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Chapter 06 – Lord Selim makes the maid cry


The next day, I couldn’t complete the .

It’s because I didn’t have the time to do so.

At times like this, being a noble is inconvenient.

A great noble can hire any number of tutors and servants.

However, my freedom is being taken away by the hired people.

On top of that, parents of nobles have strong supervisory powers towards their children, so no matter how noble one’s blood is, if their parents ordered them to do something, their actions would be restricted like slaves.


“The only way to secure time to level up is to persuade Father.”


If my father, who is the head of the Duke Household, approves, I will be able to do more things freely.

Father is scary, but he approves of meritocracy with an emphasis on combat ability.

So I think there’s room for negotiation by showing my strength.


“Well, I guess I’ll just have to put up with it until Father comes back.”


He is currently away on a monster extermination expedition in the frontier.

For a while, I should come up with ideas for that can be done in a short amount of time.


“Well, I still don’t know what I should do to be evaluated to have done a good deed and receive experience points.

I have lived a life without the need to think about what I could do for others, and maybe I lack creative power.

Maybe I should ask for some advice.


First, I asked Mari, who had come to help me get ready in the morning.


“Mari, what would you do if you were to do one good deed a day”

“Young Master, were you thinking of such things You have changed a lot recently.”


I am aware.

In the past, I used to be the kind of guy who would yell at my servants if I didn’t like what they did even a little bit.


“I’m going to the Royal Capital next year, so I thought I must become more mature.

More importantly, do you have any good idea for ”

“Well, if it were me, I would go cleaning.”

“Cleaning! I’ll do that!!”



It seems that nobles are too far away from the commoners.

I could not come up with that idea.


“N-No… you must not! Lord Selim is the heir of the Duke Household.

You can’t do anything like cleaning.

If it were to be known that I asked Young Master to help cleaning, I would be whipped and kicked out of the household.”


Mari stopped me in a panic.


“…I see.”


Could it be that my identity as a member of the Duke Household is a hindrance It also makes me busy studying.

Isn’t it easier to level up if I run away from home

Besides, in the future, I know that the Duke Household will be destroyed without a single trace due to the devil’s invasion.

There will be no duke household that I can inherit.



Not only the duke household but also the Kingdom will be destroyed by the devil.

It was possible to resist together with the Hero, but while the devil can attack a wide area, the Hero can only oppose with a single point, making the range he could protect very narrow.

The people of the Kingdom can only flee, all the emptied lands became the domain of monsters, erasing the Kingdom from the map.


Even if I hide by myself and avoid the devil’s tempation, a world without people in the Kingdom is hell.

It’s better to avoid the fall of the Kingdom without throwing away the influential position of being a member of the Duke Household.

Even if I were forced to flee in the future, I must look for the best possible outcome right now.


“Mari, can you think of that I can do”

“Well, what about monster extermination”


No killing.”


Just breaking the branches of plants will deduct points.

It would probably be worse if I killed even if it’s a monster.


“Hmm, what about donations”

“Already did that.”


I can’t think of anything.”


Mari, who can’t give an answer, says in a crying voice.


《You frightened a woman    Your experience points decreased    -50 experience points》

《Current level: -50    Current experience points: 410/1000》


No way.

Can it be decreased by that


“Sorry, Mari.

I asked you something difficult.

Forget about it.”


I apologized while stroking Mari’s head.


“Young Master…”


Mari’s eyes became filled with tears.

Hey, why are you looking more like crying!


“Selim-sama treats me so kindly. Uuu… Mari feels very happy.”


How much stress have I put on her

I felt uncomfortable.

I felt guilty.


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