of you b**ch,” she gritted her teeth. “You cast a spell on the only man I truly desire. You took him from me.”

She stared at the happy and excited face of Ariella on her phone, with a haunted and demonic look.

“Ill peel the flesh off your miserable face and Ill take pleasure in plucking out your heart and watch you die slowly.”

She took her phone, smashed it on the ground, and cried herself to sleep.



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