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Chapter 44 – Lord Selim goes to an island (1)


The area around the ship was full of monsters.

The sea is dangerous.

A large number of round monsters like pufferfish float up from the sea like balloons and spread poisonous gas all at once.

I single-mindedly maintained the barrier and let the ship charge against the swarm of monsters.



“Flame Whirlwind!!“


Sparks, explosions, whirlwinds.

Destructive magic swirls around the ship.

On the other hand, there were also those who showed splendid swordsmanship while running across the sea.


“Hunting small fries is soooooo fun!! Uoh! Hey! Please don’t hit me with your spell!”

“Sending fishes flying using wind spells feels good as well!”


Gilbert, my subordinate, was jumping around when the tornado created by Nadia moved towards him.

Gilbert, who was blown up by the wind, was protected by my barrier, so well, he should be fine.


Signal flares for communication went up from the island.

Hunting time is over.

If you do not arrive at the port within 30 minutes, you will be deducted points.


“It’s a long way to go, so hurry back.”


I infused mana through the ship that was remodeled with a large number of enchanted magic runes and withdrew from the battlefield at once.


The biggest event for first-year students at the Royal Capital First Magic Academy, a training trip to Levian, a city-state on an island in the southeastern part of the Kingdom.

As soon as the second semester of the academy started, we headed for this oceanic city-state.

Levian is on the sea route connecting our Kingdom and the Malka Empire in the south, and flourished with transit trade.

In the sea, which is said to attract more dangerous monsters than on land, the small island, which should not have survived, made a contract with the sea dragon Leviathan and prospered to the extreme.

Protecting trade routes in a sea full of monsters is a big job.

But the benefits are big.

From the Kingdom to Leviathan, the Kingdom sent warships.

In the same way, the Malka Empire is also involved in the extermination of monsters. 


However, the safety of the sea route was largely due to Leviathan’s power.

The sea dragon’s mana and knowledge made the island special.

Levian was both a trading city and an academic city, thanks to the knowledge of the dragon that was said to have lived before the dawn of human history.


The monsters around Levian Island are weak, but they are numerous.

The time of the study trip overlapped with the mass outbreak of poisonous puffer-type monsters that didn’t even serve as food.

Students who entered the academy’s competition will help exterminate them.

It’s a simple team battle that competes to see how many you have defeated.

When we arrived at the port, we placed the counters wrapped around our arms on top of the school’s magic device one by one.


Using that device, you can immediately see the number of subjugations done by each person.

The announcement of the results was to take place in the banquet hall of Levian’s luxury hotel.


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