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akagi Chapter 5: Power

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Damn my blood is boiling, and you finally showed yourself, you **ing lion. Was he afraid of death or what,and before we started, I noticed that the lion is confused about Porus, what is this beast in the sky World confused about, is Porus hiding his power or what .comment

Suddenly, the voice of the system rang with something that made me whistle in my place[detail about the heavenly Beast dynasty: the dynasty is one of the four ruling dynasties in the Monster World. The four strains are :

Dragon Dynasty

The Phoenix breed

For the demon breed of Heavenly Marten

The dynasty of the heavenly Beast

It is advisable to make Poros one of the followers]

Damn, doesn that mean Boros isn human .

This nonsense almost blows my mind from thinking, Ill wait until after the fight, then Ill decide what Im going to do.

To start the **ing massacre kill anything that moves I said that and my body comes out a big and dark killing intent that made Boros show the features of fear for the first time.

Yes, Im like a killing machine in battle, damn it, my blood is boiling with excitement.

Yes, this name seems appropriate for a weapon that will turn the world upside down ha ha ha ha.

The lion noticed my approach, opened his mouth, and a ball of incendiary energy began to form in his mouth .damn, he was not named the hell lion from the void. the fire element is strong and is supported by the lions bloodline in addition to his high level of training. Its going to be an uphill fight.

In the first collision of the ax with the energy ball released by the lion, a large-scale explosion occurred.


A large part of the forest was destroyed, most of the monsters that were nearby died without even knowing what happened, damn the sky level is really strong, Ive gone back 10 steps.

But the lion didn even move hahahahaha this thing thinks its strong, so it started moving towards me again and there were some strong exchanges between us and I would back off every time and force the lion to chase after me maybe you

e wondering why Im holding back, lol do you think Im scared lol Im the one who Im gonna bring the apocalypse Im afraid of what, just a silly lion playing with some flames here and there.

Damn this nonsense, Im retreating so that our battle remains close to following this stupid lion; so that the energy waves kill as many monsters as possible .of course, Im thinking of Boros, he alone is unable to deal with all these monsters, even with the pressure of his bloodline, it continued like this until the lions attack stopped. Damn, this mother**er noticed it and while he was looking at me angrily, I smiled at him sarcastically. Well, weve had enough fun.

Thunder shield

Fez scales

My body felt like an electric generator as sparks and crackles of lightning burst from my body. I set off in the direction of the tiger, using my speed and my Shinso energy to strengthen my physical strength.

My body seemed to be overflowing with energy, I felt invincible, but despite all this, I knew that I was still terribly weak.

The lion didn know what was happening because simply when he used the Shinso, he became in a completely different level

with my normal strength level, I could fight with almost a whole world above my level and all this was due to the skill of the Thunder Emperor.

That is since I am at Level 1 of the essence origin realm, there is no problem in the fight of a person of the first level of the sky World.

But this lion is at the fourth level . Thats why I used Shinso{energy} to strengthen my body, a purple aura appeared around my body with a thunder that acquired the color of my own aura, everything was dark purple with an axe in my hand, I looked like one of the ancient Barbarians.

But my body is not bulky, Oh damn, I miss my former body, I really wish to return to my old form.

With the energy of Shinso, even I do not know the limits of my strength, because I have never fought anyone forcing me to such an extent, the lion died quickly, the rest of the monsters did not expect, panic began to creep into their hearts.

Hahahaha and the chase began all that could be seen was thunder clapping here and there.

The stench of Putrid Blood spread and bodies piled up .it was a bloody sight to the extreme.

And of course, Boros was immersed in the euphoria of fighting, he is very good at close combat, the monsters abilities that he has shown so far are to transform his hands into a cruel dark form, covered with strong and sharp claws, so he abandoned his sword and began to kill monsters with his bare hand.

I think hes still thinking about the challenge, damn I almost forgot about the challenge, as I was dealing with the lion directly, I went off with all my

Spears of Thunder

Flame Dragon

In the future I will try to develop extensive skills since I can control all the elements of the game, I am excited to see this power.

I launched large-scale attacks with all my energy and caused great destruction, it was like a spell to expel life, every time this attack appears, hundreds of monsters die.

I think the level of this forest is very low, it continued until the forest was completely exterminated, and the end of the evening was the voice of the system saying[mission completed]


[Name: York Mazzino

Level: 5 essence origin realm

experience: 650,000/0

Black jewels: 600,000

Skills: Thunder Emperor 9/3

Dragon of flame 9/7

Weapons: ax scales

Title: none]

Well everything was for this moment and finally, I got to enough System points I wanted to buy a special kind of flame, its not a fighting skill, but it looks like weapons.

For example, all fiery creatures have different types of flames, such as Phoenix or Dragon and others, but with the damn store feature, I can get everything that is formed only in black jewels hahahahaha.

[Are you sure to buy the sun of destruction flame for 600,000 black gems]

Of course, since I waited so long with this, even the weak flame Dragon skill would become so strong, a scorching heat spread from my body as soon as I merged with the flame. Boros sensed something was wrong and immediately walked away

Immediately after that, a dark purple sun appeared over my hands, the atmosphere seemed to be burning.

This sun was almost two meters in diameter damn this ball of Energy holds a very large pressure even without skill this flame alone is destructive


I shot the sun of destruction towards the forest, but what I didn expect was the force

The big destructive

3 kilometers of the forest was settled into ashes and behind the explosion was a large, deep, and dark crater that looks like a meteorite fell in this place.

The fire raged in the rest of the forest and smoke rose unnaturally into the sky. It looks like a natural disaster has hit the area.

I felt indescribably happy at this moment

How beautiful it is to have power.

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